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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Self-criticism in My Secondary PMP Exam on 24th, March, 2012    

By Panda
3022 Views | 1 Comments | 4/30/2012 11:27:34 PM

Panda's score report

I got my PMP result on 25th, April. Although I passed the exam on 24th, March, but 3M2B score gave me a thump. I’m a team head, lead 7 members. My classmates were relied on me and another boy who were thought the best students by them. Someone asked me taking them to go to Hu Bei University every weekend. I called them together 4 times. We tided over the last three week-ends in cold class-room in Hu Bei University. A boy read PMBOK twice, had never done any exercises before the last three week-ends. He had to do these exercises on the last evening before our meeting, and even not finished all the exercises until we started discuss them next day. After our meeting, his emotion always came from top to low. He always expected our meetings on week-end, relied on high-hands giving him information about these exercises solutions. In the end, he got 2P3M score.

As their head, I not only gave them convincing argument of all exercises, but also translated about 90 English exercises from Cornelius Fichtner, a PMP coach who lives in USA, and shared all newsletters on our QQ group. I love these exercises and detailed explains. Until now I still download some exercises from Cornelius’ Linked-in, if only he published newsletters, although I had passed my PMP exam. My classmates even think that I can be a PMP coach. But all thought of high-hands’ results are not ideal, but nonentities got ideal score even not who believe. Even our teacher who attends every PMP exam in order to get the first information, he always got 5P or 4P1M score, but he just got 3P2M score this time.

There is a beautiful girl in our team I guessed who would pass the exam in her first try. So many beautiful girls had passed the tough exam on 24th, Sep., 2011. Although my 4M1B score was not ugly in the time, but I was fail on my first try. Maybe I am an old lady? But I was wrong, just our beauty had not passed the exam. So every our team member can’t get ¥400 money award, and I can’t earn my PDUs (Professional Development Unit), As team head, I must made all my members passing our PMP exam.

By the way, the highest score is 4P1M in China this time that also was owned by two young beautiful girls, one came from Nanjing, another one came from Suzhou.

I want to share Lessons learned here, I did Volume B...

Volume B 182: A remote item due to local market factors, leading to cost significantly less than the original estimate of cost. Project manager increased the resources in the budget to make the progress faster. I selected "Exploit" in the exam. I checked PMBOK page 305 after my exam, I found the author of the question who try to examine us this sentence: "Examples of enhancing opportunities include adding more resources to an activity to finish early." So this question should select “Enhance”.

It seems to be behind the question, 189:. ... In order to enhance the chances of a positive risk, Project Manager hired an expert ... I chose "Enhance" in the exam, as seen in stem "enhance". In fact, the author try to examine us page 304 this sentence: "Examples of directly exploiting responses include assigning an organization’s most talented resources to the project to reduce the time to completion or to provide lower cost than originally planned." So this question should select “Exploit”.

Self-criticism: Learning PMBOK Strategies for Positive Risks or Opportunities, I had no distinguished the difference between these two verbs after repeated deliberation, not deeply understand the difference of the two examples. Both of these examples, the purposes are the same, is to complete the task as soon as possible, to gain a greater advantage. But literally understood, "Exploit" refers to exploit new roads or things, and "Enhance" refers to the original on the basis of the increase. The two means are not the same.

Back to question 182, without an increase in resources, costs are also automatically dropped. If a little more resources on this basis, and within the budget, the progress would be faster than the original, which is clearly based on the original promotion, PMBOK called it: Enhance.

Question189, is clearly in the "Exploit" of a new money-making opportunities, the chance you do not take the initiative to “Exploit”, it will not appear.

Brain-storming VS Delphi

Project manager convened experts and team members to identify risks, required each Member to have their opinion on the wall, recorded risks. What tool or technology did the project manager use? Answers: Brain-storming, Delphi technology, Interview, etc.

Our teacher selected Brain-storming. He explains: the stem told us all members in a meeting, not back-to-back, question and answer is not one-to-one, so only selected Brain-storming. Meet the stem do describe? Yes, Brain-storming can do like this.

I selected Delphi. Affixed opinions to the wall, I think it is anonymous. If you brainstorm, you could say well, people together, directly speak is very convenient, right? Write comments to the wall some more trouble, right?

There is the toughest question about Earned Value Management which appeared in 24th, Sep., 2011. I also share it here...

A project has a budget of 1000$ and schedule 10 days. When 1st, Dec. 70% of the work is finished and a total of 600$ spent. If promote 50% of the efficiency, how many days will the project be complete?

A, 11 days; B, 12 Days; C, 13 days; D, 14 days.

Above was the question on 24th, Sep. 2011 in China

Our teacher's solution: SPI=1+50%, Time to complete=10days* (1-70%)/150%=2days, the project will take TOTAL 12(10+2)days to complete.

In fact, original SPI (Schedule Performance Index) had not been given in this question. But I found this sentence in P182 of PMBOK:" The EVM (Earned Value Management) schedule variance will ultimately equal zero when the project is completed because all of the planned values will have been earned." So our teacher thought the original SPI=1, later SPI=1+50%.

Conclusion: There is a sentence in Chapter 10 PROJECT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT of PMBOK:" Effective communication creates a bridge between diverse stakeholders involved in a project, connecting various cultural and organizational backgrounds, different levels of expertise, and various perspectives and interests in the project execution or outcome." So we all learn PMP who get to a common view, different languages are not determination of our communications. PMI (Project Management Institute) doesn't try to test our English levels. If only Chinese translation hasn't evident different interpretations, common Chinese students can all understand. Culture backgrounds are more important than languages. Respecting different Cultures that is the most important thing in communication.

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#2012-05-01 07:55:02 by anonymous3459 @anonymous3459

Congrats on your PMP exam. May we now call you Big PMPin' or the PMP Mistress? You go girl!

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