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Valentine's Day Chaos in China, Photo Contest Winner and Attempted Scam of CLM    

By John Abbot
3837 Views | 11 Comments | 2/13/2015 10:24:59 PM

This blog is to update you on a couple of things and then relay to you a very funny scam attempt that we encountered a couple of days ago. But first, to business:

1. Valentine's Day Article and Video

We have just posted a Valentine’s day article in the magazine, penned by yours truly, which includes one of our favourite CLM videos (relating to Vday of course) together with a discussion about how chaos seems to rule on Vday in China. You can view the article here:

2. New Year's Photo Contest Winner

We are not particularly happy to acknowledge that what our Chinese manager and I thought was a great idea turned out to be one of the biggest flops in CLM/ALM history. With my tail firmly ensconced between my legs, and my face a bright and glowing red, I hereby announce that the winner of the CLM New Year’s Photo Contest (and coincidentally the sole entrant) is Barry1.  Barry has no need for a Gold Upgrade, since he is already a Gold member and even more, since he currently is in a committed relationship, so we will be discussing with him the possibility of him awarding the prize to the most suitable candidate, which is something he mentioned in a comment on my blog at one time. We’ll keep you posted.

3. A Really Funny Attempt to Scam CLM

Just to give you something to confirm that Scammers are everywhere on the internet and not just on dating sites trying to scam you, please review the following discussion between myself and a wannabe Scammer with a get rich quick scheme who attempted a hilarious scam on yours truly and CLM. We hope it amuses you much as it did us.  

Letter From Scammer

Dear ChinaLoveMatch,

Please pass this on to senior management after reading it.

I have been selling some very valuable information to online dating sites all over the world after being scammed by both of the only two woman I met on EHarmony Australia for thousands of dollars. I believe you will be very interested in it also.

It is a website that searches over 8 billion images on the internet for matches to images in a matter of seconds. It is very good. I have found links to scamming by all three of the woman who have scammed me using it.

I believe you should be using this to vet all new applicants prior to granting them membership. If EHarmony was using this before I was scammed by Judy, they would have certainly caught her. I found her on a scam reporting site using this.

You should also use this to check out your existing customers. If I was scammed by both of the only two woman I met on EHarmony, they must have had hundreds of them on their site and I would assume your’s would be the same.

I would like one hundred thousand dollars for this information. I believe this is far less than what it is worth to you in order to protect your customers and reputation. All the companies I have sold it to date have been more than happy to pay this and are very pleased with the results.

I am happy to let you try this first trusting that you will do the right thing by me. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

Would you like to try it?

If you would like to try it, please email me stating that you agree with my terms of payment should you decide to keep it and continue to use it and I will send you the link including photos of the three woman who scammed me to play with. I trust that you are a decent honorable company and will stand by your word. Remember it won’t cost you a thing to try it first and I will be very surprised if you don’t buy it after doing so.

Yours sincerely,

Ron (surname deleted)

PS  As an afterthought, out of the hundreds of sites I have offered this too, many have required me to become a member prior to getting their contact details. Every single one of these sites have granted me instant membership without taking the time to check me out first. I find this hard to believe and very irresponsible on their part in protecting their members. I have no idea of how many new applicants you get a day, but what I am offering you is very fast and easy to use and it would only take a few minutes to check out each new applicant prior to granting them membership. I do not believe anyone would care if they had to wait until the next day to have their membership approved and think they would be very pleased if they knew why.

Response From CLM

Hi Ron

You can search photos exactly as you are indicating with Google Photo Search, a 100% free service. We have been doing that for about 2 years now with pretty well every photo posted by members on our site.  It isn't 100% reliable but it is a valuable tool.

Before Google provided this service we used an internet service called TinEye. It was not as reliable as Google is.

We do agree with you that prevention of scammers by every means possible is a duty of all websites, but we think we are one of the very few who do anything about it at all. 

We think it is really an amazing thing to offer to sell us the name of a service for $100,000 when the service itself is free and readily available to every human being on the planet. To be honest, you are approaching dangerously close to being a scammer yourself.

Please let us know if any dating site accepts your offer. We have a small country we'd like to sell them.

Best regards,


John Abbot

Managing Director​

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-02-14 09:09:50 by anonymous12951 @anonymous12951

I would be interested to know how intelligent this "image match" software is. It would be interesting to try it out and see if you could fool it or see what it considers an appropriate "image match". Sounds fascinating. But also sounds like an outright scam.

#2015-02-14 10:24:14 by Barry1 @Barry1


"With my tail firmly ensconced between my legs, and my face a bright and glowing red"

Thanks for awarding me the Gold membership, John. But with respect to your words above, let me say you should have NO embarrassment at all about this contest.

I entered it as a show of support for CLM. I was astonished to see that no one else seemed to have much interest in the good hearted, genial exercise.

If anything, it should be the apathetic CLM members who should feel somewhat dismayed or disconcerted at their lack of participation, NOT you.

You did everything right, John. Your face should be a healthy and rosy pink, not a glowing red! (clap)

#2015-02-14 17:51:37 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@anonymous12951 - Your comment makes me wonder of you misunderstood something, which makes me worry that I wasn't very clear. The "image match software" that the scammer was trying to sell us only the name of so we could go use it is readily available for you to try out. Just click on Google Search on the category "Images" and then in the search bar you will see where you can upload a photo from your computer to see if the same image can be found somewhere on the internet.

If you know the URL or domain link of a photo already on the internet then you can paste the URL into the search bar and hit "Search" and Google will go see if it can find the photo anywhere else. We have CLM and ALM admin set up so that when a member posts a photo we can simply click on the photo and, because the photo is already in our system so we have a CLM URL for it, google will automatically open and perform the photo search for us.

