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YayaLiu is 40 yrs old, and has College Diplomas in Marketing and Chinese Language. She has two occupations: Interior Decorating for a living, and Writing the love of it. Her blog will speak from the POV of a traditional Oriental woman on marriage, family, love, friendship, work and how to look at Western men… If you are a Western man YayaLiu will help you communicate more easily with Oriental women.
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What is the Real Chinese Woman?    

By YayaLiu
9175 Views | 18 Comments | 8/18/2011 3:23:18 AM

I did not expect to open BLOG at CLM. Initially I went to the CLM, I want to see what kind of Western man. A month later, I feel the cultural differences,So, I hope the opening BLOG, I hope that Western men feel through my BLOG Chinese women's lives and thinking,even as small as molecules feelings, I am satisfied.

I recently read some of the BLOG, I was shock! The authors describe BLOG woman he met in China: greed, vanity, shallow, promiscuity, lying, fraud, cunning, do anything for money. Chinese women have become the devil incarnate. I carefully read the BLOG, deep in thought, the real Chinese woman, what kind?

Chinese traditional culture around the two words: loyalty and filial piety. Traditional Chinese women follow this fundamental principle, in China, which is called "keep the Women virtue", This means that a woman must do! Over the past three decades, Western culture into China, Chinese traditional culture has been greatly affected, but the core--loyalty and filial piety--never changed!!

The real Chinese women love the family, to respect husband. Family first, husband and children are the most important person. For the family, we can endure any hardship, we guard the family, because home is the warmest place--husband and children's habitat.

The real Chinese woman is gentle, considerate, attentive. We make delicious food, to do cleaning, laundry, obedient husband , wholeheartedly love husband, to take care of him.

The real Chinese woman is modesty. We do not play, we know that knowledge is endless, we strive to learn more. Quarrel and different views, we first look at itself.

The real Chinese woman: simple, thrift,not the pursuit of luxury. We do not have a lot of money to buy expensive clothes and jewelry, we can only buy simple dress, but we are dignified, beautiful.

The real Chinese woman loyalty, reject promiscuity.The vast majority of women I know, life is only 1-2 men.

The real Chinese woman is honesty, trust. I have not seen to reduce the age of the woman,not one!

The real Chinese woman is strong, brave. You see Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng, you will understand Chinese women can do anything for her husband.

The real Chinese woman is cautious, we do not easily open our hearts to others, we are always as careful to judge a man, Because our hearts belong to only one man.

The real Chinese woman is patient,wait,.we patiently wait for the right person, we are willing to wait for him any time. We know, hope and love buried deep in our hearts.

This is the real Chinese woman!

You do not see air, does not mean that the air does not exist; you in the rain, does not mean that the sun does not exist; you do not meet real Chinese woman, does not mean there is no real Chinese woman.

You come to the CLM, as you open a Pandora's box, you see the greed, killing, terror, disease, desire, suffering, but Pandora's seventh son is hope! Do you have hope you have love, you have love, certainly there is a real Chinese woman waiting for you!!

I do not doubt that BLOG, those demonic women, in reality, exist! However, anywhere in the world have such a woman! If you see a grass, so you think that you see the whole forest; If you see a few sand, so you think that you see the sea; If you see a fly, so you think this is the Phoenix; If you met some terrible Chinese women, so you think that all Chinese women are the same. If you to China, so you think you understand the culture of China five thousand years ..., this is poor!!



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#2011-08-18 08:28:57 by Jaguarguy @Jaguarguy

Yayaliu, I have read most all of your blogs over the last few months and I appreciate your insite into Chinese culture and women. I am going to comment about this because I have found on 2 occasions that what you write about is 100% true in the Chinese women I have met online.

I am a western man and came to CLM 3 years ago to find an asian woman for marriage because I was discussed with american women. After intially chatting with 4 or 5 there was one who seemed true to Chinese culture. We talked on QQ, webcam and phone for a year because I wanted to be sure she was not greedy, shallow or a liar. I know that you can only know truthfully in person but for me to come to China for a month I felt I needed to feel inside that she was truly what I thought a real Chinese woman would be.

She was exactly what you have typed and I was happy that she was. Unfortunately her life changed there and she could not bring her son to the USA if we were to marry and I could not move there because of my business so we decided to move on in different directions. She now has very successful clinic in Xiamen and I wish her well.

In January I meet another women but not on CLM but working for factory I do now business with. We talked for 2 months casually and now talk on QQ, webcam and phone 2 times a day. I must be very lucky because she is also exactly like traditional chinese women you discribed. I plan on traveling to China the end of the year to spend time with her and if she is as she seems we will discuss marriage.

