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The benefit of helping others    

By WarmLife
1353 Views | 1 Comments | 4/21/2016 3:05:46 PM

Recently, I noticed a new member into a Wechat group asking for help ...  She complained about Chinese doctors (actually most likely complained about one Chinese doctor).  This situation has polarized both Chinese and foreigners.  Both sides screaming at each other more or less about the "dirty" things they experience from each other. In my thinking it is very easy to "dig up" enough "dirt" on either side .  Instead, I usually ignore such incidents.  

However, I decided to find creative ways to determine if the woman in the Wechat group was a foreigner, Chinese or overseas Chinese.  Thus, I asked her in the public Wechat group if she would be interested in me sharing books about -- panic attack --.  

Then we moved to private chat and I told her that I have more than several close friends who are Chinese doctors.  I also have enough TCM doctor friends as well.  So I asked some questions in my doctor friends group -- searched online for books dealing with panic attacks -- then invited her to consider more than several Wechat groups --  as well as sharing links to TCM websites. 

I discovered that she is Chinese who has lived in America for more than several years -- this aspect makes it much more convenient and easier for me to help her -- than if she was a foreigner or overseas born Chinese.

My point in this blog?  There are ways to avoid the polarizing effects of ethnocentric social behavior .  Throwing "mud" at each other is not going to accomplish anything except getting each other more "dirty" and increasing the antagonistic social behavior towards each other .

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#2016-04-21 15:14:26 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

WarmLife - does this have anything to do with the fairly extensive shots being fired back and forth between a few of us on your earlier blog? Are you trying to make a subtle point here about how pointless it all was?

If you are, message received

If you were not, then just the same I have received that same message.


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