How good is it? Pretty good but far from 100% accurate. However, it is very helpful in catching scammers and/or idiots who post photos of celebrities instead of themselves.

One thing for certain, there isn't going to be a better image search software out there than Google's. If there was they'd have bought it.

So the scammer basically wanted $100,000 to tell me about Google Image Search, which is readily available for free to anyone who cares to use it, and which we have been using since it came out a couple of years ago.

Just to give you a sample of how it can work, go up to my photo at the top of the blog and RIGHT Click on it. Then LEFT click on "Copy image URL".

Now open Google Home page in a new tab, and then LEFT click on "Images" in the top menu of the page. After a new page opens you will see in the Search Bar a little Camera Icon. Click on that and a little window will open that gives you the option of pasting in a an Image URL or Uploading a photo. Choose the Paste Image URL option and then in the search bar, still within the little window, paste in the URL you saved from my photo. Click the search by Image button.

If you get what I just got, there will be 4 pages of places on the internet where Google located mostly my image, but with the odd image among them that is someone else but with a similar background and a similar shirt. So it is far from accurate.

In addition, if you were to click into some of the ones where it shows my photo but someone else's name, you'd likely find yourself on a Facebook or G+ page belonging to someone else, but perhaps I am in their friends or I have commented on a post of theirs or they have commented on a post of mine. Again, not 100% accurate.

But it sure does help us pick out the scammers. I won't go into detail about why it is so helpful for obvious reasons.

I hope you can follow what I wrote and enjoy trying Google Image Search to it's full extent.

Apparently, if you really like it, you owe me $100,000 bucks. (rofl)

Cheers, John

@barry1 - I much appreciate your vote of confidence but I must admit that the photo contest failing was not anyone's fault but my own. With some help from our manager. We really misjudged the interest there would be in it, and it has simply reinforced in my mind the need for us to develop a survey system to find out what the members want and what they don't want. It is something that will be a feature on our new Magazine that is currently being developed, and we are slowly but surely coming along on that project. But thanks again for your kind words.

#2015-02-14 20:48:28 by Nekko @Nekko


I have to apologize to you. When I read about the photo contest I was very much interested in entering and winning the competition.

However, as you know my mind and heart have been occupied with another far more
important matter. Since the grant of the visa I now can concentrate on other interests in my life again. Interests that have taken a back seat.

John, should you decide to run the competition again, I am now ready to enter and win.
Who is this Barry anyway. He should concentrate on Tina and finish the story. I want to know the outcome but we get little pieces of information to sustain the readership. I know I sound like a whinging pom.

John, the reply to the Ron is hilarious. Maybe he would settle for less money. I understand the service is free on the internet. Just to see how low he would sell the information for.

Maybe Ron is interested in buying property on the moon. I have heard of a company selling blocks of land to build a house on. You will receive an official certificate with all the necessary information for a substantial payment in return.

I hope Ron is not a member of CLM. I do not think this type of person is suitable
marriage material for the lovely ladies on the CLM site.

John you tried and did everything you could to encourage the membership to participate. You do deserve credit for this.


#2015-02-16 04:31:28 by anonymous12961 @anonymous12961

Hi John, I guess I still don't understand what he was trying to sell for 100K. When you mentioned image matching, I was picturing those crime shows where they search a database of criminals based on a sketch and the facial recognition software analyzes the quadrants of the face, nose and mouth features, shape of the eyes, etc. and tallies up the best potential matches. Is that what he was trying to sell you? Because from what you explained, it almost sounded like he was trying to sell you a search based on the image's name? That type of search has been around *forever* and has been available free to use for everyone. How could he even attempt to try to sell something like that? That is seriously lame.

#2015-02-16 16:03:27 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Nekko - you certainly owe me no apologies Nekko, you're quite right that your recent activities far outweigh a simple photo contest in importance. We are looking at ways to create some spark on our social pages like Facebook and Google+, and give your promise not only to enter but to win, we'll consider another photo contest soon.

@anonymous12961 - Google's photo search is not about the name of the photo (nor is TinEye's) but is based on technology that assesses the features in the photo and then tries to locate identical photos elsewhere on the internet. It does this over the course of a few seconds and is trying to search through all the photos posted on the internet, so needless to say it isn't always successful.

What Ron was trying to sell us was to name the software that does this type of search so we could go and use it. In return for paying him $100k he was going to advise me that I could do photosearch on Google, or maybe on TinEye or some other photosearch software similar to Google and TinEye.

And yes this attempted scam was seriously lame. It took me some time to get up off the floor from laughing so hard at the sheer audacity/stupidity of the scam.

Cheers to both of you, John

#2015-02-16 17:48:27 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Who is this Barry anyway? He should concentrate on Tina and finish the story. I want to know the outcome"

Yes Nekko, the story between Tina and I will eventually be finished. I guarantee this.

At the current rate of publication, I estimate you'll know sometime in the second half of 2016, what eventually results between Tina and I. (rofl)

#2015-02-17 13:37:46 by angelblack @angelblack

seems the women on this site is not pretty as the women on the asiandate ... all nature pictures...

#2015-02-17 16:53:09 by Barry1 @Barry1


"the women on this site is not pretty as the women on the asiandate"

The only problem being that most Asian internet date sites are criminal scamming ones, fleecing people of their hard earned money, ripping them off big time.

By the way, I also should say that I like nature pictures. Often they're way more appealing than pictures of people. Have you ever seen how majestic a tall tree at sunset can look? How lovely a pond can appear covered by morning dew? How lovely a slimy green tree frog is, when it has its little baby frog sitting on top of it?

#2015-02-22 23:25:53 by anonymous13001 @anonymous13001

are there any site that can comment on ? i mean the site like forum , which has good reputation ? will you show me some ?

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