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White Skin Fixation    

By Achelle Vinzon
7236 Views | 14 Comments | 7/30/2013 3:24:31 PM

White skin creams are incredibly popular with Asian and Chinese women.

Owning my actions is part of my code of ethics; if I’m gonna do something, I’ll claim it and take responsibility for it. It’s a very effective system of keeping myself in check; before I do anything, I think about whether or not it’s something I would be ashamed of claiming as my own later on. It has also proven to be a very effective test of the rightness of any decision I make. With that being said, I would have to admit that I “suffer” from the white skin fixation that is widespread among East Asians. I recognize that it is shallow and it can be unhealthy; some people will understand, others will judge. So be it!

As with most forms of obsession, this “affliction” is a choice; it’s a state of mind that I have chosen to adopt. Having white skin is a beauty ideal that many East Asian women (and, in fact, many East Asian men, as well) strive for. Like countless other women among this group, I have decided that white is beautiful; I have discovered that any shade of tan just doesn’t suit me. I’ve gotten darker than my natural color twice before, and I didn’t like how I looked.

Unlike others, though, I don’t believe that darker skin tone is unattractive, generally speaking (on me, I do think it is). Indeed, there are plenty of women, both famous and those from my social circles, whose darker skin I actually find very beautiful. I do think there are those who are more beautiful with darker tones, and there are those who are simply lucky enough to look good no matter what shade their skin is. At the same time, there are women whose glowing whiteness makes me green with envy.

I must also say that as soon as I was able to understand the significance of being my own person and not just mindlessly following fads and accepting and echoing popular opinions, I have always made it a point to think for myself and to be different. Obviously, I have failed to adhere to this particular code by letting myself become influenced by all the media hype about white skin being beautiful and using whitening products that sustain the obsession.

For added measure, I stay out of the sun as much as I can; I don’t like using umbrellas, though, (I only do so when it’s really pouring) so I only go out before 10 am and after 3 pm. I also follow the same schedule when I go to the beach. I’m seriously considering taking supplements because I still haven’t achieved the level of whiteness I want.

It is the nature of any obsession to be unhealthy, of course. But I can say that my white complex is not as unhealthy as most. I mean, while some of my self-confidence is directly affected by the belief that being whiter makes me more appealing, the much bigger part is influenced by other strong attributes that are deeper than skin-deep.

I do have days when I feel unhappy about how I look after I see a skin ad with a woman with flawless, white complexion, or an actress whose milky white skin I find enviable. Every time I visit the skin care shelves at the supermarket or the mall, I always check out the whitening products (and here in the Philippines, nearly all skin care products are also whitening products) for sale to see if there's something new I can try. I have spent a lot of time online reading about natural ways to lighten skin. Like I said, it is an obsession. But I do know many other women whose white complex is far worse. Yes, it can get far worse than that.

I’m not saying I’m better than most; I’m only saying that the obsession comes in varying degrees and I think mine is actually “saner” than most. I am not proud of the fact that I’m not immune to this particular fad and popular opinion – of white being beautiful. But I'm not denying it, either. My fixation is influenced by the hype; by images of dazzling women with beautiful, white complexion (I really envy Chinese women their porcelain white skin!); and by my own reflection in the mirror when my lamp casts a glow on me, and I see how much lovelier I can look if I can just make my skin tone a couple more shades lighter.

So I buy my whitening soap, facial wash, facial cream, lotion, and even antiperspirant. Perhaps it is the fact that this white fixation has become a big part of popular East Asian culture that makes it easier for me to own this particular choice? Perhaps it is the added confidence that the lighter skin shade gives me that makes me unashamed of giving in to a fad. But until my level of obsession doesn’t make me feel comfortable anymore, I’ll know I’m still doing a good job keeping it in check!

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#2013-07-30 21:34:57 by quarterkee @quarterkee

"Some say the darker the berry, The sweeter the juice - I say the blacker the flesh, Then the deeper the roots" ~ Tupac Shakur (9-16-1971 ~ 9-13-1996)

#2013-07-31 04:01:40 by curiousmage69 @curiousmage69


Everyone has some insecurities, so please don't take my comments as a judgement against you. In addition to finding the Asian aesthetic very attractive, I also prefer women with darker features, especially their skin. I get a bit frustrated/upset when I hear of women, such as yourself, attempting to lighten their skin to become "more attractive". I know that some African women do this as well, and I've heard that some Japanese women even had surgery to make their eyes more round and "Western", to be more appealing to the men who prefer that.

This is all ridiculous! I'm 5'-6", and if someone wants me to be 6'-0", then I just won't try connecting with that person; I can't be what I'm not. I guess this is an example of acceptance that we all must "endure". I'm sure that many men out there would accept you as you are (even a little darker :), including me), so I would expect you would turn your attention to such men. We could all change/improve things about ourselves, but for those things that are "set in stone", embracing what you are and connecting with others who appreciate you as is is probably the healthiest approach.

Too bad we weren't closer, otherwise we could have this conversation in person, so I could drink in your natural, UN-lightened beauty...


