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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Yuan Fen + Equation to Find Life Mate?    

By Panda
4983 Views | 2 Comments | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM

YuanFen: The people of superstition think that predestined affinity or relationship; (in a broad sense) lot or luck by which people are brought together; possibility of affinity between people or between people or tetween people and things.

In fact, the ture Chinese intellactuals don't believe it. CaoXueQing had distinguished the three items of Love, Marriage, Sex in HongLouMeng(Dream of Red Mansions). JiaBaoYu loves LingDaiYu, but he is just lascivious with LingDaiYu in his dreams. JiaBaoYu appreciate girls deeply, he said:" women are made of water, and men are made of soil. I feel refreshing as soon as I see girls, but feel dirty when I see men." So the feeling between LingDaiYu and JiaBaoYu is called Love. However, the marriage of JiaBaoYu and XueBaoCai were called YuanFen of previous life. But this marriage ended with tragedy. BaoYu renounced the family to become a monk. XuePan who was a licentious guy. XueBaoCai's brother XuePan who just like sex.

Great writer CaoXueQing distinguished very clear of Love, Marriage and Sex before 300 years in Qing dynasty. He didn't believe YuanFen, eulogize beautiful Love, and felt pain for destroy of beautiful things.

I appreciate Love, hate the saying of YuanFen.

We don’t talk about Love and Sex, just talk about finding life mate. Yes, all single men and women hope to find a perfect life mates. So CLM uses a mathematical equation to match every member. Input the proper information—interests, hobbies, personality, political/religious views and favorite vacation spots—and out comes the ideal match. But these informations are not enough for Chinese ladies, they need YuanFen as well.

Yuan Fen that is an arrangement of fate. Fate has brought us together. There are large number of literature works, television dramas and films which all use “Yuan Fen” be their topics, and deduce many vivid love stories. “May all lovers under heaven unite in wedlock” had become the classical summary for Yuan Fen.

Tao emphasizes “An Ming”(submitting the arrangements of fate) as well as pursuing “Xiao Yao”(the extent of free and unconstrained). This kind of free usually relates to the desires and utilitarianism which overstep perceptions in Tao, so there is the aesthetic interests.

In my opinion, YuanFen or Mathematical Equation which all have been passed down provide us with formulas for feeling. To encapsulate the complexities of our daily lives within these formulas inevitably involves some sacrifice of complexity, but the results remain singularly gratifying. This condensation leaves the feelings stronger, surer, solidified by the weight of several thousand years of experience. Harmony between individuals and their environment is the happiest of occurrences, and a large part of what makes up that environment is the habits and customs of the masses.

Who isn't a dilettante or a dabbler when it comes to life?

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#2010-05-17 18:41:48 by alain18 @alain18

'Yuan fen' is destiny.
People believe that there is a higher equation somewhere that has arranged for each man, a person of the opposite sex that will be his complete utter complementary.
When you will have met him or her, your heart will know.
Just like when you will be struck by 'love at first sight', the lightning of which will pierce your heart.
I approve of people believing in 'Yuan Fen', it makes for hope, for a better tomorrow, it gives courage and optimism, that we are to keep on looking for 'him' or 'her', that there is someone somewhere who is THE SPECIAL ONE.

#2010-08-31 06:41:45 by simonsays123 @simonsays123

sorry, i think yuan fen is very fatalistic, it's about surrendering to an unknown if there is any, to an unseen cosmic force which prearranges our lives. if so, why is that people meet and marry through 'yuan fen' and then divorce? maybe that is part of the yuan fen cycle. i am more inclined to create my own life and happiness and if unsuccessful, so be it. of course, i can blame yuan fen it makes me feel better than i am not really responsible but that unseen surpernatural force that ensures that i fail in what i set out to achieve. it also gives people excuses not to do things e.g. work on their relationship. this then descends into a take-for-granted scenario - whatever will be will be and sadly is a cop-out. hope resides in us and not through an unseen force.

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