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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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What About The Perils of The World?    

By Imi
2671 Views | 8 Comments | 12/13/2015 2:16:37 PM

The world is in trouble, and Chinese or Asian women considering moving to western countries need to plan for all possibilities.

I've been wondering, for a while now, about who's going to write an article about the perils lurking in the west or, in fact, in the entire world. There are a great number of people who are willing to follow their dreams and start new lives in a foreign country. So, this is my motivation for thinking that people, including Chinese and Asian ladies, should know a few things about their desired countries and the perils of the world.

I kind of feel an imaginary pen, shaking in my hand when I pick a topic as significant and, at the same time, as delicate as this. However, after what had happened in Paris, I have to put aside my fear of failing at this task and face my fear, just like all of us have to face the harsh reality that our lives are no longer as safe as they had been a few decades ago.

I may not be the right person to write about this matter since I wasn't born in one of the so-called developed countries: USA, Canada, and Western Europe, which, we can all agree, are the most favorable amongst immigrants to start a new life in. However, I lived in one of these countries for twenty years, I can see and hear, and I have a brain inside my skull, which, unfortunately, fails to work properly more often than not but still wants to think about things during those short intervals when it is working on full blast. Hence, I feel that I'm entitled to say a few things on the matter. These are my own thoughts and observations about the perils that exist in these countries that I've mentioned above. If I have hurt one's patriotism or beliefs in any kind of way during the process, it wasn't my intention.

When I started my online dating career, I had exchanged a few emails with a Chinese girl who, according to her profile, wanted to find a husband in the USA who made at least $150,000. It was two criteria that I didn't fit in at all. Originally, she initiated the contact, and when I asked her why she did it since my profile had clearly stated that I lived in Canada, she said that Canada is the same as the USA. She was wrong about that, and a few more things after that that I found out during that few days we had talked. The girl didn't have a clue about the USA or Canada at all. I asked myself, why would anyone, with less knowledge of her dream country than a chicken has about science, want to move to any country?

My answer was, she was a dreamer. She saw the world through the movies that were made in the west. She saw–to use Barry's expressions–only fairytales with honeyed harps playing music in the background and fairies using fluffy white clouds as a platform to dance. The movies distort reality. They cover the ugly truth about life, like the fast-food chains and the food industry hide their secrets from the world.

There was a reality show that I liked to watch around 2010. Every week, the show asked a millionaire to leave his/her multimillion dollars home and live in another city for a week without his/her cars, cellphones, credit cards, and cash. The show provided them with houses in an impoverished district of the town and gave only enough cash to them that was equivalent to the amount that an unemployed person received from the city as welfare, which, usually was around $30 to 50 for a week's worth of food. They had to do volunteer work every day at different non-profit organizations that gave back to the poor people or helped them with something in the community. By the end of the week, every one of them had changed. The blindfolds were lifted off their eyes, and they started to see the real USA. Some of them cried, and some of them were in shock as they realized how most of the people in the USA had to live day by day.

On the last day of the week, they went back to the organizations they volunteered for and told the regular volunteers the truth that they were there only for a week and that they were actually millionaires. They also thanked the volunteers for their services to others, and every one of them gave between $50,000 and $150,000, spreading the amount among three volunteers who they thought did the most for the community. Most of these lucky volunteers, instead of using the money for themselves, donated it to the organization that they volunteered for to help more orphans, retired and sick people, single mothers, or anybody who needed a little bit of a break in their lives.

These millionaires lived in the USA and were actually even more ignorant than the Chinese woman I mentioned above. They didn't even know how lucky they were, living their dreams before they went on this show. There are only 20% of the people in the USA who make $80,000 or more in a year, and in Canada, the percentage is only 10%.

Everybody has a dream.

For some, it's wealth, but in my opinion, too much money cripples people's minds, narrows their visions, and diminishes their care for others, and they see reality through a keyhole. The actual millionaires are those volunteers who, after having received the money, gave it to the organization. These people are the ones who live their dreams and grow their wealth in their hearts; they will never go bankrupt.

I had a dream once, and I felt very lucky to be waking up to it every morning. Those people in Paris had dreams, too, but they were taken away in a split second. They didn't suffer for long. Their families will. France will never be the same, just like the USA has never been the same since 9/11.