#2013-07-31 04:23:06 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

Lol, i have all the near albino, irridescent, translucent, cave fish white skin needed in any relationship!

I typically date darker East Asian women as I find I like my women like I like my coffee, a nice caramel colored cappuccino? And I usually make my girlfriends swearbnever to whiten their beautiful, warm toned skin.

My fiancee told me shes a "few black". Lol it took me a while to figure that one out, but I told her too.. its not your skins color that I love about you.. i do love how smooth and blemish free it looks but I couldnt care less if shes an alabaster greek sculpture or a deep warm brown.. though i guess I prefer the tanned look all other things being perfectly equal. Most Western guys, not all, but most will agree w me i think in my sentiment that East Asian cultural dislike of tan skinned women is a very good thing for us.. it just means we have less competition for the most brautiful, naturally sun kissed girls around! ...and it means when im embarased to be so psle halfway through winter, Im at my best look of the whole year if I go to Asia.

Please get over this obsession.. I have read terrible tales of burns and other bad things too much whitening can cause.. we Western guys love you just as you are.. caramel colored sweet goodness!!! Yum!!

Lol a side note of additional benefit is these girls usually dont even know how beautiful they are.. so they dont act so proud and are more personable and friendly.

Please!! Step away from the counter and put down the skin bleach!!! Dont make us so sad, its like watching you cut off that beautiful, long, dark hair!!

#2013-07-31 20:29:02 by anonymous7066 @anonymous7066

gee, what these guys know.... about WHY some asian girls wanting to have fairer skins

have you seen Fillipina television, movie and media celebrities?
or Thailand? Indonesian? India? or similar tropical asian countries?
who are the ones that become the most cherish ones? the fair skin or the darker ones? do even the dark ones even become most popular celebrities in those countries?

Quit being suck-up about how beautiful they are already and supports her and all the other asian women who wants to have more fairer skins.

Go girls, I support you.
(does those whitening product works?, if it does, i might recommend it to someone too)

I for one PREFER fairer ones
read the links

(PS.1... if you think beauty is the obsession of girls, it is even harder for guys in asia to keep up with the wealth obsession too.... all come to ONE INSTINCTUAL human behaviour - to get a mate, not just any mate, the most able mate for either beautiful offsprings and plenty of resources to have those offsprings)
(PS.2... there is a belief / some evidences that the fairer get more wealthier mate and vice versa in those asian countries)

don't worry this obsession only last until got married or at least fading away... then there are another obsessions :-p

#2013-07-31 21:19:44 by anonymous7067 @anonymous7067

I am shocked how many views this post is getting!

#2013-08-01 10:17:25 by yangguizi @yangguizi

If white skin was anywhere on my list of priorities for finding a woman then I wouldn't have looked to China to find the right person for me.

Many Chinese women will avoid the sun and wait for bad weather. Cloudy or rain before hiking, dusk to do gardening, wear long sleeves in sunny days, etc. I don't really like this but I think it is something western men may have to live with because it has been indentured into their culture for both health and beauty arguments.

#2013-08-01 15:48:25 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons

I appreciate all your thoughts! This fixation is widespread among East Asian women; of course in the west, it is well-known that the obsession is with having a golden tan. As with most beauty obsessions, straying from what's natural is always the norm. (I do wish I had natural porcelain white skin lol.)

Wanting to look good is understandable; the fact that beauty is subjective also means that one's idea of what is "enough" when it comes to enhancing one's looks is also subjective. What is "too much," on the other hand, can be easily agreed upon. But yes, we must all learn to embrace ourselves for what we are, if we also want to find a partner who will do the same for us!

#2013-08-01 15:56:53 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons

@curiousmage69 No offense taken, Sir! And thank you for the positive words! (I still feel I just can't pull off darker skin lol, but yes, having someone who appreciates me just as I am definitely helps!)

@Tyler72 You made very interesting points, especially about many Asian women not being so self-obsessed and being more personable, although we do have our insecurities just like other women from other cultures.

@quarterkee Thank you for sharing that great quote from the great Tupac! :)

@yangguizi Yes sir, we have to accept the whole package, including our partner's own mix of vanities and insecurities. It is part of loving and accepting them for who they are.

#2013-08-03 21:15:54 by wayne73 @wayne73

It seems to be the case that nobody is ever happy with their appearance, we are our own biggest critics. Being from northern Europe, my natural colour is a sort-of pale blue most of the year, and I've always accepted that I need to suffer what nature gave me - if I'm honest I'm too lazy most of the time to do otherwise.

When you see how my fellow westerners spend so much time baking themselves in the sun in the hope of achieving a skin-tone more like our Asian neighbours, and usually achieving little more than pink blotches, sores and burns.

Beauty isn't a colour, love who you are!

#2013-08-05 16:43:24 by jackw @jackw

I think Asian women are the beautiful of all women, why they want white skin is bewildering to me.

After all we westerners pay thousands of pounds to go on holidays to get brown so we have a brown skin fixation.

So how any of us can judge others is also beyond reason!!!

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