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Lily, originally from Sichuan province (home of spicy food), has lived in Zhejiang province since 2007. She has over 10 years of work experience in international companies in Shenzhen, using English daily; thus having a relatively good command of English. An honest, caring, communicative, appreciative and positive person, Lily enjoys reading, thinking, learning, listening music, nature & dogs. Continuous learning and self-improvement is her life-time goal. She will blog about: keeping a positive outlook on people, things and life; the importance of maintaining good-balance in all aspects of life; Know yourself and what you want before searching for and finding the one most suitable for you. Lily hopes to share her knowledge with others while also learning from them.
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You Can Heal Yourself    

By Lily
3141 Views | 7 Comments | 8/12/2014 12:04:48 PM

“You Can Heal Your Life” is a book related self-healing related with physical, mental and spiritual problems & written by Louise L. Hay. The author of this book has ever been with an unhappy past and a cancer patient. She cured herself on physical (disease) and mental pains through her own self-healing method. This is why she wrote this book and share with us on her own experience and learnings. Every disease is originally from some kind of mental or spiritual problem accumulation. Each of us is more or less with this or that kind of physical or mental or spiritual problem no matter if you accept it or not. Then we can more or less learn something from this book.

Today I don’t want to discuss or share more related with the mental or spiritual parts and physical instead. I want to say “you could heal yourself”, that means you could be your own doctor on most of physical problems(normal disease).I learn that from my own experience as followings:-

I used to suffer 5 years long steadily worse lumbar pains. At first 2 years, it was not very obvious and I only feel pains now and then. I regarded it as normal muscle strains due to too much of physical labor or symptom of emmeniopathy. When it hurt me badly, I went to hospital to have an inspection and take the X-ray checking but no problem found with my vertebra or inner organs especial the kidney. I got some medicine from the doctor each time. 

In the later 3 years, the pains was getting worse & worse and it lasted longer than before. I previously only feel pains when waked up in the morning until I got up. The pain is terrible like some air blowing up in my vertebra. Some beating on that area will make me feel better. I have ever tried the method of stir-baking medicine with salt solu-tion but seems only temporary relieve. 

Soon, I felt that pains in the day time like during cooking after longer standing or after physical labor like cleaning, moving something or even during the toilet time. I also felt neck ache when turn to the left or right side or layback, some leg or hand was numb or puff up sometime and these has never happened before. The worst situation was I felt dizziness, nausea and badly headache in the very end. I realized the situation is getting very worse & I must do something to stop it. 

I again checked the internet on all possible original sources that can cause a lumbar pains. There shown possible related diseases with inner organs especial kidney, Gynecological disease, hyperosteogeny, lumbar muscle strain, moisture intrusion or blood/stem blocking can cause lumbago. I applied all required testing and machine inspections to figure out the possible reason step by step. All reports related with kidney and vertebra are fine as previous. 

I brought these reports and first went to see the pains management doctor. The doctor suggested acupunctural to me and mentioned it may cause some of un-tolerable pains, expensive fee and may request several courses of treatment. The most highlighted remarks he released is that he can’t make sure how helpful the acupunctural could be for my pains. Sometime when all medical testing and inspection reports show everything are fine but the patient does have some disease symptoms, the doctor is same lost as we are. 

At this time, our routing awareness, memory, feeling, record, analysis and conclusion with the disease(symptoms of the disease) will be very important and helpful for us to figure out the possible reasons. After recalling, I concluded my pains should be originally caused by a lumber muscles strains, moisture intrusion and blood/stem blocking due to longer time sitting in the office. 

Acupunctural need an eminent doctor and paralysis will be possible from a unskilled operator(doctor) like an intern. Then I decide to go to the Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine Dept. for a solution on my pains. As per my understanding, for those non-critical, chronic & complicate disease, the traditional Chinese herbal medicine probably be a better choice as compared with those western medicine or treatment ways. 

When I entered the doctor’s room, there already be full of all ages people. Seems I have come the right place and right doctor on my pains from the large quantity of the patients. I was patiently and hopefully waiting for my turn. When doctor called my name, I immediately explain my pains, symptoms, the whole process and showed him all the testing and inspection reports. He was a little astonished by my “profession” that could prepare so details and complete reports in advance even if without his previous direction as given to almost all the patients. 

He beat my waist twice, ask if I feel pains and I say no. He confirmed no big problem with me and probably caused by lumbar muscles strains and sitting too long in the office. He ask me not be sitting too long at one time and I take his suggestion by now. I was a little disappointed with his conclusion since it is nothing special than my own one. When seeing my hesitation, he remarked I can have a further NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) but he don’t think has that necessity. Yes, I know that inspection is not good for the body and I give up that idea in mind. 

I realized he is a good and responsible doctor from his last remark. The core of his attention is always the patient and their diseases instead of how much he could receive as a bonus from the patients’ bills. He made a prescription on 7 days of Chinese herbal medicine on 1st course of treatment. I took back all the packs and sincerely pray in mind that miracle could happen to me…

In the coming 7 days, I carefully boiled and had the medicine as according to the direction. The taste & smell of the Chinese herbal medicine is always not good and sometime made me feel nausea and want to vomit. When think of the painful pains, I must drink up all of them each time no matter how bitter and weird the taste or smell was. It says” Good medicine for health tastes bitter to the mouth”. After finished 7 days treatment, I was feeling better but still not completely cured like I have ever expected in mind since I still feel pains sometime. 

