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When A Mask Gets in the Way of Chinese Dating    

By Achelle Vinzon
2839 Views | 1 Comments | 8/21/2013 6:00:44 PM

Don't let a mask get in the way of romancing your Chinese love.

Your plans for a romantic lunch date with your special Chinese lady can be easily ruined by the untimely announcement that atmospheric particular matter levels are high enough to require the wearing of face masks and/or staying indoors. Indeed, air pollution in China’s most urbanized areas can get so bad that residents are regularly kept up to date on particulate matter levels so they know when the air is safe or unsafe to breathe in directly. Wear-a-mask days can definitely get in the way of Chinese dating, in more ways than one!

For starters, masks can make communication difficult. As if the noise pollution is not bad enough that the locals seem to be screaming at each other all the time, having your words muffled while you’re walking your date home and getting confused looks from her will probably leave you no other choice but to raise your voice. How romantic is that?

“You have a beautiful smile.” “I love your dimples!” “You have a very cute nose.” You will have to come up with other compliments when half her face is covered with a mask. And again, the sweetness behind the flattery will be lost when you have to scream it in her ear. You can forget about getting a peck on the cheek!

The National Meteorological Center reported earlier this year that the recent air conditions in Eastern China have been the worst in record since 1961. And Chinese experts are saying that the problem is only going to get worse, with the sources of air pollution continuing to increase. The chronic smog problem in many Chinese cities has made masks a basic necessity in daily urban living. Here are the best ones available in the market, as pictured above.

1. If you want the same level of protection that construction workers get from their masks, 3M Particulate Respirators do the job very well. You can choose from models that protect against non-oil-based particles, ozone vapors, and nuisance level vapors. These disposable respirators are sold on the 3M website in bulk; you can also purchase them in smaller quantities from Fashion Grade: B for Blah. If your choice in mask is any indication, Kiss Probability would be: Iffy, your kiss might be as generic as your mask!

2. A good, reusable brand, Totobobo is manufactured by a Singapore-based company. They have four, different mask models, all of which have replaceable filters and can also fit children. The masks and filter packs are available on their website. Fashion Grade: F for Funny. Kiss Probability: Maybe, if your date finds kissing a funny activity, anyway.

3. If you want an American brand, Moldex makes disposable masks that offer 99.97 percent respiratory protection from particulate matter. They also have a model that comes with a carbon filter to also protect against O3 and SO2. Fashion Grade: D for Decent. Kiss Probability: As gray as your mask.

4. A UK brand, Respro is used by bicyclists and motorcyclists. Respro masks are reusable; a filter lasts roughly 69 hours of use, after which it need to be replaced. The only problem with this brand is that it does not fit perfectly around the nose, so some pollution can still be breathed in, reducing the protection level from its goal of 99 percent to 88 percent. Respro makes three different masks to protect against different types of particulate matter. The price is higher because the product still needs to be imported from the UK, but they are available online at the World Health Store. Fashion Grade: C for either Cool or Creepy. Kiss Probability: Chancy, depending on whether your date thinks you’re cool or creepy.

5. A decent one you can get from Taobao is the Honeycomb ACF Pollution Mask. The mask is made up of an outer layer, two inner layers of polyester, and an activated carbon filter. Different studies reported varying levels of protection, but the mask still significantly reduces inhalation of pollutants. Fashion Grade: D for Dreadful. Kiss Probability: Dreadfully low.

6. Vogmask is an environment-friendly, reusable, and washable product that claims to filter particulate matter bigger than 3mm, as well as bacteria. However, results from independent tests are not yet available and so an accurate level of respiratory protection has not yet been determined. Vogmasks are sold on their website. Fashion Grade: A for A-OK. Kiss Probability: Not today, but most likely when you ask her out again on a blue-sky day.

Unless policies in China have changed by the time you read this article, masks are considered medical supplies and so are intercepted when sent from overseas by family. Your best option is to order them online.

Of course, nobody wants to look anything like the slasher Jason Voorhees when going on a date with a Chinese woman; fortunately for you, masks are in fashion in China, so your date/girlfriend will not find it weird at all. She may even wear a matching mask! Or you can always just cook lunch or dinner for her at home.

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#2013-08-21 19:13:00 by anonymous7192 @anonymous7192

This is exactly why I have been putting off my visit to China. So polluted!

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