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Marriage Can Be a Bitch, but it Doesn't Need to Be Like This    

By John Abbot
1868 Views | 7 Comments | 7/21/2015 2:32:39 PM

Do not spend 20 years with a wife you hate. dump her and move on to a Chinese life mate.

Hats off to you if you survived being in a relationship/married to a hateful life shattering spouse like this guy has! You deserve something better, like the love of a good Chinese woman. Go meet one now, mate!!

I am not saying this lightly, nor am I suggesting that many women are like this fellow obviously feels his wife is, but we all know of someone who is walking in this guys shoes. All I can say is if you are one of them then it is time to get yourself out of that sorry state.

Remove her picture from your wallet, drop it in the garbage and her to the curb, and move on to live the rest of your life in a better place, and eventully with a better person.


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#2015-07-22 10:30:09 by Barry1 @Barry1


Congratulations John, I notice you've published over 100 articles now.

Although at 892 comments in total made on them, you're still running well below my 1650 comments from 53 articles. Maybe you should contemplate writing on more spicey issues, such as throwing poop out of a window or the difficulties associated with toilets in China! (giggle)

People may scoff at some of the controversial subject matter in my articles but at the very least, it promotes a reaction from people, breaking them out from an apathetic complacency - no bad thing that an an editor, I'm sure you'd agree! (rofl)

#2015-07-22 12:45:46 by ferlo @ferlo

@ John Abbot, Actually he is in love with her, marriage is not a bed of roses it has it ups and downs a man like you John with the experience you have should know that is that photo a comfort for him, I don't think hes a masochist he just looking for a self punishment.
About the tradition of the Chinese females, well I have read some stories of the woman of high rank like the Empresses and the were deceitful infidel and even had children from other man who was not the Emperor. If this is tradition even in the high society what we can aspect from common people. I have a book about the words in Chinese that are not written in the dictionaries, in this book they give tips about the slang and cursing word and also how the females get offended when sex is mention even they are divorce and some had two or three lovers. This books criticize for this behavior, if they really were very traditionalist how come China has 1 billion 350 inhabitants are they produced by spores?

#2015-07-25 13:39:27 by sandy339 @sandy339

It is funny, but I don't know what to say(shake)
Should I say WOW John you are encouraging divorces? or
Should I say Thanks John for there might be more divorced guys here? or
Should I say to those guys Come on in we might be better than your current wives?
hehe, which one is proper? I am not sure...(wasntme)

#2015-07-25 23:25:19 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Barry1 - yes, you are the comment receiver of all time, no question. However, it doesn't hurt that you are also the comment maker of all time. Which, in my opinion, just means you are doing a whale of a job as a blogger. I wish the rest of us had your tireless energy and your professional attention to your blogs. It is to be admired. (clap)

#2015-07-25 23:27:38 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@ferlo - I think you are right that this man "loves" his wife, but to love someone you are prepared to publicly declare is a psycho seems to me to be a very unfortunate and twisted kind of love. He is still better off to be done with it.

#2015-07-25 23:30:11 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@sandy339 - probably all you can do in this case is laugh, but yes I am encouraging divorces for people in relationships with "psychos". Otherwise it can only eventually end in murder, and who needs that kind of messiness. :x

#2015-07-26 11:57:27 by Barry1 @Barry1


"you are the comment receiver of all time, no question. However, it doesn't hurt that you are also the comment maker of all time"

Thanks for this, John.

But I have one very simple rule that I tend to follow, as far as making comments are concerned.

That is, I simply reply to other people. Just as I'm doing now to you.

If someone goes to the trouble of writing something more or less directed to me, even if negative, then I think it's a matter of simple courtesy that a response be given.

It's all so very simple really, isn't it? (wasntme)

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