I went to the doctor for the 2nd time and complained why I still feel pains. He did not react much except silently made the 2nd course of prescription. This time it cost me a lot nearly RMB500 which is very expensive as for traditional herbal medicine. I found many of scorpions in the medicine and that can give me a reasonable explanation why the 2nd course medicine is more expensive than the 1st one. 

The scorpion is one of the rare drug ingredients for traditional Chinese medicine and regularly used to eliminate toxin accumulated yearly in the body. It says “fight fire with fire”. When I asked if I need go back for the 3rd time after having all these medicine, the doctor confidently & firmly confirmed I don’t need to go back any more. It finally turned out his words is very trusty and my lumbar pains was completely cured after having all the 2nd course medicine. 

It has been 2 years by now and the doctor is always in my mind. When thinking of him, incalculable thanks & great gratitude to the doctor and myself will be arose from my heart. That doctor is one of those seldom responsible and professional doctors that I have ever encountered. I was also greatly impressed by how miraculous power the Chinese herbal medicine has to treat some stubborn chronic diseases… I am full of proud on I was born in such country China.

No matter how professional the doctor is, he/she always can’t know more or better on what you have went through & your disease than yourself. From this point, you are always your own 1st and best doctor. You can heal yourself. Only if you have to, please don’t too much count on a doctor or some medicine or the hospital on any of your pains or disease. On this, I have much experience but can’t be completely shared at one time here. 

To be happy & peaceful in heart, good mood, natural & nutritious food, healthy living way are helpful for you to keep the disease or pains away from you. Under any extreme situation for a long time will be doomed to bring us this or that kind of problem. Balance in life on all aspects more and more become important for us. 

Medicine can cure the disease but too much of them in the body within a long period or is fluently taken will destroy our immune system, decrease our appetite, enhance drug tolerance of the body & finally occur a dependency to that medicine. Thus a fata vicious cycle will occur within your body especial for those young age or old age person. You probably can’t stand up or recover forever after some time of hospitalization. 

Before having figured out what is the disease, that will be even more fatal for you. The harms to body decreases from chemo-treatment, antibiotics salt injection, antibiotics and all other peroral medicines. Please try your best to minimize possibilities on taking medicine or salty injection as possible as you can. Before the real reasons cause the disease has been checked out, please don’t easily & freely take any medicine or salty injection. What you only need to do is try all means to detect the real reasons..

The last, please always take care of yourself and no one except yourself will be responsible for your life.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-08-12 12:14:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

This is very interesting and a strong recommendation for the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine. The jury remains out for me on that issue, but I do strongly agree with you that we all need to do our own serious homework regarding any serious afflictions we suffer, and not rely to easily on the opinion of any one medical practitioner. I don't mean for trifling things like colds or minor cuts and wounds, but for anything that could have a long term effect on our quality of life, we need to stay in charge of our own destiny.

#2014-08-12 21:36:21 by Barry1 @Barry1

Thanks for this informative article, Lily.

The closest thing we have in the West to traditional Chinese medicine are our naturopaths. These folk look at illness and disease in ways different from conventional doctors. The problem though is that many conventional doctors don't regard naturopaths very highly and vice versa.

Chinese tradition medicines sadly have also have been responsible for some bad things, for example, the slaughter of certain animals, including some endangered species, in order to get so called medicines. For example, the rhino horn, which is shaved or ground into a powder and dissolved in boiling water, is used to treat fever, rheumatism, gout, and other disorders. This has resulted in the rhino being almost hunted down to extinction, a terrible situation. One could go on and on here.

In any case, an informative article, thank you Lily.

#2014-08-13 10:19:43 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


Hi John, thanks sharing, seems pains is a common problem for most of people in our ages especial for those office-sitting people. One of our European client has the very same pains as me and his mechanical injury on back & vertebra was occurred about 30 years when in army and not completely recovered at that time. He has tried many western treatment ways but not relieved. He finally adopted the Chinese acupuncture for several courses as according to my suggestion. Now he was almost recovered that can sit and walk.

For cold, I regularly keep some "999" at home so that take any of them in no time in case feel something like cold. Often take 1 or 3 packs, the cold will immediately stop and don't need go to the hospital to take the salty injection. For cold in winter, I have another suggestion like ginger coke. Maybe most of western people would not like try this way but it does good for your body and health...

Thanks John.


#2014-08-13 10:35:07 by jhcmm @jhcmm


#2014-08-13 12:43:16 by Nekko @Nekko

You might want to do some research on EFT.

This stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

You have to do your own research on the web. There is lots of free articles on the web.
Also on YouTube there are many videos posted.

You can find all the information you need on the web for free. You can do this at home for free. You can learn this quickly and easily. It is based on the Chinese Acupuncture system to allow energy to flow freely and thereby releasing energy not beneficial to the body, including memories long forgotten by the conscious mind but not the subconscious.

As Louise Hay says in the book the emotions can be the trigger to physical pain. Heal the mind heal the body.

Any questions just ask me.
You are in charge of your body, not a doctor. Take control and live happy and prosperous.

#2014-08-14 16:05:11 by zqy2014 @zqy2014

Thanks for your attention to my blog and your sharing with the EFT. I will check that in later time. Any questions I have about this topic, I will ask you.

Thanks for your attention to my blog too. I am interested in your mentioned naturopaths in western country. I have never heard of that kind of treatment but I do know the Chinese acupuncture including some Thai herbal treatment can't be found in some western countries like Switzerland. Regarding your feeling related with the endangered animals, I do can understand your feeling and emotion. Everything is with two sides of bad or good.


#2014-08-21 13:11:31 by Chicano @Chicano


good info on supplements and aging.

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