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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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Love Has No Life Span, No Limit - 爱情没有寿命,没有极限    

By Xin73
11292 Views | 32 Comments | 9/7/2012 1:26:34 PM

First order - Everyone knows that a worthy of love and is not very easy to find, the world is so big, sometimes people might take years of time, even decades of time to look for this person, this look for of the process is very hard, which can also have trouble, grief, lose, hesitate,once you find don't give up easily. And in this article: wish CLM all members, The lovers finally got married!

The life is alive, love depends on fate, fate come and go, not necessarily need shall be investigated for who is right and who is wrong. Love and do not love and who can say clearly? The true love is a kind of persevering long and stable emotion, and only time is the touchstone of the love, only extraordinary and refined love can withstand the test of time. Therefore, if we met a stand the test of time love, be sure not to miss, that may be your life is difficult to meet a true love. If we love each other, then will learn to love,stick to love, cherish the love, "I grasped your hand " changes to pledge for each other's happiness.

Some fate is doomed to lose, some fate is never have the result, love a person do not necessarily have to have. If you love the people to give up you,please let go of yourself, let own have the opportunity to love others. Some things you again like will not belong to you,Some things you nostalgia also destined to give up. In life there are many kinds of love, but don't let love become a kind of hurt. If you really love a person, but can't guard mutually, You have to remember: love a person is not certain to get. Let go, and watch each other's happiness, is also a kind of true love.

True love should be tolerant and understanding. Love is not a possession, not pay how many can get much equivalent exchange. Sometimes we taste the bitterness of lost love, Need to understand that letting go is also a kind of love. only in this way, you will not for their own persistent confusion, not for their own delusion painful, can really get affordable, to put next. Only in this way, when you meet the birds and fish story, to be able to grateful the love of the beautiful, and not to cannot be together and sad pain.

This is an sentimental story, the bird and fish is the main protagonist.

There is a fish live in the sea, it is every day constantly swim to swim. One day, There was a stray birds fly over the sea above, It is very tired, It is looking for a piece of land in the sea, the fish in the water feel surface light becomes some dim, looked up at the sky, So, fish and bird's eye interweave together. Lonely fish and stray birds each other deeply attract each other.

The bird told the fish about the vast sky, about the vast land, fish tell to birds to describe the deep ocean, They open a door for each other unknown yet colorful window; they also have a lot of common topics: each morning's clouds at dawn. every evening sunset, every night the stars, every minute in the air the taste, the trees, the land, the sea, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter...... They deeply love each other. After so long, they think this lifetime so together, the birds can forget flying sky, the fish can forget to swim across the seabed.

Who says the fish and bird can not be together?

One day, the birds see other birds fly, it remember of the sky, it asked whether fish would like to feel the wind with it from the side through freedom, fish look at oneself fin didn't speak. and one day, fish in order to avoid the storm, diving deep into the water, in the sun again, it excitedly asked whether the birds see water coral beauty, birds can only look at sparkled in the water wry smile.

They know the birds and fish is not together, Although love each other, but the fish, after all, is to live in the water, and the birds flying in the sky. birds eventually left the sea, and never came back, it does not know, fish is also no longer return to this piece of the sea, They are carefully avoid that the past, that birds and fish story.

In our life, have predestined relationship cognition and love each other is happiness, but not every love will have a happy ending. Causal metempsychosis, and the earthly restrictions, We always see some of the sad end of love. Cupid's arrow let our love is have gotten , and take root germination. However, only loyal love is not enough. life was be doomed the love tribulation. Just like that birds and fish story, Although they can't mutually guard life, but they once had love each other deeply.

I believe in love, and desire to love, but I can't put the efficacy of love too exaggerated. even the most sincere love to finally be attributable to the dull, passion warm love can't mutually guard a life, or the impossible love of a life-long full passion. I want to learn from the most ordinary life to feel love, to cherish love. and not in vain to pursue never destroy passion. The warm and sweet, eventually arrived but mutually guard life the insipid quiet. Life is too short, load don't move too much demand, only attributable to the plain, can be savored the details of love.

If you can and own lover, in sunset glow under depend on each other and hand in hand to see floating clouds, to see wandering fallen leaves; In the wind and rain to face them together of lofty sentiments . this true not the greatest happiness in the world?

Postscript: I am with the extremely chaotic mood to finish this article, do not know the contents of the article is the explanation for others, or self-comforting? birds and fish can't never together but love each other deeply,as a senior animal human us,in the vast world acquaintance to mutually love, why don't know each other cherish the hard-won fate?

Not everyone has the fate, also not every one can take to find fate. Life is too many unknowns, an idea, a decision, often may have or miss a fate.

When you walked into my blog to see this article, hope you can understand my mood.
















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#2012-09-07 15:51:02 by shlshl @shlshl


#2012-09-07 16:17:32 by sisi0923 @sisi0923


#2012-09-07 20:30:50 by aussieghump @aussieghump

I wonder, is it enough for the bird and the fish to meet each other daily, to bask in each other's stories of wonder in their own world, but never really be able to enter each other's world?
Is it enough for the fish to dive deeper, and the bird to fly further to impress each other with tales of what the have seen?
Is it enough to just 'be' what we are but share a deep common bond?

Should a bird be forced to become a fish, or a fish a bird?

