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A writer for CLM Magazine and CLM Social Pages, Achelle is also an independent blogger, giving her two cents on personal and social issues from an educated Filipina's point of view, especially those relating to love and relationships. She has a knack for tackling issues from unique angles that are often left unexplored, posing questions that move and challenge readers to view a certain issue from a wholly different perspective. Achelle is happily engaged to her childhood sweetheart and is currently based in the Philippines. Achelle's writing is a delight to read and highly enlightening, entertaining and thought provoking. You're going to see lots of her on our Emagazine, Blogs, Social Pages and Hubs. Enjoy
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When My Long-Distance Relationship Came to An Unexpected End – Part 7 - The Second Time Around

2825 Views | 6 Comments | 1 Articles | 6/27/2014 3:40:21 PM

Fate, destiny, pure chance, or just the inevitable result of the collective choices we make; but it can be simply amazing how two people walking parallel or even divergent paths eventually find each other, and from that point forward become forever intertwined despite being separated again and again by circumstances and time. Read more…

When My Long-Distance Relationship Came to an Unexpected End – Part 5 - Childhood Love

3418 Views | 5 Comments | 1 Articles | 6/14/2014 2:33:42 PM

Over the next few weeks, we caught up with each other’s lives of the last 15 years.  There was no awkward phase; we simply started talking again the way old friends always do – comfortably, eagerly, tenderly.  Like H said, our bridge wasn’t burned; it was merely blocked and made impassable by our individual circumstances in the past.  Read more…


4853 Views | 1 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/15/2014 1:25:58 PM

Sometimes, when she watches Aurora sleep and she is overcome by her daughter’s innocence and unconditional love, she thinks about all her shortcomings, all her missteps, all the things she could’ve done differently.  She thinks about Aurora’s remarkable resilience and she is overwhelmed with both sadness, for all the hardships that her daughter had to experience at such a young age, and joy, for having such a precious gift as Aurora.   Read more…

Happy Mother's Day!

4443 Views | 4 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/11/2014 11:37:14 AM

I opened Google search and typed, “Define mother.”  This was the result: (Noun) a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth. (Verb) bring up (a child) with care and affection; look after kindly and protectively, sometimes excessively so. Read more…

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Childhood Awakenings

2019 Views | 6 Comments | 0 Articles | 5/10/2014 1:07:06 PM

Her parents’ marriage was more bad than good, and Dawn would often wish that they would just decide to separate; it would be the best thing for everybody.  But they insisted on staying together and fighting in front of the kids about anything and everything, for the sake of the kids.  And then her mama just up and left in the middle of the night; if her mama was always truly the helpless victim, then Dawn would have been perfectly okay with how things turned out.  But her mama always gave as good as she got.  When she left, Dawn understood that she did it for selfish reasons.  Read more…

Childhood Memories

4459 Views | 4 Comments | 0 Articles | 4/29/2014 9:46:12 AM

“What’s for dinner, Mother?” Read more…

Childhood Scars

4461 Views | 3 Comments | 0 Articles | 4/25/2014 2:56:16 PM

“Just start writing.  Anything,” she thinks to herself.  And that’s how it starts.  Read more…

When My Long-Distance Relationship Came to An Unexpected End – INTERLUDE

4746 Views | 13 Comments | 0 Articles | 4/12/2014 8:17:09 AM

It happens.  With no conscious effort, without meaning to, or deciding to, or choosing to; you fall in love.  You may wish really hard for a different ending to a story you’ve read over and over; but just as fruitless as it is to hope against hope that a beautiful night will never end, the inevitable will always happen.  You don’t get to choose with whom, or when, or how.  You fall in love.  And you are as helpless as a bird in the air with a broken wing.  But it happens.  Sometimes, two people find and fall in love with each other at the worst possible time and in the least ideal situation.    Read more…

And They Weren’t Even Trying to Be Funny!

2922 Views | 8 Comments | 0 Articles | 4/1/2014 2:31:45 PM

If by “most romantic” they meant “sleaziest,” then okay, naming Dongguan as one of the top 3 most romantic cities in China would make more sense!  Read more…

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