Canada and the USA are two countries that–if I'd say Europe is an old man–are only toddlers. China is Methuselah compared to them. Both the USA and Canada were built on immigrants. Both the USA and Canada receive lots of immigrants from all over the world every year. Most of these immigrants are excellent, hardworking people who really want to change their lives in their new country and accept its laws and modern traditions. However, if only 0.001% of these immigrants came to create panic and mayhem in their new country, they would succeed because they are brainwashed religious fanatics. They don't care if they die as long as they take a few hundreds or thousands of innocent people with them.

Those people, including the Chinese and Asian ladies, who are already in the process of moving to a new country or just still thinking about creating a better future for themselves should try to pre-medicate their culture shock by educating themselves about the country and, especially, the city they'll be moving to because they don't want their dreams turning into a nightmare. They got used to a lifestyle in their original country, but not everybody is going to think the way they do in their adopted country. They might know one or two things about the citizens, but they wouldn't know their backgrounds or where they came from. They wouldn't know their traditions that are still deeply rooted inside of them. There are areas in every major city in the USA and Canada that are unsafe to go to after dark.

One of my friends, while I lived in Toronto, went to visit his relatives in Detroit. He got lost in a bad area of the city and got robbed at gunpoint at a red light after dark. His relatives told him he was lucky not to lose his rented car, too, and that he should have run the red light because that would've been safer.

Vancouver is a beautiful city, but it has a street full of drug users downtown that scars its beauty like an acne ruins flawless skin. These people are on that street 24/7, lying on the sidewalk, fighting over a shot, or robbing each other, and some of them die alone right there in the city, which had received the title of "The most livable city in the world" at least five times in the last ten years.

There are districts in Swedish cities where the citizens can't go in at night time because it's controlled by Muslims who can't and never will accept Swedish laws. They live by their own law (Sharia law). Sweden has turned a blind eye for years about these communities that are brewing a caldron of hate. How much longer is Sweden going to wait before she goes down on the same path that, unfortunately, the USA, France, England, Spain had already gone down?

If Canada imports beef from a country and it is discovered that one or two cattle have the mad cow disease, it will put a hold on the imported beef or may even ban it. Paradoxically, Canada doesn't care if the domestic livestock are fed with GMO crops. That's not my point, though. My point is that how come Canada scrutinizes the imported beef more vigilantly than the 25,000 Syrian refugees that it wants to bring in by the end of the year? How will it know for sure that, in less than two months, one of them doesn't have the mad cow disease and blow the CN Tower up in Toronto?

Religion and greed are good topsoils for violence that could lead to wars. I don't mean to cause bedlam here on CLM and get lashed by some religious members in the comments for my bold statement, but to me, it seems that many wars in the past erupted because of some kind of religious issues. Many lives had been lost, and many modern minds had been tortured and died just for one thing–that, later in the future, his reforming views would be accepted. Now, the Pope flies around the world in an airplane, not to the edge of the world where he flies, without stopping, into nothingness or hits a wall and falls on a giant turtle's head that happens to support the entire world on its shell. If there is one God, why are there so many religions? If there were a God, why would he let people kill each other under his name? These radicals that make their presence felt in every religion, should be dealt with by their own faith for damaging their reputations. Muslims should deal with their own cancer just like Catholics dealt with the priests that molested or raped innocent children. I think, and these are my last words on religion . . . I think MAN MADE GOD.

With this article, I barely ruffled the feathers of this bird that we call the ugly side of reality that can wing its way into one's life so unexpectedly and tear a heart into pieces way too easily. I could go on and say more about what my concerns and perhaps fears are about my future, but I won't. Luckily for us, it's not the only bird in the sky. There are smaller birds, too, called hope, dream, passion, knowledge, awareness, care, and YOU and I. Together, we can build a better future that flies even higher in the sky.

Please, don't be like that young Chinese woman who was ignorant about her dream country, and please, be careful, and keep in mind that Hollywood is just a crippled bird disguised in iridescent feathers.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-12-13 14:14:19 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi, you've really dived into a lot of topics here, and almost all of them are thorny issues, so I am not sure where to start with a comment. And that's not to say I'm not interested in them because I am actually very interested in almost all of them.

It is also not to say that you should not have raised them all because you did tie each of them to the purpose of your article.

Generally, I think the broad strokes you are painting on a variety of topics was done to provide a bit of an eyeopener to the Chinese and Asian ladies that the so called "developed World" is not a bed of roses anymore and they need to "hope for the best but plan for the worst" as they contemplate moving to one of these countries to be with a newfound partner. And I think that is a mission well worth completing. Hopefully some of the ladies will read this blog and spread the word.

