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Speaking Of Scams, How About    

By John Abbot
129178 Views | 41 Comments | 4/6/2012 12:46:33 AM
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#2013-06-11 04:29:17 by urdivine @urdivine

I am quite sure that people who created are the same people who began with

I can tell you about anastasiadate, and I am assuming it will be the same or close to

I have had a profile with anastasiadate for many years but I refuse to pay so many dollars per letter to send and receive. I believe they told me, after 15 letters it would be OK to get the contact information of the women.

From the women's point of view, this site seems to be one of the most popular. I also believe they do screen the women therefore they are real women. They are so widespread and well known that that they can afford to discriminate, and use mostly the very attractive girls. Since they are the same people, it could be the same with

I know for a fact that many agencies, [dating sites], will pay the women for the agency to use their profile and write letters to men pretending to be that woman. Whether anastasiadate or asianbeauties does this, I can't say for sure, but I would not be surprised, although I do not believe they do it as much as other sites if at all.

I do know that most sites will send an initial pre-written letter by a lady to various men based on her criteria of what she is looking for. I think this is acceptable.

In comparing the overall looks of the ladies from both sites, to me they are very similar. So again, I believe the ladies are real and it may be the only scamming is charging so much per letter and not allowing exchange of contact info until after so many letters. This is how they will make their money.

#2013-06-17 04:40:44 by davidc777 @davidc777

I have a profile at AsianBeauties. I have NO picture and my profile states: "I am a horrible person! You would hate me as a husband!" LOL I still get six or seven messages a day that say I am so good looking in my non-existent photo and they have read my profile over and over again and have fallen in love with me! LOL I go there for laughs, but they are obviously not real women reading my profile. I am actually surprised that they have allowed my profile to remain active.

#2013-06-21 03:17:43 by joeduffy @joeduffy

Wasn't I the first guy to warn CLM about AsianBeauties when John posted my article, "Asian Beauties Will Drain Your Wallet"?? I posted that summary on many Consumer and Scam Reporting websites throughout the Internet, and I hope my comments kept many men from wasting money by giving it to the Russian scum who operate the AB website.

#2013-07-04 03:16:06 by blackd74 @blackd74

i am not going to be anonymuos...
i just talk with asian beauty...
i just want to share every body about our chat!
i am sure 100% that they are scam dating site!!!

Asianbeauties Live Support
Welcome to Asianbeauties’s Live Support where we’re dedicated to safe and secure dating.
please delete my card from this site
AsianBeauties Live Support
AsianBeauties Live Support
Thank you for your message to Customer Support.
AsianBeauties Live Support
Asian Beauties Team is sad to hear that you would like to leave the web site. Could you specify the reason why?
i already know that this site is a big scam
AsianBeauties Live Support
why do you think the site is the scam?
i dont thin, i know
i search the internet about you
AsianBeauties Live Support
did you experience something unpleasant?
a lot
AsianBeauties Live Support
give me a particular example?
some things that not real for dating sites
AsianBeauties Live Support
I'll help you to solve your issue
AsianBeauties Live Support
which things are not real?
AsianBeauties Live Support
what do you mean?
i cant send personal info by letters or chat?
and your price... wow did you check the market of this days?
AsianBeauties Live Support
but the prices, terms and conditions is not scam, do you know what scam means?
let me tell you what i am going to do...
i am going to connect more male members of this site... amd give you a law suit that you never dream about
i tell you what is scam...
AsianBeauties Live Support
you agreed to the terms and condition at the AsianBeauties, when you registered
scam is that you let someone to think that he talk with someone that he dont talk with her al all
and dont worry about your terms, my lawer check them now, in the time that we talking
AsianBeauties Live Support
as for scam let me assure you, that such activity is strongly prohibited on our website. If you have concerns about any Lady on Asian Beauties please inform us with as many details you can provide and we will do our best to resolve this issue. If any action of this kind (money request, fake correspondence, false info – insert the right variant) is found on our website we will take severe action against the Ladies or agencies who initiated this. After looking into the matter we will consider the
AsianBeauties Live Support
Once again I guarantee you that Asian Beauties does everything to protect our clients and we value our reputation so your assistance in our Anti-Scam campaign will be much appreciated.
AsianBeauties Live Support
At Asian Beauties we work hard to provide our clients with accurate, up-to-date information. Before we accept a lady on to the site, our verification team contacts her by phone and checks her personal and contact information. It is only after the lady has passed all our verification checks that we activate her on the site.
ok... you say that your site is not scam site?
AsianBeauties Live Support
yes, it's not scam
ok. i want to deliver my personal email to a lady that i talk with her in the last 2 weeks
AsianBeauties Live Support
Asian Beauties takes the issue of false correspondence / fake profiles very seriously. Please provide us with the ID number(s) of the lady(-ies) you suspect to be (are) sending third-party correspondence / has (have) a fake profile, and we will contact her (their) agency immediately.
you dont read what i write to you!!!
AsianBeauties Live Support
Please be informed that according to the policy of the site it is forbidden to transfer contact information (like phone number or email address) but postal addresses through our Email Correspondence System and Live Chat. However, there are various ways to still exchange contact information with your lady like Call Me Service, Flowers & Gifts delivery
i want to send my personal email!!! i dont go to pay 100$ for that!!! i already pay more then 2000$ this month and i dont see any resone to pay 100$ for send email
i alredy send a flowers to a lady that i was talk to her a lot... after she get the flower i dont hear from her again
AsianBeauties Live Support has left the conversation.
thats why i think its scam site... i dont talk with the real ladys, i talk with agency womans

