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Wickedest City in Asia - Round of Applause, Please!    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2655 Views | 3 Comments | 6/30/2010 11:52:59 PM

Oh, you sincere seekers after true love! You devotees of this internet dating site, in search of an honest Asian woman... please be like brave Ulysses and clog your ears to the siren call of Pattaya!
This is how each night begins in Pattaya, Thailand...

The multi-million dollar Central Festival Super Shopping Mall at hot, tropical dusk... Priceless gems, ridiculously expensive sportswear and women's fashions. Aren't there any beautiful bargains in this town? Oh, there sure are...

Ride the six floor glass elevator of the Central Festival down... awesome views of islands, beach and water... but, look down, there on the beach sidewalk... no, no, down there, on the sidewalk of Beach Road ,and behind, on First and Second Roads, and beyond that, in all the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bars and discos... thousands and thousands and thousands of young women wanting to spend the night with you!

Tips, along with fees,are greatly appreciated, of course! Welcome to Pattaya, the city where the maximum age of pole dancers is a hotly debated issue with the Chamber of Commerce. A comfortable 2 hours ride from Bangkok International Airport, Pattaya is the place where you go for the "girlfriend experience".

Short term, long term, days, weeks. Never had that college sweetheart? Always wished you dated a prettier class of women? Then just catch the cheap Bell Bus Service out of the airport. Or pony up for a $50 taxi ride if your plane arrives after hours. Best $50 you ever spent.
Well, almost.

Pattaya is the town where an 80 year old guy shows up for the Hilton hotel buffet breakfast with the Thai equivalent of Betty and Veronica on his arm. And the waiter respectfully guides them all to their table. Pattaya is a fortress of male privilege and sexism.

A few facts...

On the Eastern seaboard of Thailand, Pattaya is hot, fairly crowded, and mostly void of classical Thai culture. It has a relaxed, people-sized feeling to it. It is a safe city. Its' beach is mainly good for buying cooked shrimps from passing vendors while lounging in a beach chair with your "sweetie".
Or "sweeties".

Pattaya nights are one city wide incredible party scene. You can go out your hotel door at 3am and the party is still gaining strength. A clever system of Avenue circulating pick up trucks called "Bhat buses" provide quick, very cheap, on the minute 24/7 transportation. You can get a $8 hotel or splurge upward.

Street vendor food is delicious and gotten for pennies. You can get there directly from the International Airport. You don't have to deal with Bangkok.

When you are burned out on too much fun you can go on to Angkor Wat or to the nearby Thai island of Ko Chang, which has real beaches and a quiet island scene. Think of Patttaya as a safe, very very friendly version of Tijuana, Mexico.

I spent some time in Pattaya recently with my two friends; Chang Mai Danny Rose, and The Rajah. Danny Rose, seeker after an Asian wife and life mate, turned up his nose. The Rajah hit the party streets and gave me this report:

"The women - thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and square that number! - are self-respecting and willing workers. A pretty bar girl, like a gifted computer programmer, can change bars any time she wants. Despite the presence of two classy, comfortable, bars called "Lolita's", - a franchise! - there are no under age females. In many ways the bar girls are the best and brightest; the only other jobs are store clerks at $150 a month, 6 days a week, 12 hours day. Wouldn't you rather shake your tail for a lot more money and a lot more excitement?"

One more thing, says the Rajah.

"These are Thai women. God didn't rest on the seventh day. On the seventh day He figured to have some fun and created Thai women. On the 8th day, being Generous, he created Thailand for us all."

The city fathers are trying to make Pattaya a more respectable place. A place to take your family on vacation. A place to visit the Elephant Park.

Good luck, city fathers!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2010-07-01 03:26:28 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

Yeah, Pattaya gets my vote for wickedest city in Asia
A good website for those who do not want to clog their ears to the siren call of Pattaya is
Not that I would know anything about it, you understand.

#2010-08-10 00:20:37 by tbriandon @tbriandon

Hi Ken: My name is Tom. I am from the USA but I live in China right now. Your little blurb next to your photo intriuges me as I have similar story. Can we correspond?

#2010-08-10 02:02:30 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hi tbriandon. If you want to correspond with Ken you can send a message to us at and we'll pass it on to him. As for your similar story, let's all hear it - start a new thread :-)

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