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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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A wisp of emotion    

By Xin73
12488 Views | 35 Comments | 1/21/2013 3:55:25 PM
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#2013-01-27 22:43:26 by Johnny @Johnny

Keep writing !! You have a gift .

#2013-01-29 11:54:01 by xin73 @xin73


#2013-01-29 20:12:41 by zhangxiujin @zhangxiujin

"这一刻,我多想在你的掌心刻下永恒的爱恋,在这寒冷的冬季给你的心里增添一丝温暖。如果今生有缘,让我在最美的年华,以我三世永恒不变的承诺,许你一世温暖的爱情。"------ 哇,如此情怀,怎一个“美”字了得!!

#2013-01-29 22:32:54 by destiny1 @destiny1


#2013-01-31 00:51:13 by TimG @TimG

^_^ Fleeting or solid, love is such a beautiful thing.

#2013-01-31 18:17:44 by xin73 @xin73

Thank you for always to my attention and blessing and reminders.
I bless you and I hope you cherish your love.
I know what you want to say,but let me tell you what is true love in here .
True love is in fact the two sides will free often turn into rational beautiful constraint.And put his life the most precious free for as sacrifice dedication to each other, use lifetime the cherish unreserved exhaustive releasing. In the course of life people will meet many emotions, seem to like a beautiful love, but those who really make us palpitate with excitement love may be so only one, rather than everywhere can be met, if such that is not love, that is a kind of to the opposite sex chase,just for parochialism the sexual rescue,it is not love! Those who casually say love to you the people you will instantly accept their love?In fact both all not, it is just a short story is full of lies, and it is a dirty ashamed to not dare overt sordid .
Love needs the test of time and experiences. It is a kind of opposite sex between mutual appreciation or even a worship the blend .That kind of feeling should be a no hide emotional catharsis.Rather than only for the other side the sexual feeling,that is a kind of use love to hidden shameless!
In your life you have a few times so let you palpitate with excitement of love?Maybe just once, maybe several times, but you say you have many times, then me tell you,you are abuse feelings, that is not love.
True love in life perhaps only one,only rare then precious.

#2013-01-31 22:21:12 by xin73 @xin73



#2013-01-31 22:25:14 by xin73 @xin73


#2013-02-03 17:29:13 by sandy339 @sandy339


So happy to hear your story, I wish you enjoy your happy life now. I don’t know what situation you two are now, at any situation we need to protect ourselves mentally and physically I think. Afterall, all is well that ends well. Congratulations!

#2013-02-04 00:23:18 by Grace172 @Grace172

Sorry for the late reply, because I have been busy in my winter course. Thank you so much for your kindness. Yes, I am in a committed relationship with my American boyfriend now. I have told my story in my comment before. We did not begin from CLM. We started our relationship as pen friends many years ago. As we communicated with each other more, our feeling grew and then fell in love. But two years ago, someting happened and broke our relationship. I was so sad those days. last year, after I registered on CLM, I suddenly got his call. He told me that he felt so bad that he had problem with his new relationship. I had to listen to his problem and trying to give him some advice to solve his problem. He admitted that he had made a hasty decision that resulted in a terrible mistake. He felt terrible for that and said sorry to me and hoped me to continue our relationship. After a few months thought, I decited to give him a chance. Because I still love him and feel easy being with him.
I am happy every day but I think not because of him nor because of money. I am happy just because I enjoy my life. After I have experienced the extreme heat and cold in the life, I have learned how to accept my fate. I know that when I am alone, not mean that I am unlucky, when I am in relationship with someone I love, not mean that I am lucky. Because I would never know what happen in the future. So no matter what situation I have, I just accept it and enjoy it.
I wish you and all people here are happy in Chinese new year. And have good luck in new year!

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