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A writer for CLM Magazine and CLM Social Pages, Achelle is also an independent blogger, giving her two cents on personal and social issues from an educated Filipina's point of view, especially those relating to love and relationships. She has a knack for tackling issues from unique angles that are often left unexplored, posing questions that move and challenge readers to view a certain issue from a wholly different perspective. Achelle is happily engaged to her childhood sweetheart and is currently based in the Philippines. Achelle's writing is a delight to read and highly enlightening, entertaining and thought provoking. You're going to see lots of her on our Emagazine, Blogs, Social Pages and Hubs. Enjoy
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When My Long-Distance Relationship Came to An Unexpected End – Part 7 - The Second Time Around    

By Achelle Vinzon
2825 Views | 6 Comments | 6/27/2014 3:40:21 PM

Fate, destiny, pure chance, or just the inevitable result of the collective choices we make; but it can be simply amazing how two people walking parallel or even divergent paths eventually find each other, and from that point forward become forever intertwined despite being separated again and again by circumstances and time.

It was only a matter of time.  I finally gave in.  I lived through the exquisite pain of losing him twice before, and I was willing to risk going through it again if it meant having my greatest dream realized.  We were 8,000 miles apart, but aside from the geographical inconvenience, the time and circumstances were finally right.  So I said to him the words I had kept locked in my heart for 15 years. 

And every single morning when I woke up, I woke up to live my dream.  Every night when I went to bed, my heart was happy. 

There were also days when I asked myself if this was too good to be true, too good to last; days when I doubted my belief that I was the best for him.  How could I measure up to all those beautiful women he used to be with?  Maybe he’s only with me because I was right there; I was convenient.  I told him this once and he said that if he only wanted something that was convenient, he’d be with a girl who lived in the same postal code as he did. He had a good point.

But, still, I continued to ask myself what he could possibly see in me.  I would often compare myself to his exes, or women I knew he would find attractive; I did this both in my head and out loud.  He did his best to reassure me.  He told me, yes, he made choices before based on superficial reasons, and none of those choices made him truly happy.  But I did; choosing me brought him true happiness. 

As the saying goes, love is sweeter the second time around.  And it was for us.  We became the kind of couple that everybody else found annoyingly cheesy.  But we didn’t care.  We already lost so many years. 

We made plans for the future.  He didn’t know when he could come to visit me, but he promised that he would make it happen.  Eventually, we talked about marriage.  Even with my unwavering belief in us being soul mates, I had never been the kind of girl who had dreams of wearing the perfect dress and walking down the aisle.  But he painted for me different pictures of us saying our vows to each other, and I couldn’t help but get swept up in it.    

There were still a lot of obstacles ahead.  Our individual situations were far from ideal; but together, we would make it work.  I had my insecurities, yes, but of this, I was certain.

Finally, he was able to visit me.  With the help of a beloved aunt, he was able to fly to the Philippines for our first anniversary. 

The 16-year wait was finally reduced to an 18-hour stretch.  At last, my cell phone rang.  I answered it.  His plane just landed.  As I sat in the cab on my way to the airport, I didn’t feel the nervousness I expected to feel; not even the excitement.  I guessed I already exhausted those feelings the entire week leading up to this long-awaited moment.  I still had to wait another hour as he went through immigration.  I was looking in the other direction when I heard him call my name.  I turned around to see that familiar smile I fell in love with.  The next thing I knew, I was in his arms, he was kissing me deeply, hungrily.  He only stopped so he could tell me he loved me.

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#2014-06-27 17:36:12 by zhangxiujin @zhangxiujin

Achelle, you broght tears of me. you language is always supple!!

#2014-06-27 23:54:17 by anonymous10687 @anonymous10687

Achelle...all as I can say is wow. wow and more wow! So romantic, your ability to express your emotions, feelings, love, hurt, pain, anguish, elation and the feeling of knowing he is your one and only for so long is truly remarkable. I am sure our Chinese ladies here could learn a lot from you!

As I have read your evolving romance I have come to realize you should be a professional author!!!

Holding my breath for the next episode..

Oh and yes I am a western male so I appreciate romance...:)

#2014-06-28 00:24:14 by Barry1 @Barry1


"As the saying goes, love is sweeter the second time around. "

More nice prose, thank you, Achelle. Yet I must admit to being a tad confused ("So what else is new?", I can almost hear you say).

The reason for this is because in an earlier artcle when you mentioned meeting Hans, you said

"Third time’s the charm, they always say."

Yet in this current article, you said this was the second time around?

Then to add further confusion to the mix, in the earlier article, you mentioned,

"A year into our long-distance relationship, he was finally able to visit me from the U.S. Seventeen months later, that long-distance relationship came to an abrupt end."

So it seems that even though you and Hans finally met, a year and a half later, you broke up again, despite the obvious love that you shared between you both.

Or am I missing something here? :^)

And it seems also that Hans had two children from his previous relationships, yet these are barely mentioned in your articles. So I assume his kids remained with their mothers in the USA?

Oh, what a tangled web this all seems to be. I look forward to its final resolution, Achelle.

#2014-06-28 21:28:58 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons


Thank you. Words can really be magical, can't they? I wish you happiness! :)

#2014-06-28 21:43:19 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons


Thank you for continuing to follow my story, and, as always, for the lovely words. :)

I always knew writing this story would be emotionally demanding, but I'm glad to know I'm able to successfully convey all the emotions that give depth and color to all those memories, so that the reader can also know their texture, weight, and form. .

#2014-06-28 21:54:56 by AchelleVinzons @AchelleVinzons


I always take pleasure in indulging your curiosity!

Regarding your first question, when I said in a previous blog that "third time's the charm," I was referring to the third time that our paths crossed. The third-time-charm was also our second chance at being together.

As for your second question... I can't give anything away right now! ;) You will just have to find out along with everybody else!

And, yes, Hans' two boys are with their mom in the U.S.

I hope you've been well! I'm also enjoying your stories about your visit to China, and I'm eager to find out if your CLM journey will also end on a happy note, just like the CLM journeys of so many others did before you. :)

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