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I spent 20 years punching a time clock... then decided there had to be another way. Right now I'm sitting in a comfortable chair on a beautiful beach. There's a sweet, soft breeze in the air. In front of me, on the clear blue water, a boat drifts by. Maybe I'll go snorkeling this afternoon, or work on my tan. This is my kind of tropical paradise... cheap and unspoiled!
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#2011-01-31 15:03:38 by terry48

Ken, I have been told you may be able to assist me with answering this question. I am considering going to Singapore or Malaysia to see if I can find my wife. I have looked in China but no luck and I hear Malaysia is a great country to find beautiful women. Can you tell me which city in Malaysia you would travel to if you were me and wanting to meet a woman to marry? Thank you


Well, I guess Kualhu Lumpur, for the sheer volume of people and possible prospects. Pleasant city also, you'll be comfortable and enjoy yourself, whatever happens. Its the rainy season there now, though. Of course Malaysian women are quite respectable, I'm glad your intentions are honorable!

From K.L. you can catch a cheap Air Asia flight to Cambodia or Thailand to check out other likely prospects also.