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Speaking Of Scams, How About    

By John Abbot
129376 Views | 41 Comments | 4/6/2012 12:46:33 AM

We've added to the list of dating sites we're prepared to publicly state are scam operations. Don't trust these guys.

Update: Since posting this article almost 2 years ago things have changed. has recently changed it's name to  To understand the basic way in which AsianBeauties, and now AsianDate, operate and why you need to avoid getting caught up in either site, keep reading here. But at the end of this article you will find a link to another article just posted, entitled "A Scam is a Scam is a Scam! Part 1:, - What's the Difference?" which will explain that the two sites are the same, and one can be trusted no more than the other.

Now, to continue with the original article...


We have recently received the following letter from a CLM/ALM member describing his experiences on This is not the only such letter we’ve received – in fact they are starting to flow in - regarding this site, it is just the most detailed. These letters about have caused us to add them to our list of sites we will publicly state are scams.

I've used bold to set out the contents of the member's letter:

I used Asian Beauties ( for only a few weeks. I have gotten nearly a hundred letters from the girls there but have only opened 2 letters and replied to two letters from only 1 of the girls. And have chatted with only that one girl a few times because of the outrageous expense. The first letter that girl wrote had 2 photos attached that weren't on her profile and I was allowed to open one of those photos for free but had I opened the other photo it would have cost me 10 credits. So it's 10 credits for each letter we open there. We can reply to the first letter from each different girl for free but after that it's 20 credits to keep in touch with (10 to open 10 to reply) them. Credits come in packages of 20 for $15.99. They encourage members to buy them in packages of 1000 for $399.00 which is much cheaper but still ridiculous.

Blogger’s Note: the cost of sending 2 messages and receiving 2 messages totals $31.98, almost the price of 1 full month of unlimited messages sent and received on CLM. This pricing is, in our opinion, highway robbery. 

To be fair, AsianBeauties clearly outlines to visitors and members of the site the cost of use of its services. There are no hidden fees. They are exhorbitant and totally unreasonable in our opionion, but they are not hidden. It is not the fees being charged themselves that causes us to say that AsianBeauties is a scam site. 

It is the true nature of the services being rendered for those fees that we believe are frequently (if not always) a scam, based on many, many witness reports from male members of AsianBeauties, from Chinese women members of AsianBeauties and/or its Agent sites and even from past "translators" (employees) of AsianBeauties and/or its Agent sites.

I first became suspicious of all that when chatting with that girl (who's pictures are of absolutely the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, bar none in person, on TV in magazines). I mean the girl is magnificent, absolute perfection. At least 95 % of the girls on that site are like that (drop dead gorgeous) There are some pretty girls on CLM also but none compare to most of the pro models (I suspect) that are depicted on Asian Beauties and the ratio of gorgeous to plain everyday girls there as compared to CLM is far far higher. Another reason to suspect that many of those on Asian Beauties are pro models. Anyway that girl told me that they pay fees just like the men but not as high fees. Then I found on that site (Asian Beauties) that the service is free for the ladies . I highly suspect that the ladies are even paid a commission but don't actually have any evidence to that affect. That's the ladies that are real (probably all the ugly ones are real and most of the gorgeous ones are the fake girls).

Blogger’s Note: unless you believe that 95% of the women in China are stunningly beautiful, model quality women who wander around dressed for sex, you cannot believe what these types of sites are trying to sell you. CHNLove, AsianBeauties, GagaMatch and many others all operate on the principal that men think only with their little brains, and, unfortunately, too often they are right. And contrary to what the writer states, the women often are charged an exorbitant fee too, at least the few women who are real and not fake members.

Another thing about Asian Beauties. We're not allowed to exchange private contact info there even in mails or chats between us. Now, without the possibility of exchanging private contact info with the ladies how could it EVER be possible to meet her in person (even if she's real and I suspect a few of them may be real and genuine). That was supposed to be a site catering to men AND women looking for soul mates yet they made it impossible to arrange a meeting EXCEPT we could arrange dates ONLY after having corresponding with the same lady (to meet) through at least 5 letters. Of course for the "date" we provide our own transportation to China or wherever ( at least 95% of the ladies are Chinese supposedly) at which time we had to meet a "translator" who was an Asian Beauties staff member and meet the lady at a predetermined place accompanied by the translator for an hour and a half. Of course there was a huge charge for that and IF the lady agreed to an extension of the "date" it would be extended for several more hours and I think accompanied by the "translator" at an additional fee and I still haven't figured out how to have any alone time with the lady. Some date huh? We were told it's something to do with laws governing the "International Association of Marriage Brokers" LOL… or something like that saying no personal contact info could be exchanged.

