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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Why Animals Only Mate, Humans are Going to Get Married?    

By Panda
3910 Views | 10 Comments | 11/16/2011 12:15:17 AM
Tag: 结婚   交流  

Art by the CaoHui's son.

Why? why do most animals only mate, then raised by females to offspring, why do human need to get married? Why do most animals including chimps’ father just scatter? But human need the participation of fathers in child care? Where are human and the chimpanzee different?

Most significantly different between human being and chimpanzees, were walking upright and brain capacity increases. Technology has confirmed that much of human behavior and even highly developed social and cultural, is really just the by-product of walking upright.

Experts believe that compared with the manufacturing tools, walking upright is more as a mark of distinction between human being and apes, because it is not only low energy consumption, but also freeing both hands, broadens perspectives and laying a foundation for other aspects of the evolution, such as human brains triple expansion. In a sense, it is also the key changed our spouse policy.

In order to upright walking, human basin bone shape has been changed, therefore, female birth canal has also become variable narrow which has not been so round. In recently 2 million years of evolution in the human brain capacity expanded has three times, baby’s head also became large. This two overlay of changes’ effect is increased the difficulty of female delivery --birth canal is small, but the head of baby is larger than before. This meant that women had to take some means to make their birth canals bigger, in fact, they did, their birth canals really become larger, but this would be utterly inadequate-- the average weight of human babies is about 3 kilograms, Gorilla infants are only half of it. But you need to know that female gorilla’s half the weight is 90kg, nearly twice of the human female body weight. In other words, according to weight ratios to count, human babies are equivalent to four times the Gorilla baby weight. In fact, human baby's head is too big, and human female has had to gave birth to the greatest extent possible.

Chimpanzee children can find something to eat after weaning, if you want to born the baby as mature as chimpanzee children, human female needs pregnant 18 months – but they are very easy to die in such production. Growth prior to the assisted technology, fertility for women already is a very dangerous action. As long as the biparietal diameter of the fetus is more than 10cm that it is impossible to easy delivery. As you can imagine, if 18 months pregnant (twice now), JAWS would become so dangerous. Even if women have prepared to 18-month pregnancy, with life, or near-destruction vagina to swap backing for incredibly strong, livelyhood babies as soon as weaning, men do not comply (you know the reason).

Results of the final game were that women had to born children early, so we are in the nine-month baby born. Compared with newborn monkey and APE, human infants are so weak. Monkey was born to firmly seize the mother, but human babies need 6 months to sit up, 8 months to climb, 12 months or so you can start learning to walk. Most of the time, they will cry and milk without any skills - forgot, there is a drain, if it is skill.

Actually, when young monkey was born, its brain has reached 70% of mature brain, remaining 30% will complete development after it was born half a year, chimpanzees’ baby can complete all of brain development within a years, but human baby was born when his brain capacity only has 23% of adult - also is on one-fifth more, his brain will continue development before 6 aged birthday, but will complete on 23 years old (that is, some people has married before brain development completed).

In the upright Homo sapiens woman is pregnant later, her action is too inconvenient to participate in normal hunting or collecting, she must rely on the male to provide her with starch and protein. For a long time after birth, she was also need males to do these things, because there is no baby more dependent on the mother of any primate species than humans, this means that mothers must stay around children in all day, parental investment to it a lot, as she does not like other female animals to hunt or collect. If she was carrying a crying baby out foraging at any time, that would be no doubt says to beast on her own initiative, hi there, buy one get one.

This long time before adulthood from birth, human children need parents to provide protection and food, they can't feed himself, without some life skills. Even until after the age of 15 in order to they can run as fast as adults almost. That used to live in the human side of the beast, in the 15 years, the little thing is a delicious meat.

In order to obtain better reproduction results so that children live, the poor "gorilla" males have to do something. In fact, in such a brutal environment, if they are not willing to participate in the upbringing of infancy and building a home, their children will die quickly. They had no way to do it as free as chimpanzees and gorillas.

What is the best method? According to parental investment theory, the best approach is to nurture, train and male meet training (that is, investment) their baby, let it survive. This is the male parental investment (MPI). It is conceivable that the male who is willing to invest parental care will own more likely to survive, eat more saturated look more vigorous offspring than the male finish loved patting the buttocks to get away.

The former descendants survive today, become us. Descendants of the latter, was eliminated by nature. In fact, marriage is based on the contract for the formation of future generations, this is the essence of human marriage in the long term. Compatible with it, is in our evolutionary formed the adapter--"love", it makes us more like to raise offspring with each other, let them grow. Compare with our children the importance of the so-called "love", in most evolved, most of the time, in most regions, in most cases, not as the elements of a marriage to present.

