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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Dragon Boat Festival in BeiJing

3693 Views | 2 Comments | 0 Articles | 7/4/2010 1:59:25 AM

There were three days in Dragon Boat Festival, and I have one day of over-working, so I was free on 13, 14, 15, 16, June. Why not went to BeiJing to visit those traditional courtyard houses, Bird Nest, and listen Verdi’s opera in National Centre for the Performing Arts, and visit an American friend? I booked airline tickets immediately, and flew to BeiJing at 12th evening from WuHan. Read more…

Beautiful Conversations On Internet

4042 Views | 3 Comments | 0 Articles | 6/17/2010 12:05:58 AM

A Chinese Single Mother

3516 Views | 1 Comments | 1 Articles | 6/14/2010 2:26:23 AM
I used to come back my parents’ apartment everyday before my son was 13 years old. I had never want what is I real wanted in life. I study hard in order to become a good example of my son. If I want to educate a child, I must educate myself first. Read more…

About Chinese Man

4756 Views | 13 Comments | 0 Articles | 6/12/2010 10:58:12 AM
From the ancient China to now. Chinese society always pays more attention to the male than the female. This is the root of this country. And a poor family also can grow a playboy. Read more…
Tags : 华人  

Language Flowers

2733 Views | 2 Comments | 0 Articles | 6/2/2010 11:05:03 PM

" Songs are language flowers." - Luo Ta-Yu Read more…

Tags : 交流  

Possessing JiaoYang(教养)

3215 Views | 1 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/27/2010 1:35:33 AM
(The following is an article originally written in Chinese by BiShuMin: see details below. This English translation is by Cao Hui, who is an admirer of BiShuMin and felt the article has much to offer members of CLM and society at large.) Read more…
Tags : 交流  

What Does

10178 Views | 32 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/21/2010 8:52:06 PM
I used to receive some invitations in my yahoo IM. But I am few to chat online in my yahoo. Read more…
Tags : 聊天  

Simple and Unadorned ZhuHai

3389 Views | 3 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/17/2010 2:35:53 PM
I remember the early days when I first came to ZhuHai. There were no more surprises for me, and even some disappointments. No city I had been before was like ZhuHai with its large buildings, shopping malls, constant stream of people, street side breakfast shops and crowded, jammed buses… I lived in an area called NanXiangLi, where it even felt strangely tedious. The feeling confused me and I wondered if it was because I was a newcomer or were there problems in this city. Or is it just because ZhuHai is one of the original four Special Economic Zones? Read more…

How is Happiness achieved?

3448 Views | 3 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM
“福”is just happiness and well-being. It is saying that : “福如东海”, Happiness as boundless as the sea. The four characters idiom describe that happiness is very very big. Read more…
Tags : China Culture  

Yuan Fen + Equation to Find Life Mate?

5178 Views | 2 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM
YuanFen: The people of superstition think that predestined affinity or relationship; (in a broad sense) lot or luck by which people are brought together; possibility of affinity between people or between people or tetween people and things. Read more…
Tags : 婚恋   China Culture  
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