Are we really that different anyway?

#2012-09-08 03:46:08 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

Ok, at the risk of sounding... "unromantic" or turning some girls off to my line of thinking... ( if you are writing me right now and strongly disagree with what I say, just assume Im playing devils advocate and dont really belie e any of it, lol and keep writing me.. I dont want to put my digital foot too far in to my mouth!). But Im going to have to call Gou Pi (dog fart/bullschitte) on all this mushy fate crap. My parents are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary this year and my grandparents were in love until the day they died.. If you didnt believe it, the heartbreaking look in my grandfathers eyes each time he would ask where my grandmother was and have to be retold that she died and he just didnt remember because of his alzheimers would tell you just how in love he still was with her even though she was gone... You could argue fate put them together.. But i think not.. Playing golf with my uncle is what brought my dad home to meet my mom.. I love my uncle Keith... Hes like another father to me... Lol but hes not the hand of fate.

Both my pRents and my grandparemts at different times told me what brings you together and keeps ypu together and in love and passionate about each other is just plain old hard work. There are lots of times that you just dont want to put up with your significant other's crap. They are grouchy, or pms-ing or being selfish... Or going on and on and on about some mundane issue from their work that you dont want to listen to again for the seventh time but you remind yourself... "i love this person and our relationship is important and even sacred to me and so i wil put up with all of their baggage and I will remember birthdays and anniversaries and do special things for them and take or make time to shut the world out and just be together because you want to conyinuosly feed and reignite each others passion... So many of you act like passion has to be fleeting and just accept it... You work at it.. You can build it, like a fire. You keep feeding it little pieces of kindling till it grows and becomes avraging fire and then you KEEP feeding the fire so that it never goes out. Hard work to keep a fire burning for forty or sixty years? Yeah, im sure it is but Ive seen it done.

And I dont believe you have one true love out there either and fate will bring you together if youre lucky. Bull shit! You gotta find somebody and build that relationship, feed that kindling and blow on it, lol blowing always helps the fire ;o) but the point is its still work.. Its still up to you. I dont care if you think youre traditional and think somebody is supposed to "find" you... Girl friend it doesnt work that way or you wouldnt be here.

We arent fish and birds. We are all people who can swim or fly... Or do whatever else it takes to cross the sea and cultural barriers to be together in the same world. You just have to get up and DO IT.. GAO baby, GAO!!

Not to bag on Confuscious or the tao or wherever all this fatw crap came from but T.E. Lawrence (thats Lawrence of Arabia if you didnt watch the movie)said as a rebuttle to his Muslim brothers in arms constant claims about everything being written or fated one way or another and their resignation to that, "Nothing is written but that which we write for ourselves". In other words, you make your own fate...

#2012-09-08 20:14:57 by TimG @TimG

Tyler, I think you might be missing the point.

There are practicalities in life and those practicalities do influence how love is experienced. However, love also influences practicalities and drastically impacts how life is experienced.

I have been fortunate to have felt deep love - the kind that makes people write poems, draw, and sing. I still cannot put it into words nor do I wish to. If I am fortunate again in life, I will not care whether love arrives through a practicality or through serendipity.

While I agree that there isn't simply 'one' out there, it is rare enough to be very precious indeed. However, I also think that true love's rarity is a function of the type of society the modern world has become. We are no longer masters of true love ... most of us are amateurs at best ... so much so that some no longer believe it exists.

Just my thoughts for whatever they are worth.

#2012-09-08 20:27:54 by anonymous4286 @anonymous4286

Tyler72, check this out...from Terminator 2: "The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves." lol

#2012-09-09 03:16:22 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

Well TimG, then I wish you luck and hope the fates have woven another true love into the tapestry of your life... But I for one am going to actively seek out someone I can work hard with to build a love for ourselves an epic love to last through the ages, lol, i dont think I miss the point at all, but as was so wisely restated in T2 (nice quote Anonymous). We make that future.. My point is much of the mushy poetic love prose I see posted here ( albeit more from the ladies) seems to take a very passive role in how this love comes about, a waiting for it to happen to me instead "im going to go out and grab love with both hands and make it happen" tone. Putting yourself out there, herem on the web site is of course the first step, but you have to be proactive and follow up with the rest of the journey, make it happen...

#2012-09-09 10:32:47 by lzp120130 @lzp120130


#2012-09-09 11:58:55 by xin73 @xin73

Hi shlshl & sisi0923


#2012-09-09 13:21:49 by xin73 @xin73

Hi Garreth
First, thank you for reading and commenting.
Birds and fish is a classic sentimental love story.Who said, birds and fish love is desperate, maybe have a happiness, However, all the gorgeous are dull to end, All the romance are sad for a home to return to, I believe, but not forgotten.
After all, they have two completely different circumstances of life, destined not to come together. In our life of love, oneself through just like a bird or a fish experience,Let us have infinite emotion.
People live a lifetime, and others meet, Just single by a kind of predestination, not necessarily have a clear ending,
Because in this world, it will have too many encounters completely different people, From meet to helplessly discrete,seasons are volatile.Like birds and fish, is doomed to regret , therefore does not need too much sadness.

We are in the same world, but in a different window, overlooking the different years of life, feel life of oppression.I hope everyone love don't like birds and fish left behind eternal regret.

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