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When My Long-Distance Relationship Came to An Unexpected End – INTERLUDE    

By Achelle Vinzon
4763 Views | 13 Comments | 4/12/2014 8:17:09 AM
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#2014-04-19 16:16:25 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Attraction is not a choice."

The marketer who coined this phrase was incorrect, I believe.

Let me give you an example. Suppose I won ten million dollars in the lottery. I bet many of those ladies who had summarily dismissed me in the past would suddenly appear out of the woodwork, pretending that when they had slammed the phone down in my face at our last conversation, after telling me to "go away!", that they had only been kidding.

So one reply to the marketer who coined this erroneous phrase could be along the lines of,

"A negative attraction with no money will always remain negative, ie no choice.
A negative attraction with huge gobs of money can turn negative suddenly into positive, ie plenty of choice!" (cash)


Thank you for enlightening us all what this word means, Paul.

Now that I know what it means though, I can't say it in front of all the dear Chinese ladies who may be reading this. I urge anyone here who henceforth uses this word, that they spell it as follows: boll(dot)(dot).

Or it could simply be referred to as the "b word". Similar to how the "f word" is often called the "f word". :D


"wonder why he has so many time and energy to meet and find so many chinese girls in china or any other country? super hunter."

Thanks for your comments, Eva. And what a great term you've coined here in describing Paul as a "super hunter".

With your cognisance, I may use this term also in the future to describe someone who has mastered the art of going from lady to lady, akin to a bee flitting from flower to flower.

Though I think Paul has settled down in his ways. He's a very responsible gentleman now who I believe in the future will be an inspration to us all. I hope to read a blog article soon on his latest adventures in China as far as ladies are concerned. I'll be surprised if he hasn't already found "the one" right lady for himself already. (clap)

#2014-04-20 21:00:20 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Barry, thanks for your kind words here mate. I think the "bee analogy" you described is not quite what evahuihan was getting at
I would like to try to explain her "super-hunter" comment in words that only women can relate to

@evahuihan, it's your lucky day because our good friend Barry has invited you out for dinner on Saturday night
Oh what a shame dear..... you haven't a thing to wear have you ?
So off you go to buy a nice new dress to wear on Saturday

You go to a familiar clothes shop and you try on a beautiful dress. Oh it is so wonderful and makes you look and feel great
Hhmm, but maybe...... maybe that new shop that has just opened in the high street has nice dresses also
So off you go to have a look
You find a lovely, beautiful dress and once again you feel good and look good, but now youo compare it to the first dress and you are not 100% sure....
So off you go again......many many dress shops and you have tried many many beautiful dresses
They all look great and most of them make you feel good - but you cannot help but compare them all to the very first dress you tried on

Finally, after trying 15 or so different dresses in different dress shops, you are tired - but at the same time you begin to feel that no matter how hard you look, you are not going to find a dress that you liked as much as the first one

So now you go back to the first shop and buy the first dress that you tried on

It may seem like you have wasted a lot of your time trying on the other 14 dresses, but IF you had boought the first dress in the first instance (and never tried the other 14) you would always be wondering if you made the right decision
What IF there was a nicer dress out there and you had not taken the time to look?
How would you feel....curious perhaps?

So in this instance it is YOU who were acting like the "super hunter" - it was YOU that needed to be 100% certain in your own mind that you were in fact buying the RIGHT dress for you - a dress that you knew would make you happy - simply because you tried many others and none of them came close to the first one you tried

#2014-05-03 22:30:18 by evahuihan @evahuihan

well from wht you wrote above i can tell i m quite right that the word' hunter' suits you well .you even like imagining a stranger to be same like you to hunt to be curious to be indecisive in simply buying sth.

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