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I spent 20 years punching a time clock... then decided there had to be another way. Right now I'm sitting in a comfortable chair on a beautiful beach. There's a sweet, soft breeze in the air. In front of me, on the clear blue water, a boat drifts by. Maybe I'll go snorkeling this afternoon, or work on my tan. This is my kind of tropical paradise... cheap and unspoiled!
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#2011-01-26 02:57:57 by abi513

Hello Ken,

Sorry our paths didn’t cross during my recent four weeks in Thailand. I’m back in Chengdu now.

I’ve been curious about one thing. If it’s too personal to post a response here, I’ll understand. You can send an email to me at my address gleaned from one of John’s messages to all of us.

You say you stopped punching a time clock after twenty years and decided there was a better way. I understand this thinking. After twenty-five years in government, I believed it was time to go at the age of forty-seven. I took my monthly retirement, left and never regretted one day doing this. New life and new adventures. This brings me to my question:

How do you support yourself? Retirement or pension income from twenty years in the same job? 401-K or other investments? Selling stories? Doing a little English teaching or tutoring here and there? Independently wealthy? Combination of one or more of these?

Even travelling and trekking on the “Cheap” requires money for transportation, food, drinks, hotels/guesthouses, girls, or general necessities of life. So how do you do it?


Well, my grandpa was a dirt poor prospector out in the New Mexico desert near the town of Roswell. One night he come in with a really funny looking fella dressed up to look like a Mexican, only Grandma knew he wasn't, cause of the tentacles. In one of those tentacles was a sheaf of papers with all kinda funny symbols and writing on it. Grandpa and the little fella made a few phone calls and the next day two young kids named Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came by, took the papers and the little fella. The story goes Steve charmed Grandma and Bill was such a dork! Anyhow the next week a check comes in the mail for Grandpa and I'm still living off the family treasury.
Now, I ain't saying everybody can make it that way...
Short answer- cashed out and got out. I knew when to fold em.
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#2011-02-02 12:42:06 by abi513

Thanks for the response and humor. Like you, many people are doing this like Howard I mentioned in one of my recent Blogs. My retirement is sufficient to "Get by" on the cheap, but I'm built for comfort and haven't "Gone native" yet! Not to mention, after ten years of inflation and the devaluation of the USD, I'm losing money annually.

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