I just wanted to comment that I ( I am only one western man) have met 2 wonderful Chinese women who are as you discribed so I am proof that there are caring, honest, loyal, trusting, traditional Chinese women out there for the right man just as you say.

I would also like to say, I never talked sex with them, until months later. I also never asked for pictures in sexy clothes, which I know some men ask for. If they offered these things right away I would have stopped talking with them. I think that is something some men need to realize also. If they want to impress you with sex talk and sexy pictures they are not a traditional Chinese woman.

Please keep posting as I do enjoy reading what you type.

#2011-08-18 11:19:43 by icecreamnini @icecreamnini

哇,说得太精彩了,你为中国女人说了句好话,yes,that is really Chinese women

#2011-08-18 14:05:19 by doctorj @doctorj

yaya, yet another thoughtful and sensitive piece! we men have a tendency to remember only the extremes among the ladies, the few liars and cheats. but anyone who has been here any length of time, and particularly those of us who have been in china know the majority are very much like what you characterize here. thanks for these words of support for the chinese lady!

#2011-08-19 13:24:35 by anonymous2284 @anonymous2284

You say too good, you perfectly interpret the Chinese woman, the most of Chinese women was born in 1950 - 1980, they can really know how to do a good wife and good mother,some westerners description only is some young girls or someone desire to change the current situation of the poor, So, if the western man only to get beautiful young girl, and ignoring the real feelings, may be they will be to pay expensive cost

#2011-08-20 10:09:51 by sherrylu @sherrylu

Hi Jaguarguy:
you said right, the real Chinese women is traditional , they never discuss sex at initially few times chat with western man, as you described if this Chinese women show your sexy picture and can talk about sex at your first chat, she obviously want to use sexy appearance to attract you, then to achieve their own goal. the result is you can’t walk in the same road.
I agree your way, the real Chinese women more would like to know about both work, life habit, personal hobbies, to children, friends, relatives of some views, and what plan for future life together
When you discuss these question with Chinese women, you can feel she is whether greedy, shallow, vanity, truthfully, loyal modest, considerate, intelligent, unselfish, then you can decide whether carry on. The same the real Chinese women also will decide whether carry on through with your communication

#2011-08-21 02:54:37 by keveen @keveen

You have described the traditional idea of a Chinese woman. Lots of Chinese girls and women describe themselves as "traditional Chinese girl" but that is just the idea they have of themselves. Everybody like to have a good self-image. In reality many are not as you describe. It seems to me they are just as much a mess of ideas as everyone else and just as confused about what they really want. :) Actually inconsistent, contradictory, sometimes insensitive to the needs of others and not so faithful. The only reason they are faithful is that many don't go out much. So they never get a chance to be unfaithful. The biggest defect in Chinese people is not saying what they really think or want. They get a shock when they come to America or Europe cos people can say things you might not want to hear.

#2011-08-23 02:18:04 by anonymous2299 @anonymous2299

I went to China to meet (name deleted), a woman I corresponded to for about a year. When we met, she was pushy and kept prodding me to get her a Fiance visa. She and her friend were obviously only interested in that, and after meeting me only for a few days, she went to my hotel to sleep with me, to entice me to get her the visa. She was not really interested in me, it was anyone who would get her the visa would do. She stopped talking to me when I was not to be pushed into immediate sponsorship. Good riddance!

#2011-08-23 23:09:15 by keveen @keveen

Of course there are just as many nice Chinese women as anywhere else and just as many messed up ones. :)

#2011-09-05 19:07:54 by thunderbolt007 @thunderbolt007


Your description of the pure traditional woman is very accurate. I have met many such women and i admire their pure sense of loyalty to the right man. Thank you for your support of what I have already discovered. I search for a woman such as you and will continue until I too have one of these marvelous people in my life.

#2011-09-06 23:12:39 by lotusmaster @lotusmaster

I live in China, and it is my experience that Chinese women play by a different set of rules when it comes to foreigners. For example my Chinese friend asked a girl in Chinese "Ni you mei you nan pengyou ma" She told him why so personal you don't know me why do you ask me that. She didn't know I speak Guangdong hua and Putonghua so I asked her the same question in English, she immediately told me no I have no boyfriend. This doesn't make her good or bad it's just an example that Chinese women treat us very different than they would Chinese men... The woman you describe I see everyday and know them well, and they are all married to Chinese men. I have never met such a woman married to a foreigner.

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