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#2011-01-21 12:37:00 by shirasawanum

Hi, John,

I didn't want to sidetrack your scammer thread, so I thought I'd email you personally. I was a little confused by your recommendation of Ectaco, as you also wrote that if you were aware of anything better than what CLM is already using for English <-> Chinese translation, you'd already be using it. So are you saying that Ectaco's text translators are NOT superior to what CLM already uses, or only that CLM is using the best of the free translation tools?

In particular, I see the following offering on Ectaco:

Have you heard anything about this product's (or any other product's) quality from CLM members?



Hi shirasawanum sorry for the confusion. When I wrote about Ectaco I was thinking of the Translation Devices, not the computer software. I've had no comments, good or bad, about the computer software so I can't recommend it (or not).

But with the devices you can type into it in one language and get both a written or spoken translation, which is great if you're in each other's presence and might even assist you online. And even better, with some of them you speak into it in one language and it says it in the other language. How cool is that when you're in the Guangzhou heat and trying to order a beer that you want in the next 10 seconds before you expire?

I've had a couple of members speak so highly of them that they thanked them for their relationship working. But no, it isn't a replacement for Google on the computer.

I didn't remove your name and email address to be rude, but I thought you maybe didn't realize that anyone can view the questions and answers.
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#2011-01-25 15:42:54 by shirasawanum

Ah. Thanks for deleting my personal info.

I assume that CLM uses an enterprise version of some software product on your website. Obviously, you must think it's the best available. Are you free to tell us what that product is? Since it's much more convenient to not be tied to the CLM website to send and receive emails (fewer restrictions on attachments; better formatting - sorry), I can't always avail myself of the CLM translator. So I need my own translator.

From everything I've read, LEC's engines are considered the best out there. On the other hand, I've been using LEC's 7-day free trial of their Translate DotNet application, and to be honest, Google's free translation seems superior. On the other hand, when I use multiple translators and compare their results (in this case, Google, Yahoo/BabelFish, and now LEC), the three independent translations do have a "critical mass" effect.

It's just too bad that character-based written languages are so difficult for machine translators to handle.

Anyway, thanks for any info you can provide.


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