Blogger’s Note: this entire program is built upon lies and deception. I’d be interested to know who wrote the “laws governing the ‘International Association of Marriage Brokers’” since the International Association of Marriage Brokers could only be a private club of likeminded companies and there is no International body that would be writing laws governing such a club. I guess we can assume they wrote their own laws.

However, we COULD give the lady our personal contact info ONLY in a note or card delivered with a gift (flowers, candy, plush toys, etc) and of course the only way we could send gifts was through… yes… you guessed it - through Asian beauties. Just for curiosity I have checked the prices of that service through Asian Beauties as compared to the delivery service through CLM and Asian Beauties is about double. And by the time a man is ready to spend a few hundred bucks having a $70.00 gift delivered to a lady Asian Beauties has already made a fortune off of him so they lose nothing if they do lose one of their few genuine girls to a private email address.

I can understand completely why CLM doesn't allow private contact info on our profiles because then everyone could have everyone else’s email addresses and I wouldn't want my competition on this site having my email address. In fact I wouldn't even want all the ladies having it. I'm assuming though that we can exchange that info in private messaging or chats because, even though I haven't asked any of the girls on CLM for their private contact info a few have given it to me voluntarily. After all it is the only logical means of ever meeting any one in person.

Blogger’s Note: we have often questioned ourselves as to why we are doing what we do for the limited charges we charge, but the same answer keeps coming up. It’s because we aren’t prepared to defraud people of their money simply because they can be blinded by the pursuit of their dreams.

So far though I can say that Asian Beauties hasn't made any unauthorized charges on my credit card. If they ever do there is an office right here in the USA which I will visit but I will not be invited or polite when I do. At least I know there is a customer support phone number in the USA for Asian Beauties and that will be where my wrath will be directed if they do start charging my card. I no longer open or reply to any of the letters there but I do log in from time to time to see if I recognize any of the girls there as being also on CLM. So far the only girl I have recognized from Asian Beauties is in "scammers prison" here on CLM. (GOOD JOB).. LOL. The girl that's wearing the wedding band. Same girl wears it on Asian Beauties too. What a dingle berry brain!!

EVERY TIME I check in to Asian Beauties to do my detective work it's only seconds before I start getting chat invites there and most are drop dead gorgeous. I've had marriage proposals, propositions… lol… etc many times there with the very first chat invite from the girls. Opening lines like "I'm feeling a little horny", Would you like to tear off my dress?", “I'm wet" or a good one "Am I cool enough to be your wife?" , Can I share your bed?" All this from girls I've NEVER had contact with before so it's pretty obvious they get commissions. Not once have I had such an opening line in a chat invite from a girl here on CLM, (which would be cool if she really was wet and making a genuine offer)..LOL.. BUT I LOVE Asian women and I'm using this site to look for a genuine "lady" to spend my life with... Not a slut.

Blogger’s Note: contrary to the presentation made by AsianBeauties and their ilk, Chinese and Asian women are generally decent, sincere ladies who are interested in solid marriages and happy family life. They are not a band of nymphomaniacs frolicking around in their negligee as AsianBeauties would have you believe.

Again, to be fair, the member providing the letter we are publishing here stating that the "it's pretty obvious they get commissions", referring to women on AasianBeauties who send messages containing outrageous sexual advances, is simply advancing an assumption. We have no idea if these women are receving a commission, or for that matter if they're even real. 

If I get any more information on Asian beauties I will inform you guys. I do Internet marketing myself BUT I do it in a legitimate and professional manner and do not scam anyone and I HATE scammers because it is those that give us all a bad name and make this industry so tough on the honest people like you and me.

I think this concludes today's novel… LOL..

Blogger’s Note: In our opinion dating sites that operate like AsianBeauties, CHNLove, GagaMatch and many others are complete scams. We have tons of letters similar too this one, and often more clearly disclosing the outright dishonesty of these websites manner of operating – too many letters for them not to be true.