However, you need to know that many, many Chinese do follow the world news and keep up with the goings on on foreign countries. Of course, like everywhere else, some Chinese pay no attention at all to what is going on in the west and can greatly benefit from any effort to educate them on that point.

So a job well done Imi. In many ways this post reminded me of the blogs written by Daniel Chermont or @pourquoipasamour who we have not heard from for far, far too long. His blogs frequently were sweeping looks at events of the day, or at cultural differences or issues, and they were always fascinating and very popular with the members. I'm sure this one will be as well.

#2015-12-13 15:25:42 by Barry1 @Barry1


"With this article, I barely ruffled the feathers of this bird that we call the ugly side of reality that can wing its way into one's life so unexpectedly and tear a heart into pieces way too easily."

Another wonderfully descriptive metaphor Imi, in one of the more serious articles you've written.

Yet I remember in Part 6 of your "The Immigrant" series, you said in one of the comments to me:

"My blogs are mostly for entertaining, and yours are for talking about more serious topics"

I'm glad you're now writing about current events and pertinent issues occurring around us, especially as they relate not only to China specifically but the world as a whole.

We live in dangerous times, it's true. ISIS fanatics have openly said if they can get their hands on a suitcase sized nuclear weapon, they won't hesitate for a second to set it off somewhere. Can you imagine what would happen if this occurred say, in the middle of London or Paris? Or Wall Street in New York or alongside the White House in Washington DC when the President was in residence there?

I know this is a dating site but certainly articles reminding us of the realities of the world around us - both good and bad - are welcome indeed in my view. What would happen to dating sites such as this if parts of the Western world were destroyed, for example?

One of the prices of freedom is vigilance, and articles such as yours remind us that the world as a whole isn't necessarily full of sweetness and light unfortunately.

#2015-12-15 10:24:50 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Thanks for your comments.

I'm glad you remember what I had written to you, once, in one of my comments to you. Yes, Barry, I said that, and I still keep most of my articles for entertainment. However, when I feel, there is something to say about a recent event, I will take a break from my favorite instrument, - honeyed harp - and pick up a tuba.

Sometimes, I believe, everybody should sit down and think about where this world is headed. When I moved to Canada, I had no clue what these terms meant: serial killer, serial rapist, pedophile, school shooting, mall shooting, work related shooting. I wish I've never had to learn them. Since 9/11, my vocabulary increased by the names of terror groups. I don't have children, but I need to ask: What world are we going to leave behind for our children, the future generation?

I gotta go. I'm getting depressed. Thanks again for your comments.

#2015-12-16 12:47:09 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Imi, you can tune a harp, but you can't tuna fish!

Sitting down and thinking about where this world is heading would drive everyone to depression
I agree with you that the world is not a good place right now, but it's the only one we have
The likes of ISIS must GO- they must be destroyed before they destroy the peace that many western countries currently enjoy.
There's an old saying that if there is a WWIII then World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones because everything we have will be annihilated
But perhaps your point has more to do with another little 'cliche' that I read a few years ago


Now THAT is something to think about!

#2015-12-16 22:21:49 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


I agree with you 100% on this one.

However, I'd like to add a couple of things quickly.
We didn't inherit the world nor did we borrow it. We as humans got an opportunity to make the best here on earth on borrowed time.
We think the earth is going to stay like this forever. We think we are the drivers, but we're not. We're only passengers.

I read a book some ten years ago. I liked it so much, I bought it in hard copy, too, with photos in it. It's called, "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. I'm not sure if you're familiar with that book or not, but if you didn't read it, I'd like to recommend it to you if you want to think about deeply "nearly everything."

Just a few things that are worse the mentioning from that book, quickly. It talks about from the "mighty" atoms to the infinite universe and time and everything between. Molecules, amino acids, which one was first? It's like the egg and chicken dilemma. We're living right now in an inter glacier period. After this, Ice Age will return because the earth as an orgasm has a cycle itself. The huge magma chamber under Yellow Stone park that is 30,000 years overdue. The Sun's 12-year cycle and the Quebec power outages in 1989. How we got from "Lucy" to modern man? Multi-universes, multi-dimensions. Dark matter, dark energy, dark flow. The two major extinction of animals and the third one is going to be us, humans. By a rock? By a tiny virus? By a natural disaster? By ourselves? We don't know, but it is inevitable.

