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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Why Do Beautiful Chinese Women Like Ugly Western Men?    

By Barry Pittman
32100 Views | 74 Comments | 10/20/2013 12:45:55 PM

Would Marty Feldman appeal to women of China, especially the incredibly beautiful ones?

This is a most puzzling question. Why do beautiful Chinese women so often like, date and even marry ugly Western men? The corollary to this of course is – why do ugly Western men love, date and marry beautiful Chinese women? The answer to the first question will be discussed here. The answer to the second question is so bleeding obvious, it’ll be ignored entirely!

Let me begin.

I’m mighty pleased to report that it seems China is the only country in the world where lovely native ladies bafflingly often are attracted to hideous Western men.

“Hallelujah!”, I hear all the ugly Western men out there say, “This is wonderful news indeed - there’s hope for us all yet!”

Just look at me for example. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being mighty ugly and 10 being mighty handsome, I’d rate a 3 at best. Some would legitimately argue I’m closer to a 2. No matter, I think you get the drift.

My long and harrowing life experience to date is that always I’ve been shunned (sigh) by lovely Western ladies. True, some ladies have momentarily stopped and condescended to say “Hello” or “Have you had a nice day?”to me in passing, but that’s about where the conversation has always ended. After just a few cursory polite words, the ladies have invariably then scuttled off to more attractive and salubrious ports of call. We all know how vain and arrogant Western ladies tend to be, after all.

I’m pleased to report though that life altering surprises sometimes magically occur. Through the website, I’ve been able to interact with some of the most drop dead gorgeous ladies imaginable. Wonder of wonders - why has it taken me so long to come here!

The fact that these stunners soon dump me like a red hot brick as soon as I send them a few more photos of myself is beside the point. Who cares? The uplifting fact is that they at least consider me for much longer than any Western woman would, amazing and encouraging stuff indeed!

This raises a few questions however that need to be evaluated. When you know who you are or what you are, you’re then freer to know who you’re not, after all. Hmm, now I think this is all getting a bit confusing – forget I said that!

To return to the original point, why do very attractive Chinese ladies seem to like very ugly Western men? They say that opposites attract, but this is getting ridiculous – have you seen some of the hideous Western oafs out there, myself included!

Analysis of the situation may reveal some startling answers. Let’s dig a little deeper here, like a gold miner digging for gold.

Perhaps one solution is that due to cultural differences, men who are considered (and quite rightly so, in my opinion) rather grotesque in the West are for some obscure reason, considered quite handsome in the East. Can any Chinese ladies proffer a view on this? Why do you all think that a Western man who by any normal standard would make a leering gargoyle look handsome, is not really so bad looking? Are you all just a tiny bit crazy?

An interesting theory on this was submitted to me by a very learned and wise academic friend of mine - someone who’s even uglier than me, I might add - though of course, I would never tell him that. He suggested that Western men no matter what they look like, in fact all look the same to Eastern women.

Hmm, maybe this is true?

Does a Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp - two very handsome Western men - look identical in a demure Chinese lady’s eyes to someone like say, a Michael Jackson at his worst? We all know that at one stage during his multitudinous face lift procedures, Jacko was left with no nose, hugely bulbous lips and only one eyebrow!

But it doesn’t stop here.

My academic friend also gave birth to an alternative and entirely reasonable theory that ladies in China actually all suffer from acute myopia. He said he believed 99 per cent of them would have difficulty reading what’s on a large advertising billboard, even if standing less than two metres in front of it. But due to either vanity or the need to not lose face in front of others, these brave ladies choose to go through life squinting and barely recognizing what’s in front of them. So when an obviously hideous Western man suddenly shows interest in them, they clutch at him like a drowning person grabbing a life buoy bobbing in the ocean, telling him how delightful he looks!

Please - any Chinese ladies who are wise enough to be reading this scientific dissertation – is there any truth in this theory? Are you all in reality nearly blind? Is your vision best described not as 20/20, but more akin to 02/02?