Anyone who is falling for the scams these sites are perpetrating is quite obviously so blinded by the beautiful pictures and the smoke and mirrors being presented to them that they cannot find the common sense that would normally allow them to avoid being robbed of their money. Wake up guys, you’re being scammed.

We sincerely thank the member who wrote this message and we welcome anyone who reads this and has had similar experiences or worse with AsianBeauties or any other dating site to provide their comments below.


Update continued: We will shortly be posting further articles on the scamming manner of operation of (formerly as well as, (, and numerous other scam websites. Meanwhile please go read about the change of stripes of to, and how it means nothing has changed at all, at "A Scam is a Scam is a Scam! Part 1:, - What's the Difference?".

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2012-04-06 07:40:48 by anonymous3364 @anonymous3364

Thank you John for publishing my "novel" about Asian Beauties and for adding your own comments. I hope it will help some one else from being taken in by this scam site. I wasted $47.97 there in just three days before I became suspicious, did a little research through google search and found Asian Beauties listed as the number one International dating scam site, followed by CHNLove in number two position. The same article also gave the number one BEST International dating site. That was chinalovematch. That's how I got here.

#2012-04-07 03:56:54 by EddieG @EddieG

Thanks for informing us of scams such as this one John. After reading this letter from the member and your comments I can say that I think what has happened to me here on CLM could never happen for anyone at Asian Beauties. In the short time I have been a member here I have had contacts with at least 30 or 40 ladies, most were attractive and many were just beautiful and I have met one special and beautiful lady who I spend hours with chatting on Yahoo about every day. We chat on yahoo so as not to be disturbed by chat invitations here on CLM. I am in love with her and I think I will win her heart also. We talk about our deep feelings and how we want to be together in person. It may be a while before I can make arrangements to bring her to the USA or for me to move to China. It doesn't matter to me where, as long as I can make her happy. I am now the happiest I have been in years, maybe ever in my life and I owe it all to CLM. Thanks so much for helping me to find the woman of my dreams, the woman I have been waiting for all my life. To any men who are reading this...stay away from Asian Beauties because the lady you have always wanted can be found right here on CLM. God bless you John.

#2012-04-07 04:24:12 by EddieG @EddieG

I forgot to mention that even though I have found the lady I was looking for here I will continue to use this site. Not to continue searching of course but to read the blog, emagazine articles...etc... There is much information here about Chinese ladies, cultural differences, etc that I and other male members can read to learn more about how to get along with and make his Chinese lady happy. Remember that guys, once you have found her you want to keep her happy..right? (If the wife isn't one is.) I also intend to promote this site elsewhere when I figure out how to do it. The commissions are generous. But it's not only for the commissions to be earned, I think it is a great place for like minded people to find each other from the opposite side of the world.

#2012-04-08 07:48:51 by kalzorch @kalzorch

Actually there is an US "laws governing the "International Association of Marriage Brokers", but their interpretation of it is just plain bogus. The law says that the broker is not allowed to reveal contact information, but the law does not forbid either interested party from revealing it. The law actually makes some sense, but their interpretation of it is clearly wrong and serves only to "justify" their business model.

#2012-04-09 00:53:08 by anonymous3373 @anonymous3373

I am going to post this anonymously to protect the chinese lady's identity that I am currently dating and who is the source of the information I am going to share here.

I also 'joined' AsianBeauties before finding CLM. I had done some online research on them and had found several, both pro and con, so I became active there with some caution. I had many of the same experiences of the person posting this topic. I couldn't believe all the stunning women on the site. I had so many to choose from. I narrowed it down to four ladies and started exchanging mails and chatting with them.

Because of my suspicions, I ask each of the four to take a picture of themselves holding something specific. Two of the four gave a really lame excuse as to why they couldn't do it, one got mad at questioning her honor, but the fourth actually sent the picture. Based on these results, I stopped communicating with the three that did not do as requested.

But it was also at this time I had discovered CLM and had decided to go there. I used my remaining credits trying to communicate my contact information to the remaining lady, but to no avail. Everything was always censored by their "translators". So I had resigned myself to starting the process all over again on CLM and losing this lady on AsianBeauties.

