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Where to Live With Your True Love?    

By Ken Silver About Asia
3229 Views | 5 Comments | 9/4/2012 1:19:41 PM

True love at last! You bought her a flower, and it went on from there… Firstly, let me congratulate both of you for working with the best long term relationship website around! So…now that you two are an item, where are you going to live?

Well, you could bring your true love to the United States. Of course, life is so expensive there that she may have to get a job at McDonalds. Then, in the deepest depths of your honeymoon lovemaking you could hear her tenderly whisper to you “Oh! My darling! Would you like fries with that?”

Perhaps, bring her to Europe? That way, she could watch myriad national social support systems crash and burn while she wears sunglasses, looks fashionable, and sips cappuccino by that medieval canal.

Or, you could actually move to her country.

The advantage to moving to her country is you’d have family support. The disadvantage of moving to her country is that you’d probably have her family to support. Also, a mother in law who wants to know when the nice new husband is going to buy the family a nice new house.

Or, you could move to a third country, a neutral country, a new country where neither of you has any family or any knowledge of the landscape other than “up vs. down”. The great advantage of a neutral third country is that you are there because you really like that country. It, as they say, “Works for you”.

Despite what the guide books and flag waving politicians say, you can change your country like you change your underwear. Or really, not wear any underwear at all! (That is, move from country to country, continent to continent, as the mood strikes you both.) A friend of mine has moved his family from the Philippines (his wife’s homeland) to Thailand, then to South America, and presently to Florida, U.S.A. When I asked him why, he rattles off economic and climate data, but the truth is he’s just a wandering soul who loves orange juice. Ladies, watch out for a guy like that!

Anyhow, you’ve got an awful lot of countries to live in.

Or, actually…forget about dry land! You could buy a boat and live on it! Haven’t you always wanted to have bystanders on the dock point at you and whisper “There goes Your Name Here! They say he’s the Kings Buccaneer!”

Oh, you may not really know the difference between Shipshape (the shape of the ship) and Crows’ Nest (obvious…where the flocks of crows nest!) when you first set sail, but trust me, the only nautical term you really need to pick up on quickly is “Sailor Overboard!” That is, of course, if you want your marriage to be a long term success and not just a momentary splash..

Or, actually … you and your new wife could buy a van and live in it! Live in it, and with your true love just cruise the Chinese financed, Chinese built, soon to be mega highway system of the new and improved Southeast Asia!

Or, actually… what about a twin pair of motorcycles for that same highway system! Man, your wife and your mother in law would just love that! I mean, women love a transitory, rootless, uncertain, existence just fine! If they are Nazi war criminals, on the run, anyhow.
So, there you have it! So many ways and places to live in this world!

So many wonderful options!

Just don’t even think about trying to spend the night at my place!

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#2012-09-04 14:08:46 by Indonesian79 @Indonesian79

It really depends on what kind of work you would like to do.

If you like to work for someone else, I's suggest developed country because of the economy stability. However if you like to do business, I'd suggest 3rd world country because starting or doing business is a lot easier in a country that is not economically stable yet. Opportunities come from instabilities.

For myself, I do business and lucky that I was born in Indonesia which is a naturally rich country (also tropical country which people here tends to lay back and lazy which is less competition for me)

When you have build your fortune, I guess you can always buy houses in countries you like and live anywhere you like anytime you like :)

#2012-09-06 04:01:29 by twilightsmith @twilightsmith

What parts of Indonesia would you recommend for a stress free lifestyle by the seashore?

#2012-09-07 10:21:38 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

It just doesnt seem that easy to me.

I'd move to China in a heartbeat actually, but I don't really know how to find a good job there, from here. (here being Ann Arbor, MI in the USA)

I'm a pretty good soft goods designer, with ten years footwear design experience and now I design medical softgoods.. You'd think there's a lot of opportunity for a western softgoods designer with my exp level and decent Mandarin skills. I also have loads of China development experience working with factories, tanneries and textile mills there. I manage production for a small team too.

Anybody out there in CLM land have any connections in that area? Most likely would be in Fujian or Guangdong provinces where all the softgoods in world are made... LOL.. OK exaggeration, only about 80%...

#2012-09-15 23:25:59 by carber911 @carber911

Home is where you make it. Though I prefer renting than to owning, the advantages are you can leave when you like. Some places are very quaint and nice, just wouldnt want to live there more than a week. This thread has many obvious funny realities in it yet comes close to hitting home. Now what it doesnt say is terrain and weather problems. Many of you may think America is rich and has great places to live... Well just about everyplace has its ups and downs... USA has its share of deserts and baren flat land. So the west is nice, the mid west lacks water or rain for that matter, The middle is called tornado alley if you dont mind living in bunkers during hericane season which is fine if you have expensive home insurance, the east is coast is great but no jobs, industry shrinks every year. The east coast is nothing but tax hoarding mongrols and lets face it- 200 years of trash has changed the water from light blue to dark blue green algea, No corral animals here. The south is quaint but lacks jobs, military is strong there which helps develop the area. Florida is in a league of its own, you can go bankrupt in other states but keep your florida home like no tomorrow, The north east is snowy and once again lacks jobs like the rest of the world. I cant say i have been to other countries much. I hear australia is beautiful but has so many poisonous spiders and dangerous critters, New Zealand is promising but we all saw that earth quake hit home. India is fair game, but the electric turns off promptly at 9pm. Middle east is in the middle of what?Muslim culture is nice there if you enjoy reading the Koran yet there is Christians reading the Torah on the south side? IDK what happend to Israel let alone where their border ends and begins. Africa is very beautiful but corruption like many places runs high and rampent. Mexico is great for Corn, South America is quickly chopping down land to make way for industry and future concrete slabs to form the new concrete jungle. Britain rains almost everyday so better bring an umbrella.

#2012-12-14 11:28:01 by hello141 @hello141

Not everywhere in the US is expensive. But I like the satire. You do touch on a concern of mine. The retirement fund (Social Security) will be largely depleted by the time I am ready to retire. Maybe I will have to take up one of the options that you suggested :)

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