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Who are the Most Beautiful women of Asia?    

By Ken Silver About Asia
6071 Views | 0 Comments | 5/17/2010 1:11:38 PM

Most Asian women, like Chinese women, often tend to look 10 years younger than they are. This woman looks to be in her teens but is much older.

Dear Readers, Perhaps I should speak to the unspoken question this particular blog will raise in your minds. Yes, I am as big an Idiot as I seem to be!

In fact, I have a certificate from Harvard University Medical School documenting that fact! Hangs on my wall, next to a framed photograph of me playing a guitar while riding a water buffalo into the Andaman Sea.

What brings all this up? Well, the following paragraphs...

A lot of males ask me "Ken, you sexist idiot, who are the most beautiful women in the world? Where in the world are they found?". Obviously, that is a difficult question, with a lot of variables and "what if's". Cultural differences. etc. Well, here is my answer. Pound for pound, I would actually pick a beautiful Chinese woman over just about everyone else. Fairly often, anyhow. Drunk or sober.

But, since my topic is " Asia, Tropical Asia, the rest of Asia, Southeast Asia", let us shine the Lantern of Truth in that direction. All right...pound for pound, washed clean of the mud they have been wrestling in....I would have to answer...." The Mutts!"

Yeah man! Lets face it. Women can be trouble! Forget about sex and romance! Suck it in, hombre; and get a good mixed breed canine companion mutt from an animal shelter. Good friend, hiking partner, bodyguard; and actually, a great conversation starter with the women you meet. All women like dogs, and like a guy who has one.

Oh, just joking. By Mutts, I mean those ladies in whom various regions and ethnic groups have mixed together. That is, American Dad, Thai Mom, and so on. These days a beautiful Asian woman may be composed of one part Indonesian, one part European, and another part Asian Indian from two generations back. Mix the soft, oceanic ,almost otherworldly features of Malaysia / Indonesia with Thai fairy tale looks and Indian "Every girl a princess" symmetry and you have someone who stops traffic even on the busiest southeast Asian city street.

Ah, but beauty goes deeper than that. There are even more reasons to pursue international online relationships, reasons that aren’t immediately visible through a web cam . Asian matchmakers (including Chinese matchmakers ) are proud to speak of the multi- faceted purity of Asia women. There is a simplicity to an Asian girl, a naturalness, that the phrases "country girl" and "island girl" only point to.

Those of you who think you have met a beautiful Asia girl through dating in your first world countries-well, sorry to say; you scored close, maybe, but no bulls eye. Western cultures, American especially, tend to corrupt people, especially immigrant newcomers, and their second generations. (Money is the new God, all over the world; and a round of applause to that blogger on this website who, pointed that out.) But the country girls and island girls of tropical paradise still live in simpler ,quieter times, where actual currency is not so plentiful and neighbors helping neighbors still rules the day. In their societies there is little room for pretensions and vanity. Reasons enough to join this online dating service!

By the way... just how deep does the beauty of Asian women go? I'm still wondering...

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