After two weeks on CLM, I could really see the difference between the two sites and knew I was finally at the place to find my Asian Beauty. Then one day, a miracle happened. I was looking to see what ladies were online on CLM and to my surprise, I see a picture of my AsianBeauties final selection, but under a different name. I initiated up a chat box with her to say hello, using her AsianBeauties' name. It took her a few minutes to recognize me, but we were able to start a new dialog in short order. I did notice that the 'flavor' of the chat was different, but I was still enjoying the conversation with her.

After a few months, we agreed to a meeting in Beijing. That time went very well, in fact, it could not have been better. It was like fate had been determined to bring us together. We have since become engaged and are working on her visa to come to the USA.

Now for my main reason to post to this topic. In the course of our chats, I finally got her to tell me the truth about her side of our AsianBeauties contacts. First of all, she did have to pay a fee to an agency for being listed on their site. If she married any man she met through them, she would be required to pay another fee to them.

None of the letters I received from her were written by her. They were written by someone in her agency. She was given a report by them on letters I wrote, but only a report, not the actual letters. All of the times that I thought I was chatting with her was actually someone at the agency. Again, she was given a report on the chats. Also, the picture that I ask for with her holding the object was actually photoshopped from another picture (she has showed me what the original photo looked like).

So, thank you CLM for being there for both of us. I would never have found the love of my life without you.

#2012-04-10 02:42:19 by EddieG @EddieG

Congrats to the anonymous member who actually found an Asian Beauties lady here on CLM and became engaged to her. That is simply amazing! I would have never thought it possible. The others who have commented here may or may have not been able to read between the lines here in my comments but I don't feel there is any harm in being truthful with like minded men here looking for a Chinese wife. I am the writer of the letter that was posted here and also the first anonymous commenter.

What the heck.. we're all here for the same purpose.. Right?

I was actually crazy over the girl I talked about in the letter that I had communicated with at Asian Beauties. Whether or not she was real will always be a mystery to me but even if I had known she was real I simply could not afford those outrageous fees so i came here. So far I haven't seen her here though.

As I said in my original letter, from time to time I still log in there just to see what kind of laughs I can have. Just yesterday I logged in and in about 5 seconds had a chat invitation from a beautiful woman (Penthouse Pet of the Month Material) with an opening line "Do you want to hold my legs up and..." LOL.. Now I ask any one here... Does that seem like a genuine Chinese "lady" who is looking for a committed relationship? Absolutely not! That is either a slut or some one who is being paid commissions for enticing some man that thinks with his "little brain" as John puts it into a long cyber sex chat session.

And now.. The search continues here on CLM.. I just don't think the relationship I spoke of in my previous comments is going to work out... But, there are hundreds more where she came from. And sooner or later I will find her here.

Also, in response to kalzorch.. Thanks for the information on the "law" in question.. Asian Beauties implied that the law prohibited the interested parties from exchanging personal contact information.

#2012-04-11 15:29:10 by anonymous3382 @anonymous3382

Thank you for bringing this site to public attention. I too was scammed by not only this site, but also I was a very lonely man, and saw these ads pop up on a google ad link. Thinking it was approved by google, i thought it couldn't be a scam. I paid close to $1500 on these sites. When i found a girl i really started to like, they insisted i chat to them through a translator, or on live chat, both of which cost money per minute. I thought this was the only real way to find love with an asian woman, and i didn't care how much it cost. But when my friends talked to me, and told me to look closer at it, i started to see the flaws. They talked to me in general terms, they never wanted to send me new or candid photos, only the glamour ones that are on the site. Also, i am not the most handsome man in the world, and i am 31, but i was getting letters from drop dead beautiful 19 and 20 year old women. When i confronted the "woman" i was talking to , they just stopped responding to my letters. I can see how these sites can target the vunerable. I am just glad i discovered before i lost more money, and i broke my heart again. Thankfully before i gave up i found CLM, and i found a woman that truely loves me. After i pay off the money i got scammed out of, i will be flying to Beijing to meet her. I am so thankful i found this site. I just hope my story of loss will warn off others from these sites.

