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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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Hand In Hand 牵手    

By Meg
7533 Views | 9 Comments | 5/25/2012 11:41:03 PM

Is that a real Gentleman? we women always wonder....

Hand in hand, what does it mean?

Hand in hand indicates that he identifies with you, he accepts you, and he wants to protect you and wants to make progress with you. But, hand in hand itself doesn't have deeper meaning, if you don't think it is the right time yet. Because, just like people say life is just a play, you will be played with if you are not careful.

Hand in hand, for me, it means I accept him, with his commitment. In net sea, with the rain and wind, floating and fluttering, we met, without excessive sentimental, without unreal vaporous breath, everything seems so natural and insipid. Till that day, while I was waiting for him among the people, suddenly, he came to me like a whirlwind, I hadn't had time to come to my mind, he had already stretched out strong hands. Till then, I could feel my heart beating like a small rabbit.

Meeting and Understanding Each Other

Buddha says, five hundred years will give you a chance to go pass someone. Now, we meet, it's really fate. Just like the bare rocks, his face has been left too much vicissitudes of life. It made me guess, so deep character, maybe he feels too tired for life? or I will feel tired for it? However, how many men can own this character in the world now? The biggest and farthest distance is the distance between two hearts in the world. Perhaps, I am not sure when or where, while we were looking far into the space from the two poles, we both walked along the milky road to the same way and goal, for each other.

Children & Parents

People say, and even sing, all the parents are the same in the world. I can't agree with it. I even don't want to talk about the differences between eastern and western. For more than 40 years, I have been very lucky, my parents love me, care me and help me. People also said, I am a good daughter. But, when I see him how to respect my parents, care for my parents, only I know how shame I am. At the same time, turn around to look at our children, they will behave like a wild horse , just a bit carelessly. Our duty and obligation is so heavy and important, we can not hesitate and neglect a little bit. Or, it will delay or hurt our children's all life. So, it's not so much to teach our children to grow as a person, rather than let's grow with our children together. With this consensus, I think, nothing is difficult for us.


When we walked along the West Lake, people would come up to greet with smile. While we were buying a goose and food in the market, a stranger came to greet, she said," your man is so handsome." I only smiled. I have a shortcoming, I won't speak beating around the bush. I told him directly, "Only when you smile, you look nice."

Happiness may be very simple, hand in hand, have a peace life.


牵手, 意味着什么?

牵手, 说明他认同、接受你了,想保护你,想跟你可以做更进一步的发展; 但牵手本身没有什么更深意思,如果你觉得还不到时候, 因为,人们说生活如戏, 稍不小心,你就会受人戏弄.

牵手, 对我来说,代表着我的接受和他的承诺. 相遇于网路, 风雨中, 一路走来, 飘飘摇摇, 没有过多的矫情, 没有虚幻的巧言令色, 一切都那么的自然, 平淡. 直到有一天, 当我还在人海中翘首期盼, 突然, 他旋风般走到我面前, 还没来得及回过神来, 他已经向我伸出有力的双手.这时, 我才感觉自己的心跳,恰如小兔子般.

相识 - 相知

佛曰: 前世五百年的回眸才换得今世的擦肩而过. 我们能相遇,确实是缘分. 恰如裸露的岩石,他的脸上过多地印上了生活的沧桑, 让我猜想, 如此深沉的个性, 是否太累人呢? 然而,拥有如此性情的真男人又有几何?人世间,最大而又最远的距离莫过于心于心的距离。也许,不知道从何时起,当我们从地球遥远的两极遥望着星空,我们就奔着同一个方向,踏着银河铺开的路为对方而走来。

孩子 - 父母




幸福也许很简单: 牵手在一起,平安过一生.

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#2012-05-25 23:50:20 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Meg, in answer to your question you posed in the top photo above (members place and hold your cursor over the top photo to see the text) your new friend certainly appears and sounds to be a gentleman. We hope he knows how lucky he is to have met a great lady like yourself, and we hope he proves to be an equally great guy for you. I would say he'd better prove himself worthy because you have a lot of friends on CLM he'll have to deal with if he lets you down:-).

Seriously though, it's a long road yet from a promising relationship to a committed, life long one, but we wish the very best for two of you as you follow that road, and we wish you the greatest success in reaching the end together. Cheers, John

#2012-05-26 13:08:56 by smile01 @smile01

Nice article ,nice smile .

#2012-05-26 13:30:09 by bridget @bridget

“前世五百年的回眸才换得今世的擦肩而过” --说得对啊,都是惜缘人。
“有缘千里来相逢,无缘对面不相识” -- 每一个寻找真爱的成功故事都让人感叹,让人振奋!...
-Fate brings people together from thousands miles away, but one may fail to make the acquaintance of somebody even when they are face to face!

#2012-05-27 11:22:14 by kasey @kasey

Meg,you and him are happy and lucky,congratulations.

#2012-05-28 18:42:03 by luck6210 @luck6210

Hand in hand,that's any person's dream,anyone wants love.

#2012-05-29 09:55:43 by meg @meg

Thank you,my dear friends :-)

As a common woman, I have been trying to find a man with the same level on life and family value, now, he is here. it makes us feel content and happy,though there will be some time to go.

Best wishes to you all.

#2012-06-24 15:34:38 by chenghaimei963 @chenghaimei963

Congratulations! Happy family

#2012-07-02 22:39:35 by phonix001 @phonix001

Wish you all the best in future!

#2013-02-25 16:24:02 by hzyhkelly @hzyhkelly


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