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Sex With A Good Book...Or Three    

By Ken Silver About Asia
5047 Views | 0 Comments | 7/18/2012 1:56:48 PM

You know the feeling? Romancing, shoot outs with the local drug cartel, stopping rogue generals from launching missiles at London…and talk about bringing back alive those pesky dinosaurs still hiding out in remote Borneo jungles! Southeast Asia is fun, but it can be tiring.

After weeks of all that sometimes I just want to shake the snakes out of my boots, kick Miss Southeast Asia out of my bed (literally), and relax with a really good book. One that truly gives the flavor of Thailand, Cambodia, and all the other marvelous countries I am so lucky to be a part of.

What to do?

Well, I could pull my clothes back on and head out the hotel door, prowling the delicious Bangkok night in search of that most exotic of vices over here; a good bookstore.

Or, I could get on the internet and order a good e-book. You can get mine, “String Theory-the Novel”, by Ken Silver, on Lots of laughs and exotic locales for you! I’ll pause a moment while you open a new tab and do so…

O.K., back again! The evening is young, so I hit the streets, giving a smile to the friendly doorman who always gives me warning when assassins from the Global Elite are coming my way. As always, this tropical city is bursting to the seams with movement and smiling faces. Ignoring the fragrant smells of curry and fish, moist warm air and car fumes, I home in on the vanilla scent that all book pages subtly contain.

Over there, about five blocks away, the storefront of Books Asia…

A Thai cabdriver hands me a piece of paper offering me a bubble bath and sponge wash by two beautiful young women. That’s the Thai version of assisted living, and I think all medical plans should include it. I smile, – no thanks,I’m into reading! – and keep walking.

Thailand is just wonderful! If I want, I can have a good massage, get a haircut, drink Thai tea, book a trip to Absolutely Anywhere, eat dinner, and buy a condo while walking from the main avenue to the middle of the block where the bookstore is.

In we go to the bookstore. Air conditioning! Smiling clerks who pay no attention to you least they lose track of their gossiping.

There are 3 types of paperback books available in new book stores in Thailand:

1 - The global bestsellers you can get in the States or at any international airport.

2 - A “treasury” (to put it sweetly) of confessionals by expat authors about Thai women. They range from the explicit - ‘Wham! The bar girls of Thailand’ or ‘Wham! My search for true love in the bars of Asia’; to the teary… ‘The bar girl I left behind’, ‘Bar girls read philosophy too’, and ‘My dog and my bar girl were both named LuvU!’

(Being in the profession –no, I’m not a bar girl- I’ve come to realize the above books are really vanity press – the authors pay for their hard copy publication and collect meager royalties. All for the glory of seeing some big bellied German expat ignore the book rack as he waddles over to the deli counter.

And 3 - what is known in the darker, dirtier parts of town as a “travel memoir”. About 5 writers out of roughly 2 million actually make money at this. Titles include ‘Journeys in the Land of Smiles’, ‘Clouds above the Temples of Cambodia’, and ‘Philippine Sunshine’. Authors include “Monsieur Open Heart”, “Mr. Humble Soul” and “The Happy Wanderer”.
Again, these guys pay for their book publication, and I bet they pay for sex too.

Moral of the story?

Write your own.

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