#2013-07-04 08:39:04 by blackd74 @blackd74

to all that hurt from, there is address to get eaen...
the like of the site is
the get info about all kind of scams. even AsianBeauties is there.

#2013-07-09 20:30:46 by blackd74 @blackd74

since the last time that i was here i find out more things abote
like, they dont have any transletion agency!
the girls there are real girl with fake profile and photos of acters, models and singers!
all the girls there work on the site from there home!
no metter what, you cant get there personal detailes!
you are the credit card of this girls! they get 30% of your payments to the site!

its take my 1 week and more 1500 US dollar to find that 20 profiles that i check is 20 fake profiles!
even google canot find there photos!

i also find 2 more things:
1. the video of traning the girls (

2. where we can go about the scam of
( this is federal of internetional internet crimes!

i hope that my action will help to other to get down this scam site!
and even this site not go down, i hope that i will help to warn other from this site! have more 7 sites with the same type that i find.
i will not stop and I will continue to investigate the truth behind this site

#2013-07-26 06:16:53 by BlackKnight06 @BlackKnight06

Well this article has made me edgy - I've received 77 "Letters" from one girl in particular in China and obviously cannot open and read them all - and if there is a "Translator" as medium and distorting the conversation, then I don't know how the parties can ever hope to meet. As for the costs which some have said are outrageous, I'd agree. Try other currencies against the US dollar, and you'll get a dismal picture. functions almost identically to the supposedly classy site called which seems to be affiliated to but focuses instead on Russian ladies and from the Ukraine, and has exactly the same structure, format, and applicable costs - and in the end very expensive, Are they all just here to fleece Western men of money, or are they genuine? If someone can enlighten me further, so I don't waste more time (and money) if indeed this is a scam, I'd be grateful. Needless to say, the lady concerned is a beauty - "drop-dead gorgeous" but my suspicions are now heightened, to proceed with caution.

#2013-07-27 05:38:59 by BlackKnight06 @BlackKnight06

Actually, the beauty from Asia (Jiaxin / Kimberley 1211084) had sent me 80 letters as at July 26th 2013 and so I began my own investigation as follows:

I specifically asked a criminal lawyer to investigate the following three sites, as to whether they were scams:


The investigator (with 18 years’ experience and a doctorate qualification) asked what information I had, that had raised my suspicions.

I pointed to the fact that this site had commented on bad experiences relating to

I received the following answer, and hope this will help to shut down the Russian-inspired scamming business entities, or at least reduce their exorbitant revenue streams (or else we should send in Agent 007 – James Bond – to take them out!)

Feedback received from investigator:

"You'll read similar complaints about the other two. They are run by the same Russian company, and they all proceed along the same lines:
They all have the specific reputation of being money mills for the owner. Typically the women look gorgeous and they are real, but many of them work for the site and are used as shills, that is, they really just advertise the business.