If this is so - and at this early stage I can neither confirm nor deny it - how do you all drive? How do you catch buses and trains and conduct your lives?

“The answer to this is simple”, my learned academic friend purred to me as he swallowed the remnants of his fifth glass of white wine. “Every lady in China has cleverly memorized the route to their office and, how to get to the local shopping centre and anywhere else they need to go. Due to the innately high intelligence of the Chinese, they’ve been able to completely know by heart every line of every bus and train schedule in their district. And anything else they need to know to conduct their lives, they’ve memorized this also! The end result is that no Chinese lady in reality needs to see more than about eighteen inches in front of their pretty little noses, God bless ‘em!”

To my chagrin, he inconsiderately added in between his rather uncivilised belching and burping, “So this is why an ugly bastard like you will probably do well in China, my dear friend. The ladies there won’t actually see what you really look like until after you’ve married one of ‘em and they’re lying in bed with you on their wedding night. But by then, it’ll be too late!”, he happily chuckled to himself as he stood up to pour himself yet another overgenerous Chardonnay.

But wait. There’s more. A third theory exists as to why Chinese ladies aren’t averse to marrying grotesque Western men. This idea - to me at least - has much more credence than the previous propositions, as well considered as they no doubt were.

Theorem three relates to the traditional values instilled in ladies here from birth. You see, most Chinese females are not just beautiful on the outside, but they’re even more lovely on an emotional and spiritual level. Instinctual and most commendable values of kindness, charity and altruism are inculcated deeply into their very souls from day one, God bless ‘em. What this means in the real world is that when they spot a Western man who’d be considered by a Western woman as utterly repulsive, deep rooted, subconscious values of motherhood, tolerance and understanding freely bubble forth in the tender Chinese ladies like cleansing drops of rain in a raging thunderstorm.

This then raises an alternative question - are Chinese women in fact the most generous and kind natured ladies on planet Earth?

Should Western society consider changing their way of rearing children to more closely emulate the Chinese way of doing things, where respect to elders, generosity of spirit and family values are paramount? Where beauty and tradition and ageless wisdom reign so unfettered and free?

Most certainly, there’s a valid argument here. Western society is well on its way down the slippery slope toward the ignominious situation where selfishness and superficiality are revered. Where ugly people are shunned and shirked and only the beautiful people are allowed to breed.

The fascinating questions raised here lead to so many other questions. More research and analysis on these intriguing issues is crying out to be done. Does anyone want to gain their doctorate or PhD in this area? If no one else volunteers, I’ll do it myself!

Expect more on this topic. The conundrum of what actually is China and Chinese society has barely been scratched in this small essay. To its credit, is determined to lead the way here, helping to highlight and sharpen into clear focus the many arcane questions such as these that no one else is prepared to ask - and fewer still dare to answer.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2013-10-20 14:23:17 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Most of you are already familiar with Barry1's frequent comments, so you already know he is well spoken, positive and constructive and also damned informative and interesting. We welcome Barry to the blogs today and think he's bound to offer a great deal of valuable thoughts and information to our members. Enjoy this first read.

I might just add that it seemed funny to me to read this article, because what I am frequently accosted with by Chinese people I know is the question "Why are Western men so attracted to ugly Chinese women?", so just the opposite of what you're suggesting Barry. I don't think the Chinese people saying this are right, so this leads me to wonder if there isn't simply a dramatically different perception of what is "beautiful (handsome)" and what is "ugly" in a human as seen by the Chinese vs the Western eye.