So I'm asking, why don't we just try to live our best here on earth and collect and give as much positive as we can? And when the unavoidable happens, we can die with dignity as human beings.

Thanks for your comments.

#2015-12-17 18:56:18 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

I also like Bill Bryson - he's certainly a thinker...

But Imi said 'So I'm asking, why don't we just try to live our best here on earth and collect and give as much positive as we can?'

I think that for many of us (including me) there is one word that actually answers Imi's question......RELIGION !

#2016-01-07 21:52:50 by sharonshi @sharonshi

If Chinese lady knew little about her dream country, may you recommend these movie by Hollywood. They kind picture reality and are inspiring!

The Pursuit of Happyness 当幸福敲门时
Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story 风雨哈佛路

Most Chinese women know Jack and Rose in Titanic in 1998 when it was bloody popular in China. And they may be interested in what happened in their life if Jack and Rose survived and lived together after 10 years in 2008. Revolutionary Road (革命之路)tells. Poor communication in marriage could ruin romance entirely.

To live the dream and take life responsibility, enjoy the films of LOVE series:
Love Before Sunrise (爱在黎明破晓前) love story
Love Before Sunset (爱在黄昏日落时) love art
Love Before Midnight (爱在午夜降临前)love philosophy

Let's Live in Realistic optimism. (f)(sun)

#2016-08-10 19:22:37 by LWJ @LWJ

@imi5922;             Well I do like your thoughts on this subject from all of you.I do live in the US,and it has me unknowing about what is to happen here in the next year or two if that long. `I foresee with the President that we have now as being a Muslim leader himself,and is actually not for the US,rather than for himself and his Muslim Brothers.He has been bringing in Muslims by the thousands and giving them citizenships without the usual vetting and training most imigrants went through to be good upright citizens. The Government (Congress and POTUS) have gotten this country in such a turmoil,I don't see a way out of it. Our Leaders have gotten us into debt to China for over 3Trillion Dollars,and is putting us farther into debt by giving all of thir new so called Citizens free healthcare,food,housing,and money to live on while not having to work for it and making the taxpayers pay for it. There is also so many able bodied American Citizens who are on Welfare and never are asked to lift a finger to earn any of it,then there are the illegal imigrants coming in from Mexico,that are also given a Social Security card and welfare as soon as they get here according to a new presidential law about a year ago. This is all done so the Political Democratic party will get more votes to keep them in office.Which is actually killing the rest of the country off. Then Our illustrious President has also signed a bill to bring in no less than 100,000 more syrian refugees by 2017 which are mostly all men,and Muslims,as well as possibly ISIS. I'm just thankful that I was able to go through Med school in the Military,and also during my 25 yr stint in the service I made it a point to go to as many Military and Governemnt surplus auctions as possible.I stocked up on Medical suplies of all kinds,I also purchased a Missile Silo from them stocked with everything except an atomic Missile.,with great running water from an underground spring. I have it stocked with 51 semi-truck loads of MRE's and K-rations,150 cases of Cipro,Pennicillin etc.and many other forms of protection if needed just in case.I do not live there as I don't want everyone knowing where it is,so I rent cause it is next to my favorite fishing and relaxy lake, which puts lots of the women shun me,lol. Now back to the girl you were talking to. I too have found most of the ladies want a man who makes at least 50K plus a year plus has a home paid for etc. They fail to realize most men that make that kind of money are already attached,and the ones making over #100K also either are attached or have 5 - 10 women in his "Harem" at all times and doesn't want to be attached..And that most other men have been married at least once or more times and divorced and if divorced the ex has gotten the homes as well as 80% of the monies.An about 80% of the men left over do not have the funds to go jetsetting around the world like I've seen alot of the women want. I notice a lot of the ladies want to see the world,well I have seen the world while in the Military,and granted there were many nice places to visit,but most all the places I've visited after you get out of the big cities are basicly the same as home,except for the types of houses and people,everything else looked like home.And the funny thing of it is,I can go anywhere withing 300 miles from where I live in the center of the US,and find the most beautiful country ,just as nice as even China,which I took R&R there when I was in Nam many years ago in the early to mid 70's.,,So I like you feel that everyone of the women in any country wanting to find a mate here should really check the place out they will be living,also the area.,and make damn sure they really want to be in a committed relationship with that man. Thanks again.

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