#2012-04-13 23:38:12 by chic @chic

Hi, I'm reading this and I have to say I had met a scammer here. I have to say I'm a type of guy who is least thinking with the little brain as you call it. I'm very careful about giving out my personal information.As you probably can check I don't even post any pictures of myself in my profile. I'm very slow to spend the hard earned money and hardly leave my credit card information on any website. You could say I have safety built-in. But here is the story: There were pictures of a cute girl in the profile, she was in the place I should nake a business trip to very soon, so I decided to try to make a contact. She answered instantly and gave me her e-mail address, which doesn't happen very often. Also almost instantly she proposed myself to register in Yes :). I smelled a scammer diectly and even wondered if I should report her, but decided to check the website she introduced first, as I never heard about it before. Oh yeah! Hundreds of beautiful girls, not even ladies, but very young girls, very beautiful girls a lot of them with naughty photos. A paradise for a brainless male! Unfortunately none of them speaks English, but we can communicate if I pay for the translation of the mesage, 2 bucks each message or so :). Seems not very expensive, but I'm couting fast. I kept communicating with my lady by e-mail she left me. She was answering. She's not SO bad, one could think. But one day she asked me to send her flowers from gagamatch. Damn, she must have had some commision from that. I told her I'm coming to her city and I will bring flowers with me, but she insisted I should send them from gagamatch. Can you imagine that she didn't understood yet that I have my eyes opened? It's been couple of moths now I didn't try to contact her, I wonder if I should try to give her some hope. Honestly, I'm not even sure it's a woman, or just a man using some girls pictures.
Why finally I didn't report her was because I have found her in the scammer prison few days after I contacted her for the first time. Then pretended I know nothing, though her face was on the main page for a long time. She bought it, she believed I'm stupid.
I'm writing this for other, sincere guys, who might be not as careful as I am. Play stupid sometimes, just don't be stupid!
Good luck.

#2012-06-18 20:14:06 by gaspasser @gaspasser

I read your article with interest...I was on chnlove for a while which is the same as you described with Asian Beauties, only not quite as blatent. They require credit purchases as well, and you don't get to contact the women directly, you have to go thru their "interpreter". Fortunately I got out of it before I got too badly burned and discovered this website which has been real and genuine and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I discovered a real, down to earth lady here that I have been communicating directly with by both e-mail and phone, and I plan on going to China to visit her this coming October as she lives in northern China which has very cold winters. She loves me and I love her, and we plan to get engaged, and get married here in the states as she wants to come here to be and live with me here in my home in northern Michigan. She asked that I speak with an attorney here re. marriage laws there before I come there, but I was wondering if you might know of any other sources of laws re. a foreigner and a Chinese woman marrying, since you have a Chinese wife. Any info would be very much e-mail is: and I believe you have written me before re. me having to pay to marry a Chinese woman. I thank you, and have a great day.

#2012-07-20 04:29:44 by anonymous3968 @anonymous3968

I think that we all have to admit at one time or another that we have been scammed. Like everyone, I joined Asian Beauties (even after doing some research, both pro & con) and I did spend a lot of money, money that I wasn't worried about spending. At the time I was living on Okinawa and China was a short flight from there. My goal was to go to China meet a nice girl and bring her back to the states.

After loging on to Asian Beauties & receiving numerious letters, I selected one young lady from Shenyang and started writing letters. Everything went well until I told her that I was coming for a visit and that I wanted to see her. Suddenly she had a business trip that very weekend and no I couldn't just show up. We ended up talking that weekend she had her business trip and when I brought it up, the arguements began. Once biten but not I started another conversation with a different young lady from a different part of China and I could see the same pattern developing. Like the gentlemen before, I started asking for photographs and I did get a few pictures. After analysing them, they weren't of the same girl; different hair style, nose was a different shape. Twice bitten, but not shy....I still have some credits left. I start a conversation with a young lady who was a general manager at her fathers place of business. They organized new car shows, very interesting but way too young to be in charge. I asked for different photographs and I got a few different one. Then I noticed a blog site on one of her picture addresses. I pull up the site same girl, started sending her messages to the blog, no responses. Just for fun, I started to copy & paste photos and attachment them to my letters that I was sending via Asian Beauties. You should have seen the responses...where did you get this photo, accusations galore.

Like everyone I find the good site and am enjoying reading the blogs and looking for the perfect wife. I too look to see if I can find one of the girls from Asian Beauties on CLM but I don't hold my breath.

Looking forward to my next trip to China.


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