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#2011-11-16 00:30:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Cao Hui, this is fascinating stuff. There are other animals that do partner for life, especially many birds. Swans may be the best example. Penguins too as I understand it. But as I recall from past studies and recent documentaries there are no mammals that "marry" except humans. Is it possible we weren't meant to marry and have simply strayed from our intended path. Maybe our recent adoption of "one man, one woman" marriage (very recently adopted by the Chinese) is actually taking us down the road of our destruction.

I'm not saying I believe that, but neither am I 100% confident that marriage is the best way. Just the same, I have committed to it.

#2011-11-16 19:12:46 by panda2009 @panda2009

Hey, John, I really can't believe that you published this blog so fast. When I attached it, I was mentally disturbed. If do I offend so many men?

#2011-11-17 12:09:09 by Serendipity33 @Serendipity33

Mmmh, the comparisons of animals and humans is clear. Perhaps a more to date insight would be to look at partners with children who do not choose marriage as a institution or same sex couples with children. Nevertheless children If they are allowed to"Find themselves" as part of the parenting process tend to become adults and contribute more meaningful to our species

#2011-11-18 15:38:54 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

Interesting question. At the first impulse, we could explain, that animals have intercourse just for instinct of preservation of the species. Usually the female chooses the strongest male available to guarantee heathy off springs. So, it would be just an urge, a sexual impulse accentuated for the scent released by some females in heat. Some men, also have casual sex in a manner very similar to animals. Never crossed their minds to keep the female or to have any commitment with her. It could be a sex professional, someone he met in a bar and accepts one night stands, or both have an impulse and physiological urge to engage in sex. In the 70s, some people would go to bed sometimes without even bothering to ask the other person's name. The idea of a formal legal/religious contract or in some country a "common law marriage" which some time becomes a de facto marriage after a certain time established by the family laws, was born to protect specially women, ensure rights to split properties and assets in case of a separation etc. Not to mention the formation of a family, the mother cell of any society. In my humble opinion, what really bonds two people together, are love, tolerance, kindness and respect, these are the foundations of a healthy, fruitful, successful and long lasting relationship. Interesting to observe the behaviour of certain animals. Male Tigers mate wit lionesses, but do not tolerate a Lion mating with a tigress. Jealousy? Swans are very special. Once one partner dies, the other stays alone to the end of his life, never gets a new partner. Loyalty to the extreme, love to the end? Amazing.

#2011-11-21 03:29:15 by nztiger @nztiger

Hi CaoHui, as a scientist and a creationist I believe the vast differences between animals and humans is in our Spirit, that sets us apart from even the most intelligent animals like pigs and dolphins. I believe there is sufficient evidence and complexity in life to conclude we have been designed and created by an unimaginably powerful being (God) Love (emotive) is perhaps the most powerful motivational force (love-verb) in the universe and no other animal shows this degree of compassion towards others. When we choose to love we ignore primal instinctive (survival) behaviour and do what we know is best for another person. The opposite of love is rejection (not hate) and this is perhaps the most destructive action as it drives people to do things that are self destructive. Both these human emotions and actions (love and rejection) are within the control of our own free Will and set us apart from the animal kingdom. As for the difficulty of childbirth, the answer I believe can be seen in The Bible in the first few chapters of Genesis. Humans are not the only creatures that 'mate' or 'pair up' for life, but with a permanent partnership comes stability, protection, knowledge and support for families. Though currently single, I fully support monogamous relationships and marriage as a mantel for the family.
PS I believe Evolution is a theory only and, as a matter of interest, was not believed by Darwin himself. The 'recent' discovery of DNA has disproved evolution and the mysteries of our universe (Quantum Physics) totally baffles the most eminent scientists. If Time, Space, Matter, Energy were created, then the universe is unfathomable from a purely physical perspective. Thus it all could have been created outside of time,, or in fact 'in no time at all' (excuse the pun)
Thus I don't believe our existence is accidental, nor is it the result of millions of years of evolution or there would be thousands of transitional examples and not the massive fossil graveyards we find all over the world. If this is the case then we have a responsibility and a purpose.
Regards, Warren

#2011-11-21 23:44:57 by panda2009 @panda2009

Hi, Warren
Thanks for your ideas. I need to stop blog writing now. Anyway, thanks for all people spending time on my blogs. I'd never thought to get so many guides from expert.
My son is a junior man now, he determin to publish an album of painting when he graduated from school. These art works were stolen from his space by me. I knew from the chats between him and his friends, that he really had earned some money from buying the art. I'm no ideas of his world. I just believe that the world belong them.

