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Speaking Of Scams, How About    

By John Abbot
129176 Views | 41 Comments | 4/6/2012 12:46:33 AM
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#2015-11-08 13:14:57 by AussieBhoy74 @AussieBhoy74

I said once before on here I used to use Chnlove and wasted hundreds of dollars on there a few years back. After I discovered it was a scam I stopped using it, and I also got a new credit card and number in case they tried to direct debit me in future.

My profile was still on there however, and up till August 2014 I was still getting "Admirer Mails" from them.

I have nothing much to do today ( Nov 8, 2015, a stormy and humid Brisbane Sunday with typical sub-tropical summer downpours ) so I have done a little experiment:

I just clicked on an "Admirer Mail" from 2014, and within 10 seconds got pop-ups from various Chinese "ladies". This is after not looking at the site since about August 2012.

Well, to my great surprise ( not ) so many beautiful ladies were falling over themselves to want to know me! With gems like these: "Shaun, can do bedrooms sport" ?? or this one, "Do you wanna virgin" ? How about "Linda", 32, from Guangdong "Shaun,when I sit on your face you make I come" ?

Sorry if I offend any women reading this on here, but it is WORD FOR WORD what I was sent from Chnlove. How about "Rine", from Jiangxi, "you like my 36 D's" ??
Or "Liqiu" 34 from Liaoning, "Shaun, what is your favotive position" ( great English, lol! )

When I first joined Chnlove I did not get messages like this. Obviously, genuine Chinese women would not send messages like this to Western men, even if they really think we are sexy and handsome. These "ladies" do not exist.

This would be funny if it was not so serious, and the stupid messages still make me laugh! Chinalove is a scam gentlemen, so please don't bother!

Here is a another comment from "Jenny" on Chnlove before I sign out.

"Shaun, you like eat my body sushi" ??


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