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You...Are Looking Good!    

By Ken Silver About Asia
4576 Views | 4 Comments | 6/3/2012 2:45:33 PM

Tell me, since when did being well dressed score more points than being good looking? Maybe I spend too much time in the gym and not enough time choosing the right brand of socks?

I was with a woman the other night who said I ought to put a shirt on over my t-shirt, because, after all it was fashionable to dress that way and she was –at this very moment!- being seen on the street with me. The traditional response to such remarks is an equally insensitive “Well, maybe I’m drunk and stupid now, but tomorrow I’ll sober up and be bright again, whereas you my dear will still look like crap.”

Needless to say, I said no such thing. She was buying dinner.

I suppose the answer to my question is that - (until this recent age of easy payment plan cosmetic plastic surgery )- looking good had a considerable marketing value, whereas you couldn’t sell much more than a set of barbells to make people good looking. That has all changed with the rise of cosmetic plastic surgery of course.

What’s my point?

Always look good!

Judging people on what they are wearing and how they are groomed is second nature to our one trick pony human society. It dovetails very nicely with social status and the feminine need to see cleanliness and self respecting predictability in a person. Judging people on whether or not they are good looking (or good hearted, for that matter) is a very double edged sword, best left to Brad Pitt and Lord Buddha.

And, believe me, tropical Asia takes a back seat to no continent when it comes to judging you on your appearance.

When traveling, whether you are about to meet in the flesh those you have met through this international dating web site, or just walking, like Indiana Jones, down the exotic night market street, always be more than just presentable. It’s easy to look good in Southeast Asia; there is always some local bazaar where you can pick up tropical attire, or get what you do have professionally cleaned. Manicures and pedicures are equally cheap, as are barber shops. (Find a barber shop that caters to males, a lot of beauty parlors have no idea how to give you a shave, and if their razors look like they were hastily pulled out of filthy boxes when you walked in, well, that’s because they were.)

Of course, the heat and humidity of tropical Asia tends to drain one, but darling, that is what fake smiles are for.

Clothing accessories count, also. At those same market stalls you can buy well crafted, uh, replicas of every cuff link, belt, wallet, sunglass and wristwatch ever seen in the fashion magazines. We’ve all heard the stories of people who get by for years playing doctor when they are in reality shoe store salesmen. It’s all in the white garments and badge label, its all in the appearance.

People take you to be who you present yourself to be.

You can’t be me, but, don’t be bitter! Just be yourself!

Just kidding!

Promise me you will always look in the mirror before walking out the door!

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#2012-06-03 13:02:25 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

You are looking good Ken, and the guy in the white shirt is okay too!

#2012-06-07 05:33:21 by danruble @danruble

I think that is the gang that used to hang at McFlys...Was that shot taken in Berkley or San Francisco?

#2012-06-24 23:51:15 by davidd @davidd

The girl in the picture is beautiful, is she your girlfriend?

#2012-09-16 00:40:45 by carber911 @carber911

No doubt impression is made in first 5 seconds, stature, dress, skin tone, weight, height, groomed vs scruffy, all play a role in presentation. Reality is the environment where 1st impression takes place is equally just as important as the rest said.

SO if your on the street you can get away with street clothes and what have you. If your witts are good you can even approach a local military official and ask for directions but dont say umm or call yourself a bummb because you might just embarrass yourself or other person.

it is advisable to know the culture and customes, by lowering your head, hand shake, pound, hug, kiss, kneeling, you can prove respect and in this world what good is money if you have no respect from or for people.

Now I treat a girl like a girl and a woman like a lady. I treat a begger to a pence and salesman to an imagination. So treat people the way you want to be treated and you will find all you could ever want and much much more!

Lucky for us englishmen (which i am not), english is spoken almost everywhere and if its not, dont worry theres an app for being that dumb too.

Now lets talk about people who cheat lie and steal. They usually come from behind, so watch your back and walk like an electric bolt. They dont look you in the eyes much, when words are many- lies are present, the steal because they think they have to and the pupils turn black.... lol im learning most asians have black hair and eyes so thats hard to tell lol

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