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Online Flirting Sans the Chinese Woman    

By John Abbot
1810 Views | 2 Comments | 7/22/2015 2:19:15 PM

This wannabe pickup artist has a long way to go!

Okay, you're on a chat with the service department of some vendor, you know the girl yu are talking to has the name "Jessica", and that reminds you of a cartoon rabbit that was once the dream girl of every guy who had the slightest trace of an imagination, and suddenly in the face of insurmountable odds you find yorself having a little fantasy. It can happen to any guy, right?

Sure it can, but you do have to draw the line before you find yourself in some kind of quicksand which prevents you from recognizing just how pathetic you've become. Read below for the ugly conversation that followed on the footsteps of the initial mild flirtation above. Were any of us ever this pathetic?

Well frankly, yes, I was. I can't speak for the rest of you.

If you're gonna flirt online, and you're serious about finding a long-term partner, then make it count! Meet and date  the genuine and remarkable Chinese women of CLM and flirt with real women who care!  Women who will actually think your outrageious flirting is somehow "cute", and not the early stages of stalking.

I'm just saying...

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#2015-07-25 12:57:20 by sandy339 @sandy339

hehe, John I don't think outrageious flirting is somehow "cute", I highly suspect the sanity and menality of such kind of guys, I immediately put it into weirdo category, and try to avoid them:)

#2015-07-25 23:21:17 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@sandy339 - sure, but you are a very unique individual, and I think you are very comfortable in your own shoes. I think most of us, including Chinese women and Western men, think being flirted with is a huge compliment and can't resist it.

But when you are flirting blindly with someone you can't see, and are clearly not chatting with for any social reason, but simply as part of a business transaction gone wrong, your flirting reeks of desperation and weirdness. I agree with you there 100%.

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