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Will LoveF and Fbear Make Chinese Dating Forum History?    

By John Abbot
2860 Views | 4 Comments | 8/6/2014 4:36:49 PM

Shanghai has the 2nd and 5th tallest buildings in the world, but in the world of Chinese dating, on CLM we're creating some tall buildings of our own.

There’s something quite amazing going on over in the CLM Forum, and I suspect that the CLM men may be pretty much unaware of it.  While we’ve all been watching the “adventures of Imi past” and the “adventures of Barry present” unravel in the blogs, there’s now another personal love adventure happening in the Forum capturing a ton of attention. This is the true story of the two month sojourn of LoveF into the Canadian city of Vancouver, to meet in real life, and to reside with, her online sweetheart, Fbear, and it is being told as it unfolds.

The reason why the men of CLM are largely unaware of it is that it is unfolding entirely in the Chinese language.  But with a little imagination and the use of the provided computer translation, it would not be a stretch for you men to learn more than you could have imagined possible from LoveF’s reporting of events as they unfold in Vancouver.

But besides the drama of the story itself, there are a few other bits of drama surrounding this Forum thread that I want to draw your attention to before I give you the links and you rush off to check the thread out, thereby ignoring the rest of my blog.

First, the thread, which is titled “loveF 和 F熊温哥华浪漫爱情直播” (Translated by Google to read “loveF and F bears live in Vancouver romance”), was not started by LoveF.  She simply posted two comments on someone else’s thread (or maybe one of her own started earlier) in which she reported on the initial stage of her trip. However, since we (CLM) and many of her fellow members had been pressuring LoveF to follow in Barry’s footsteps and do a blog series on her pending journey of the heart, and since she had ignored that request, a couple of our staff members decided to start a thread on behalf of LoveF, and then to post her lengthy comments on another thread on this new thread instead.

The entire content of the thread is simply这是专给loveF现场直播大楼,欢迎大家及时收看和点评 which roughly translates into “This is designed to broadcast live the LoveF building, all are welcome to visit and comment regularly.”

To be clear, CLM staff basically, with the very best of intentions, forced LoveF to unravel her story as it takes place to the utter enjoyment of all the Chinese women members, who all wanted desperately to have LoveF report on events, which she is now dutifully providing. In fairness to the staff members in question, they did ask me if it was okay to proceed with their plan. I reluctantly gave my permission, but my reluctance was because I thought we should start a blog for LoveF and force her to actually start blogging. However, the staff members thought that might be going too far, so they went with the thread.

Let me add that LoveF is a fantastic Chinese lady, has a sparkling sense of humour, and is one of the most remarkable contributors to our Forum, always making the most intelligent of comments, mixed with exquisite wit and charm, so we were quite confident she would see the fun intended in our little ruse, and would respond with joy. She has not disappointed us.

The second bit of drama is that the CLM Chinese dating Forum may well set a bit of history with this thread, if things continue as they are. As you all probably realize, while the Forum is popular with both genders, it is truly loved by the Chinese women.  There really is absolutely nothing like the CLM Blogs or Forum anywhere in the world of Chinese dating, and frankly, probably not in the world of Online dating period. A large number of Chinese ladies (and several Western men) have joined CLM after already being in relationships, and some even already married, because they love the blogs and forum.

This is especially true of the Chinese women though, including LoveF. She did not meet Fbear on CLM, but, as I understand it, met him through friends.  She came to us as someone wanting to participate on the forum, because she recognized it as the only place on the internet where a Chinese woman could actively communicate in a real and open way with both Western men and other women of China, on topics concerning cross cultural relationships and dating between Chinese ladies and Western men.

Okay, okay, the historic possibilities, I’m getting there.

LoveF is very popular on the forum, and her ongoing story is of great interest to the other Chinese members, because they take this cross cultural relationship and dating stuff VERY SERIOUSLY. It is IMPORTANT to them.

This is real. It isn’t like that fluffy, sexual fantasy bullshit served up on the scam sites. This is real reporting of the real thoughts of the real Chinese women who populate the CLM forum, and these are some of the most intelligent, educated, open and REAL Chinese women you are ever going to meet.

The ladies have great fun discussing the “tall buildings” they are building in the forum, meaning the threads they are creating that have huge numbers of comments.  Up until now, the tallest building has been a little over 400 stories (comments).  And I say with all confidence, that in the world of online Chinese dating, there is now other REAL forum thread (meaning one not fabricated by one of the scam sites) with anywhere near that number of comments.

But I strongly believe that LoveF’s thread will surpass that by far, maybe reaching a thousand comments.  Especially if you Western guys catch on and study this thread and add questions and comments. So I challenge you all to join in the fun over on the Forum, and begin reading and commenting or asking questions on LoveF’s thread. You’ll gain incredible insights into these incredible female enchantresses that you share this website with by doing so.  In doing so, you will increase your chances of not just having a long term relationship with one of these great Chinese women, but of having one that lasts forever.  

And isn’t that why you are on this Chinese dating site?  

Okay, I hope you guys realize the opportunity waiting for you and now go to and participate in LoveF’s ongoing description of her developing relationship with Fbear. Click here… 

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-08-06 23:57:07 by yiyun2519 @yiyun2519

“Will LoveF and Fbear Make Chinese Dating Forum History?”it will,i think so and i do believe it.......:)

#2014-08-07 04:47:35 by samsarod @samsarod

@John Abbot: I very much agree with you sentiments. These blogs and forums are cross-cultural info gems, and certainly the exception to all dating and matrimony sites that I have seen. I have been reading through LoveF's adventure and have found it quite illuminating. With that said, I have seen more that reminds me of our similarities in thought and emotion along with the differences, and those differences not being overly deep to me: we (the men and woman from either culture) want honesty, patience, a willingness to truly work as partners trough thick and thin, not take either one for granted. and all the rest needed for tending a garden that would hopefully last for the rest of their lives.

I admit to sometimes having a hard time with the English translations, but I muddle through to get the gist of what's said.

In the fall I plan on coming to Guilin to see the lady I have communicating with for just about a year. When that time does come, a blog might be interesting. It probably will differ from Barry's or Imi's. If nothing else, there may be some other contributions I, and my friend, could make in addition to my journey to China and finally meeting her. How do I go about the submission process for a blog here on CLM? Thanks, Sam.

#2014-08-07 15:03:40 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@samsarod - your trip sounds like it would make for another good series for the blogs, nd of course you're welcome to start now with some articles about the process leading up to your trip.

Please send me a sample of your writing to and in the subject line type Attn: John Abbot. I'll respond with some details of what we need to get you started.

Thanks for your interest.

@yiyun2519 - I believe it too.

#2014-08-07 19:20:16 by janethenderson @janethenderson

Mrs, LoveF is an open-heart lady, which is called a "real woman" in my view. She is at a high level at the understanding of life and people, I really appreciate what she said and did.There is a warm and cheerful atmosphere in the CLM, I always could get some nutrition as well as meaningful thoughts. It really a large and colorful classroom about life and fun.No matter what I make at the end, the process with the classmates is worthy enough.

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