#2013-10-20 14:50:58 by JuryZhu @JuryZhu

So long〜u have a deep mind~

#2013-10-20 16:05:22 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@Barry Pittman Hi Barry, I don't think this happens only in China. A good example, Jean Paul Belmondo, Gerard Depardieu, Johnny Halliday, Charles Bronson and so many artists, that most people would not consider a handsome guy, had legions of adoring fans and some ladies I guess would do anything to be their wives. I always asked myself, why? Charisma? These guys were romantic? what did they have that attracted women so wildly. OK, they were artists, famous, of course had a comfortable life and a healthy bank account, but I knew and still know ordinary people like me, not handsome at all with a beautiful lady at their side. Funny as it may sound to you, when I was growing up, there was a kid in our group that was considered "Mr. Handsome". Many girls felt attracted to him, but the word went around that a girl would go on a date with him and never want to see him anymore not even in a picture. The guy was rude, poorly educated, vain, just the living proof that there are more horses asses than horses...... I guess ladies prefer a romantic, faithful, considerate man, reliable, a gentleman which cares and protects them and that is about all I have to say. Thanks for the article, very good.

#2013-10-20 16:26:40 by anonymous7612 @anonymous7612

Kindness, honest and tolerant, not nasty are the qualities that Chinese women like.

#2013-10-20 16:35:00 by anonymous7613 @anonymous7613

Some western men marry ugly Chinese women who do not stand to lose. This is desirable to reflect how foolish Chinese men are.

#2013-10-20 21:54:01 by prana @prana

Not all Chinese women will be generous to accept Western Men.
I thought that, in forums, blog, and I will encounter some common topic of Westerners, the results are disappointing, quite a long period of time, I only see Chinese women in the blog, forum replies, comment.
Really, the person's appearance is not important, important is his mind how.
I will not be confused by the appearance, unless his words and actions can move my heart.
Thank you for sharing, the new one week happy!

#2013-10-20 22:54:38 by yeranyi @yeranyi

hehe,.in chinese eyes, western men prefer less attractive Chinese girls ....whether beautiful or not,depends on the different standard

such as Chinese men generally prefer light skin,but not same as western men.

#2013-10-20 23:19:05 by yancie @yancie

Right on, John! Many of my Chinese lady friends don't even dare to post photos of themselves on facebook (those who have access to it, that is) or other social networks without using software to whiten their skin or slimming their face in these photos, because they found themselves unattractive with a tanned complexion and what they think is a "pancake face". And look at those Chinese female models in advertisements for cosmetic products or actresses in Chinese soap operas, then you know why many - in my eyes beautiful Chinese women - are not happy with their own looks.

#2013-10-20 23:50:49 by Jaguarguy @Jaguarguy

Interesting article, but given my journey over the last 4 years, handful of women I have talked to here and the 2, I found ,current one in K1 Visa status as I type) have mentioned the same thing. Their thinking is very attractive men tend to always attract beautiful women so Chinese woman prefer average or less because it is safer for marriage.

I will say your scoring system is determined but what you think of yourself though. While most might think I am a 5 or less I mentally always believe I am at least a 7. I know 100% that when it comes to relationships, treating a woman well and providing for, I am a 10. But then again this is my thinking.

What I found here was how many women 20 years younger than me were interested in me. I personally always dated women 10 years younger so finding these women interested was quite exciting.

I agree with John also that there is that opposite side of attractive man with ugly Chinese woman. I have friends like that...... his thinking is she is so great ful that he wants her she will always make a perfect life for him. We know the whole woman wanting a older rich man for his money (prominent in the US) story but in reality it just comes down to the 2 people and how they connect what they believe is beautiful in there minds first and foremost.

Just my 2 cents !

#2013-10-21 00:47:50 by anonymous7620 @anonymous7620

I think it's all due to economic factors. Chinese women want the best life possible for themselves and their family, so they are willing to do whatever it takes to attain this. As they say "the end justifies the means".

I think they figure every western guy has *some* money and he is also a great key to escaping to the west where there is more opportunity. (Although with the west financially collapsing these days, this will become less and less the case in the future I think.)

And remember, she can always divorce the westerner later on and easily marry a truly nice looking guy.

My only question about this whole scenario is the marital bed and how can she put up with this for so long? If the man is secretly grotesque to her, I can't imagine what goes through her mind as she forces herself to make love to him, time after time. How horrible!

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