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Venus and Mars Revisited: Is It the Same with Chinese Women?    

By John Abbot
2076 Views | 3 Comments | 7/9/2015 1:43:14 PM

Venus and Mars ain't like this in China.

Is a Chinese woman's mind less complicated? You'd Better believe it, she hasn't been reading Cosmopolitan for 40 years!

Does she not jump to so many conclusions? Not at all!  She has a few major conclusions she jumps to based on some sense of reality, which she has retained because she hasn't been reading Cosmopoitan for 40 years. 

Are Chinese women also from Venus?  Yes, I'm afraid so, but it's a much better neighbourhood of Venus!

Find out more about these real females when you read our blogs and meet some of the amazing women on CLM. 

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#2015-07-09 22:25:57 by melcyan @melcyan

I know very well that this entry is meant to be a joke but humor aside, it shows two people who are poor communicators. They are both a long way from being able to read each other. Both the man and the woman have failed a communication test. This man would also probably fail communicating with a Chinese woman.

John, you also say
“Is a Chinese woman's mind less complicated? You'd Better believe it”

You must be more accomplished than me at negotiating minefields like Chinese medicine and Chinese superstition. I can handle the minefields of “saving face” and “filial piety” but the other two minefields repeatedly bring me to my knees and bring the usually great communication I have with my partner to an abrupt halt.

#2015-07-10 12:51:19 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan - I guess the thing is that my wife is not particularly a strong believer in Chinese medicine (nor Western medicine for that matter) but a strong proponent of fighting illness and disease through good nutrition, and she also does not accept or believe in many of the Chinese superstitions.

However, I don't really think these types of beliefs are evidence of complicated thinking, just of thinking that is contrary to our own. I suspect your wife's beliefs in these things are not complicated at all, but are really fairly simple. At least, to me, if my wife held these beliefs, it would not be that I could not understand what she believed, it would just be that I could not accept her beliefs, as uncomplicated as they are.

Maybe we are just not defining the word "complicated" in the same way.

On both those subjects, I must say that I don't see much difference in a person having unwavering belief in Western medicine any more or less unacceptable than in Chinese medicine, both are so profoundly based on totally false premises. Likewise Western or Chinese superstitions.

I am surprised to hear that you, of all people, are struggling to "handle these minefields". You are always the voice of reason, patience and understanding around here. But it brings to mind a saying of a new business partner of ours, whom members will be hearing a lot about come this Autumn, when he said of such impediments to an otherwise great relationship, "build a bridge and then get over it".

Maybe you could give that a try. :D

#2015-07-10 14:30:50 by melcyan @melcyan


I think the issue is not complicated vs uncomplicated, it is all about good communication. The male and female in the anecdote above do not know how to communicate well with each other.

"build a bridge and then get over it" is good advice.

As far as good medicine goes I agree with you and your wife that good nutrition, exercise and a good night's sleep would be a good formula for a much healthier world.

This formula could well be my bridge. It would be wise to get this formula right before attempting any discussion on the merits of different types of medicine.

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