You can only communicate on their dating site, so it can cost you a lot of money to communicate with women just to screen for a match. The site rakes in money but several women will seem very interested in you, and you think they may be worth the money you are spending, when in fact they are likely to be employees whose job is to make you think she is interested so that you'll keep spending more and more money.

Meanwhile, since you don't know that, you want to visit her in her own country. She is encouraging. The site can even help make the arrangements to get to Russia or where ever else, and they are legitimate in that way. But when you finally get over there, you find you've been matched with someone else instead. Often the woman you thought you were communicating with doesn't understand a word of English and you spend money to go over there and learn that you have only been pouring out your heart to an interpreter.

So the scam is in the nature of an expensive bait and switch. The person who you do wind up meeting may be available and may even really want to find a relationship. She's just not necessarily who you bargained for. Whether that's good news or bad I guess depends on who they have waiting for you and how smitten you are with the woman you don't get to have.

So are Anastasia and the others legitimate? Depends on what you mean by legitimate. There's a real business behind the site, but it's not an ethical one. And like any other business that is out of the country and thus out of the reach of your country's law, your legal recourse if you don't get what you have bargained for from the site membership, is very limited.

Good luck!"

My conclusion after this investigation:

It is a disgrace – you may be pouring your heart out to a translator who does not give a shit about your sad story, only the dollars they can rake out of your credit card.

I paid $15 for the investigator's efforts, and consider it was money well worth spending rather than another $1000 wasted on or which somehow also entered the picture, and I had not even submitted my profile to them.

They had merely "lifted" it off and suddenly I was receiving tons of letters from all 3 sites from endless number of sexy females all looking for their "soul mates".

Better to stay single - or I'll at least give this site a try! I am the eternal optimist!

#2013-09-07 20:24:55 by jacktoil @jacktoil

I always supected this site (AsianBeauties) is not an honest site; However,I needed of a robust evidence to confirm my suspicions. Ie,I needed to get a solid clue that proved me this dangerous site is actually a scam site.So,I created another profile,a fake profile in order to unmask AsianBeauties; Then,I added into my fake profile,one and only one fake photo that I took from a social network no the internet, one photo of a old man,appearing about seventy years of age, Then I uploaded it into my fake profile. And how the blanks to personal information, I do not wrote any kind of information about me in that profile;Only my fake picture and my fake age (70 years old ); Ie,I created a profile to scare any woman. Then,the unexpected happened; Soon after my profile to be approved,started pop up dozens of beautiful and young girls on screen of my computer,inviting me to chat. Meanwhile,dozens of letters "crammed" my mail box with declarations of love surprising, for someone that they have never seen before. Was the proof I needed; But,was missing yet a definitive proof,a absolute sure. So, I dragged into my fake profile all the ladies that had sent me letters before to my real profile,and stayed waiting to see if would happen something,(was when she bit the bait.). Then,happened that I was predicting,the ladies that had sent letters to my real profile previously, these same ladies,they also sent the same letters to my mailbox of the my fake profile. I had no more doubts; Was the definitive proof that AsianBeauties is a scam dating site. summarizing:do not exists any real woman on AsianBeauties.all the profiles are actually fakes profile,and every lady have one letter pre-written that they send the same letter to all the silly men. And the photos of girls that are on profiles,its are really from real ladies; But,its are bought from poor girls in China,Colombia,Phillipines or in any other country where there are poor and beautiful girls.Actually,all they have boyfriends or are married and they sell their photos for money. In another occasion,I received in my mailbox,two letters from two different ladies,but,with the same content. Ie,were the same letters from different ladies; This proof that all the letters are letters electronicaly generated by system of AsianBeauties in order to to fool,to cheat the silly men. Any man with a minimum of intelligence will discover that it is a scam. Therefore: Enough to investigate better the clues.that the truth soon will come. A strong hug.

#2013-09-24 12:51:43 by Eugene8899 @Eugene8899


Where is your article titled "Asian Beauties Will Drain Your Wallet"?

I've done a search, but so far, I can't find it.

Thanks :)

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