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39 years old, DancingShoes was born and raised in the rural part of Wuhan. Finishing her education in Beijing, she has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. She has been working professionally and living in Xiamen for many years, but now calls Wuhan home. A single mother for 8 years so far, DancingShoes has been growing up along side her child, maturing more and more. Independent emotionally and financially and working as project manager in a large international engineering company, DancingShoes is well traveled around China and parts of Europe.
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Travel China: Ancient Capital - Xi'an 古城西安

4153 Views | 12 Comments | 1 Articles | 3/12/2015 4:53:29 PM

I don't remember how often I have been to Xi'an, but I can only remember that I was always rushing to and fro around the factory- hotel- airport in the business trips. (We have an important supplier in Xi’an with whom we both have been in a close cooperation in the past many years.)  When I finished my work, I usually rushed to the airport to catch the last flight to get home. In order to save time, sometimes I just had a bowl of noodles to fill my poor belly at the Airport, and finished it as soon as possible in a few minutes before the boarding gate was closed. I still remember that the cheapest noodles soup was RMB 68 at the airport.  The other day I read on a Chinese forum that some Netizens were complaining the noodles soup was too expensive at the airport.  Read more…

Travel China: Colorful Yunnan 彩云之南

5280 Views | 14 Comments | 3 Articles | 4/6/2014 2:52:17 PM

I would like to give a suspension to the articles of” travel to Germany”. It seems there are not so many people who like to talk of Germans or Germany, especially for the older people, they hate to talk about Germans and they think the crimes that the Germans committed in World War II were inexcusable. One of the friends here told me about his feelings to Germans like that.  But I, as a young generation in China, I don’t hate the Germans like that.  But I understand that the people in my parents’ generation hate the Japanese very much. My mother heard about too many sad stories in her childhood, and my grandmother herself exactly experienced the disaster in China made by the Japanese. She saw that, and she heard that herself.  So they have very strong hatred to the Japanese. Last week our Mr. Xi visited Europe and he made a wonderful speech in Germany. He warned the Japanese right-wingers and expressed clearly our posture on the international issues.  Nowadays the Germans and Japanese are so different on their acknowledges to the Wars.  Most of Chinese hate Japanese, but very few hate Germans. Read more…

Travel to Germany 2 我的德国之旅(二)

5360 Views | 14 Comments | 2 Articles | 3/7/2014 4:35:44 PM

I always think that, a person who is able to sit down and write the articles, should be the one who has a peace of mind . When I am quiet alone, I like to collect my thoughts, listen to my heart and be honest to my feelings. I think the text and pictures are some kind of the record of my life.  Try to be grateful to our life, and share the happiness with others. Here I would continue sharing my travel experience to Germany. Read more…

Travel to Germany 1 我的德国之旅(一)

5575 Views | 14 Comments | 3 Articles | 2/23/2014 2:07:16 PM

On the Chinese Forums, I have seen some ladies here who hope to know more about Germany, because they are going to make business trip there or some of them are so fascinated with the German men. So I would like to sort and organize some of the information based on my experience in my trips to Germany, along with some pics to share with all of you.  Hope it helps you to learn some more about Germany. Read more…

Travel China: Jiuzhaigou Valley 九寨的海子

4214 Views | 7 Comments | 5 Articles | 2/17/2014 3:01:38 PM

去年6月去九寨沟参加一个行业交流会。那里海拔不算高,六月天依然有点冷。因为我之前一直陪土耳其客户在苏州工厂巡检,工作结束后,来不及回家换行李和带上保暖的衣服,直接从苏州驱车去上海,然后从上海飞成都再转九寨。从九寨黄龙机场一出来,短裙凉鞋装束的我,冻的不行,立刻就在机场买了件棉袄穿上。坐大巴去山上的酒店时一路上偶尔可以看到路边草丛上的白雪,原来前一天晚上这里刚刚下了一场雪。六月飞雪,让我从流火的苏州来到寒冷的九寨,一天之内直接体验了一把冰火九重天,呵呵。晚上下榻在九寨天堂洲际酒店。酒店的大门进去,是个大大的玻璃房一样的院子,里面有小桥流水,有羌族特色的建筑,还有专门的SPA场所,后面安静的地方两栋楼房才是客房。这是山上唯一的五星级酒店,是度假的好去处。 Read more…

我学做菜 just learn to cook

8109 Views | 24 Comments | 5 Articles | 2/9/2014 1:27:06 PM

刚刚过去的春节,除了“春运”,“团聚”,其实另一最大的话题是“吃”。过年的时候各种各样的美食,让人目不暇接。我家里过年主要是我母亲在忙着做各种吃的,我回到家看到她忙里忙外一刻不停,心疼地问她:“妈,您累了吧?”她开心地回答:“累,但是我开心啊,一年也就这一次,看到你们大家都回来团聚在一起,我虽然累,但是高兴啊,孩子。” Read more…

Travel China: Home to Wonders秀丽湖北

5390 Views | 15 Comments | 4 Articles | 1/31/2014 4:45:44 PM

Further to my first Blog, I would like to introduce the other two wonderful places nearby Wuhan which are worth to visit as well. First is Enshi Grand Canyon: It is located in the Southwest of Hubei Province. I went there on some weekend. Hiking in the mountains there is really a challenge to our physical strength. I still remember that my legs were so sore that I could not bend and I could only walk in a stiff and funny way in the next week after I got back from the Canyon.  I knew it was due to that I hadn’t taken any exercise for too long time before I went hiking in the Canyon. Read more…

Travel China: Coming Home to Wuhan 我行走我记录:家乡武汉

6374 Views | 16 Comments | 6 Articles | 1/26/2014 1:57:22 PM

As a native of Hubei Province, I love my city Wuhan and the places nearby.  There are many amazing places in the Northwest of Hubei.  I like to explore these places on my vacation. The more places I explore, the more I love my hometown and the culture here. Every day I watch TV in the train on my way to work and there is always the advertising word “大江大湖大武汉” – “large River, large Lake, large Wuhan”.   It really puts a smile on my face when I hear it.  Even though we can’t see the clean blue sky every day, or the clean streets as shown on TV, but we believe our city will get better with all of our efforts.  Read more…

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