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#2010-12-14 03:24:57 by hanalei67

I have started on making some major changes for myself here in the US, one of them is to take a trip to China. Is there a tour of some kind that can give a guy an honest representation of what it is like there. I was born and raised in Hawaii and I know that these tourist tours is not representative of the culture.


Hi hanalei67

First, you're quite right that typical China tours don't give you much of an inkling of the reality behind the touristy sites. I don't know of any good tours that will really give you what you're looking for.

As many of the older members know we've been trying to find a suitable travel partner here in China to work with us in order to organize what we think will be tours that will let members see the real China, including the best of the touristy places but also the hidden China where they can get a taste of the real China, both good and bad. So far we've had trouble finding a travel company within China that seems ready to cooperate. I've had to take a break from that search recently but your question has prompted me to get back on it.

If you don't see an announcement in the next 6 weeks that we've started our own tour program with a good travel partner please write again and kick my butt.