#2011-12-05 03:03:22 by raybaby40 @raybaby40

With the exception of the "creationist" blog, many of the points raised in previous blogs are pertinent to the creation of the institution of marriage over the course of the past 5,000 years.
However, early 20th century anthropoligists in the Pacific Islands found that aboriginal societies were martriarchal. The women controlled everything because the society did not know that men had fathered children. They were all believed to be "divinely" fertilized as in the Jesus myth. Zeus also fathered a child upon a human girl in a "golden shower".
As soon as missionaries taught the natives that men fathered the children of women, the societies overnight became patriarchal. Sons now obeyed their fathers rather than their mothers. Men dominated their wives. Houses, farms, cattle, children and wives all became chattel to men.
This is the actual reason that marriage became an institution. Men wanted to be sure that a woman's children belonged to her husband, securing paternal property rights.
Thus we have the ancient draconian punishments for adultery in Judaic Law, and the contemporary draconian punishments in Sharia Law. (beatings, stoning to death, etc.)
However, those draconian punishments are not fully effective because they are powerfully countermanded by atavistic instincts which drive both women and men to genetic diversity. A health insurance company did a DNA study of their clients to determine if they could isolate the genes that contribute to disease and early death. This would have allowed them to either exclude, or charge more premiums to risky clients. The congress made such genetic testing illegal as a part of insurance applications. However and interesting sidelight was shed on marriage fidelity. The families tested were all middle class families with good jobs with health and life insurance. They were screened to test only families where the children were the natural offspring of both father and mother. Stepchildren, adopted children and bastards were not accepted for the study. However, researchers (university doctoral candidates and their advisors) discovered an unexpected result of the DNA testing. One child in three of the children tested had not been fathered by the husband who thought he was the father.
Amazingly and co-incidentally, a similar DNA study of geese (allegedly monogamous for life) produces the exact same results when researchers sought to isolate genetic links to disease among geese. 1 in 3. Chimpanzee research has found that when the male consort is away, the female consorts will play with great discretion to avoid being beaten or killed along with her offspring. I would guess that a DNA study of chimps would produce the same 1 in 3 proportion of bastards.
The reason that I believe that proportion may be inferred as a probably universal behavior in both animals and humans is that females had to do whatever it took to guarantee both genetic diversity and the survival of their offspring by having a backup mate who is the father of some of her offspring, and who probably believes he has fathered them all.
A recent study came up with an interesting thesis concerning the design of the male penis. Sperm competition evolved a shape that is designed to allow a male to copulate with a female who has withing the past few hours copulated with a different male, or males, and to displace the previous males sperm with the current males sperm. One may infer from this that females have been very promiscuous throughout the millenia, and for good reasons- to insure both genetic diversity and security (now in the form of money, power, property, gifts) to their offspring, whoever the father might be.

#2011-12-07 00:31:09 by panda2009 @panda2009

One may infer from this that females have been very promiscuous throughout the millenia, and for good reasons- to insure both genetic diversity and security (now in the form of money, power, property, gifts) to their offspring, whoever the father might be.

Where is you arrived at your conclusion? I just want to say, "Women were maded of water, men were made of soil." Women are more clean than men.

#2012-04-23 09:27:16 by raybaby40 @raybaby40

Dear CaoHui, I hope I have not offended your sensibilities. You are obviously a very intelligent and well educated woman.
There are women who are very strictly faithful, most of the time. But DNA doesn't lie. One child in three, at least in the USA, was not fathered by the man believed to be the father by both the man and his wife.
Most women are made of flesh and blood rather than water. Likewise, men are not made of soil. Many divorce courts in the USA now require a DNA test as a matter of routine to determine the question of child support to prevent the previously common injustice of forcing a man to support his wife's bastards. Many years ago, before DNA, when I was in the U.S. Air Force in Texas, we pilots were informed that the law would not honor a woman's claim of paternity unless the man she accused ratifieded her claim. If women were made of water, such laws would not be necessary. Some women are more clean than some men, others are more dirty than some men. Let me add that I do not blame women for their behavior (immoral by present day standards). They are acting on atavistic urges that are very difficult to control. I also do not blame men for their acting on atavistic urges. Hopefully the day will come when men and women can behave naturally and follow their instincts without stigma or punishment.

#2012-04-23 21:37:55 by panda2009 @panda2009

Hopefully the day will come when men and women can behave naturally and follow their instincts without stigma or punishment?

Nooooooo, that would be more in a mess.

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