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Bren is presently married to a Chinese woman after meeting her on CLM. He's a Production Manager/Designer by profession. He enjoys writing on topics of personal experience and observation. From the "meet & greet" to "married life" with an intercontinental relationship, he hopes to create interest and discussion with all of you. Feel free to say, "Hi!" He also welcomes your messages, questions and feedback through CLM (thedragonb1).
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A Must See: New Documentary For All CLM'rs

5948 Views | 16 Comments | 1 Articles | 7/28/2012 1:20:34 PM
Hey, whasup CLM! :) back again after hearing the latest wife just hipped me to this new independent documentary!!! It is right up CLM's alley and very interesting indeed. I was trying to get fellow blogger Peter or JohnAbbot to write about it, but Peter balked and in replying to him (also realizing the movie is still on the festival circuit and not available to watch as of yet), I figured why don't I submit my reply as a blog to CLM instead. So this is just a quick entry with me posing questions and thoughts to create discussion! It may seem very random and scattered, but what the hell. I'm just riffing and typing away here with no structure... Read more…

How Can We Deal With Physical Spousal Abuse?

5990 Views | 25 Comments | 0 Articles | 2/26/2012 11:32:52 AM
Hello, CLM fam! Yes, longtime; no see! Could I stay away?! Hell yes! But during my retirement, I was shared a serious subject matter from a Chinese female friend of mine from my CLM past. After discussing it with John Abbot, we both agreed that we can not confirm that her story is completely true or possibly exaggerated. Only time will tell if things will be ok, whatever the case. So I decided to add the clause: I'm going to write this as IF IT IS TRUE... then this is how I feel about it. If it is NOT true, this is how I would feel about it if it WERE TRUE! Then I would like all of you to please comment back as to how to help a friend in need? What would you do if this happened to you? Share your thoughts! I hope to see some interesting discussion here. Read more…

In Life Change Happens

4599 Views | 11 Comments | 0 Articles | 11/6/2011 11:33:52 AM
Whasup everyone?!! It's been a pleasure writing and sharing with you on CLM. I have made some great friends and some wonderful scumbag enemies! It's been a blast! :) Thank you all! In life change happens. I felt this change coming for a while and I put it off for a long time, yet today the time has come...time for me to leave the CLM life and move onto new adventures. Read more…
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High Maintenance = Gold ...For Some

5587 Views | 7 Comments | 2 Articles | 10/26/2011 11:42:15 PM
In another one of my blogs there was a guy who commented about not replying to a beautiful Chinese woman because she looked "high maintenance". I immediately thought, "What a damn fool..." Why would anyone pass on a beautiful woman and judge her without even taking the time to KNOW for sure that she is not right for him? Some dudes are very insecure and will pass on pretty Chinese women because they feel such ladies are too pretty to ever want them, but for a man to pass on an attractive woman because he THINKS she is high maintenance without knowing for sure?! Damn silly! Frankly, I don't know if I should applaud such a guy or chastise him. We are taught to not judge by looks alone, but it seems to happen all the time doesn't it?? Read more…

First Impressions

6100 Views | 6 Comments | 2 Articles | 10/25/2011 12:48:59 AM
Been Chinese dating a while and now you're thinking about your first meeting with your favorite western or Chinese date? Are you thinking about your first impression? What will you wear? How will you do your hair (for those with hair)? Are you going to live up to your photos? I hope so. This is the time to see if you match the person in the photos on your profile. This is also for the men as well as the women because a lot of the men look tired and raggedy as hell on here! (Go look at your photos and see for yourself! Haaaha- Make an effort and try to spruce yourself up and take new photos!) For those who have good photos on your profile...sure, your photos have you looking beautiful and sexy, but what is the REAL DEAL when looking in the mirror? No, not 3 years ago, but right now? Go look. I'll wait till you come back... Read more…

Why Are Men Not Noticing Me?

6484 Views | 11 Comments | 1 Articles | 10/8/2011 10:05:35 PM
I got a message, "How come I get no messages from men on here?" Well ask yourself, "Are you ALL the woman you can be?!!" Most will not like what I say here, but it's not like I haven't said it before. I know many will come out and talk about how, "Beauty is more than skin deep; blah, blah, blah! Look at a person's heart and personality in their search for their life-mate/ wife; blah, blah, blah! Well, I'm here to tell you, bullshit! Stop lying to others and yourself. Don't believe that crap for a second. I can believe it partially if a woman says that, because all men are BUTT-UGLY to me! Haahaa! But if men are talking that garbage, you are faking the funk and trying to not come off so shallow. But I'll say it and admit it, I like a pretty woman and damn it, if that makes me shallow, then I'm a shallow-loving-ass-fool! I make an effort to look good and I love my woman looking pretty! There is nothing wrong with that. A woman who puts forth the effort to show her beauty and sex appeal is ATTRACTIVE to me and to most other men. Read more…
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Sharing—Do Your Part!

3016 Views | 7 Comments | 1 Articles | 9/25/2011 4:08:57 PM
I'm going to get personal here. Blogger Victoria's entry, "Good Man" brought up some concerns that I have been experiencing with my own lovely wife. I try not to get personal in my blogs and fail almost every time. :) My wife does not like me sharing our personal business in the street, but this one is f*cking bothering me that I must preach it out of me today. I'm heated 'yall! Are you ready? Read more…
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Fighting Contentment

3014 Views | 5 Comments | 0 Articles | 9/19/2011 12:27:28 AM
Sheeesh, the way I'm living, I am starting to think I'm getting too comfortable. Like I have no damn life. Possibly it is true! It seems like work, home, sleep and then do it all over again. Days are passing by in a blink of an eye. Especially since a new job for the wife began in June. Top that off with her busy studying her English classes, she barely has time to spare. Typical home life. It's starting to get too comfy around here and I don't like it. Read more…
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One Year Already!

5607 Views | 7 Comments | 6 Articles | 9/6/2011 12:52:14 AM
Ok, enough of the bitching and griping with the scumbags and blind-ass relationships I have been hearing from CLM women. I'm fed up and thought I need to be boring for a change. JohnAbbot was very eager to read a nice boring blog of domestication, so here it is! Blame him if this blog article sucks! Ha ha! Read more…
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Are Chinese Women So Desperate?

8403 Views | 15 Comments | 1 Articles | 8/19/2011 11:49:56 PM
I have tried to offer support and guidance for Chinese women here on CLM with meeting men. I have written articles to support the men too, but more-so Chinese women because they seem like a innocent child lost in Disney World. Amazed, full of wonder and happy-life possibilities, but easily manipulated if partnered with the wrong person. So I offered advice, views and thoughts on dating and relationships. I openly scolded those justly and did not hold my tongue with the scumbags (men and women alike) that exist here and in the real world. Today I am going to stop all of that. I am officially backing away with trying to offer help and advice. Because I feel defeated, deflated and frustrated. My wife and a few friends over in China have finally convinced me that Chinese women are desperate and it is pointless to expect them to listen to helpful advice when they are BLINDED by a crush, infatuation, love, or whatever you want to call it. I am finished with trying anymore. Read more…
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