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Western Men Dating Chinese Women: Yellow Fever My Ass    

By John Abbot
3503 Views | 10 Comments | 11/17/2015 6:31:34 AM

Sick of being told you have Yellow Fever because you love a woman of China or Asia? Here's your chance to protest.

Okay, I admit that maybe I was overreacting but enough is enough! Someone brought to my attention a braindead article that got posted not once, but twice, in two major publications. In it The Telegraph UK and ChinaDailyAsia take the basic approach that every western guy who is attracted to Chinese or Asian women is suffering from a sexual perversion. Needless to say, as someone married to a great Chinese woman, and as co-owner of CLM and ALM, I was more than a little pissed at this crap being published as if it was an unquestioned fact, when it is actually a careless and extremely insulting slur with no basis in fact whatsoever.

So I have recently posted an article on our Blogspot page titled "Yellow Fever and Western Men Dating Chinese Women: It’s Time to End the Insulting and Racist Stereotyping" We also have posted a video entitled "Yellow Fever My Ass" with that Blogspot Article and on Youtube. 

I am not going to repeat the content of the article here because I would very much appreciate everyone going and reading the article itself by clicking the link above.

Since you're on this website and reading this blog chances are pretty good you'll agree with us. We would really appreciate everyone sharing the article and the video with as many friends as you can. Please give them each a like on Facebook and Youtube, a G+, share them, tweet them, comment on them, email them, do anything you can to help us get the attention of the world about how vilifying these kinds of articles are to people who are basically good, loving and caring individuals who happen to give their love to someone, also good and caring, from another culture.

Please also use the links below to go to the two bad articles and let them know what you think. Feel free to link to our video or blogspot article in your comments if they'll let you. 

The Telegraph UK


Please also feel free to provide your comments and thoughts below.

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#2015-11-17 20:54:39 by AussieBhoy74 @AussieBhoy74

This is nothing new, crap articles like this appear in the media from time to time. The usual stereotypes "he must be desperate", "can't get a woman in his own country", "Asian women are all "sluts" ( yes, a white Australian woman even told me that face to face once, she even said Asian women are more likely to have HIV! )

Anyway, I don't care if Western men are more attracted to Chinese or other Asian women ( like I am ) People are attracted to different things. If a man does have "yellow fever" ( yes, I'm guilty again haha! ) it is not the business of the Western media or the women in the West, they can take a hike! We can just ignore those who don't like our relationship choices.

And if a lot of Chinese and Thai or other Asian women have "white man fever" or "Western fever" I don't care either, good for them! People can date, have sex with, or marry whomever they want.

For Asian women, when you get labelled as "sluts" or "gold diggers" or whatever in the Western media you can just ignore this rubbish, or if a white girl calls you stupid names you can just say "I feel sorry for you, ignorant and stupid!!!!".

#2015-11-17 23:38:32 by Barry1 @Barry1

The article that John refers to above commences thus:

"Ever heard of yellow fever? No, not the disease you can pick up when travelling to certain countries. I'm talking about when Caucasian men develop an acute sexual preference for East Asian women – even becoming a fetish, for some."

As a man who's engaged to a beautiful Chinese lady, I find the term "yellow fever" quite offensive.

I suggest that the author of this article has deliberately highlighted this term simply because it would be sure to create a little controversy, helping to guarantee publication of the article.

"I could write a nice fluffy piece of misinformation about this colourful phrase that'd help pay my rent for this week!"

The fact that this lady repeatedly refers to the disparaging term "yellow fever" is all the more surprising given that she's of Chinese origin herself. But hey, we all need money to pay the bills, right?

What the author of this article has failed to do is to comprehensively and clearly denounce the urban myth about sexuality, Western men and Asian ladies. She skirted around the edges of this, quoting various differing sources for their rather spurious viewpoints, but in the end she failed at a wonderful opportunity to shed some sorely needed truth and light onto this subject. The article could've been so much more informative than the vacuous, vapid piece that it was, written solely to cater for the unenlightened masses.

As I said, this is all the more surprising given that she's Chinese herself.

#2015-11-18 09:48:37 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Yuan Ren is a female chauvinist idiot who hasn't got a bloody clue what she's talking about!

I could read her article in the Telegraph but can't get onto CLM BlogSpot, You Tube or even ChinaDailyAsia
But the telegraph article was enough to make me understand the feelings of John Abbot

The woman is deliriously stupid !

You don't need 'a recent survey of single 18-25 year old males' to tell you who they want to sleep with!
Essentially, they want to sleep with a PRETTY girl and they don't really give a rat's-arse what the colour of their skin is. They could come from another PLANET as long as they're pretty (Which Ren is NOT, by the way - so maybe she's jealous of pretty girls?)

Sites such as CLM etc exist only BECAUSE many western men are pissed-off with the attitude of many western women and they want a change. Cross-cultural relationships can be rewarding and interesting simply because of the cultural differences and NOT because someone down the local pub said Asian women are better in bed.......what a load of utter bullshit and nonsense!

'Yellow-fever' is the name given to men who are attracted to Asian women - a STEREOTYPE - but what about men who are attracted to blondes, brunettes, red-heads, fat women, tall women etc etc etc. They aren't stereotyped...., are they?
No, of course not.
Blonde's and redheats etc etc are usually western women who are rarely submissive and 'man-pleasing' in the same way as Asian women are (again) stereotyped to be.

If Asian women ARE more submissive, or more compliant or less likely to challenge their partners than western women then that is indeed an aspect of their CULTURE and is one of the cultural differences that may attract a western man/men - it has NOTHING to do with sex - as this so-called 'journalist' attempts to portray in her ridiculous article.

#2015-11-18 16:12:01 by AussieBhoy74 @AussieBhoy74

Well said Paul Fox. Shall we say that white men who like blonde women have "blonde fever" ????

That is the stupidity of this sort of thing, You raised some very good points. As for me, I would say I have yellow fever. I find Asian women to be very sexually/physically attractive, but obviously that is not the only reason. Many of them are cute and funny, that is very appealing to me! A lot also very reliable and nothing is a big problem for them.

If Asian women want to please Western men I don't see the problem with that, as long as it is reciprocal. A man should try to please his GF or wife also. I always had a 50/50 relationship with my ex-Thai wife and the three Chinese GF's I had in seven years in China. That is healthy and there is nothing wrong with it.

Western women who don't like it can go jump in the lake!

#2015-11-20 13:21:32 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

It's an idiotic article, rambling and incoherent. The reference to Lum's documentary is journalistic malpractice, because Lum in general paints a very sympathetic picture of the relationship that Single Asian Female details. See also my two blogposts here on Lum "They're All so Beautiful." And while we're on the subject of my blog, I do plan on getting back to it after the semester ends here. Sorry for stopping in mid-stream. More later..

#2015-11-21 14:15:02 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@AussieBhoy74 - thanks for your comments. I think that your comments are all very valid from an individual point of view. That is, each of us should, for the sake of our own sanity, ignore the type of asinine remarks made in the article complained of when we confront them in person. Who would bother arguing with a raving, rabid man hating feminist when she tossed the Yellow Fever accusation at you? Doing so would be a hopeless waste of time. Better to shrug them off as if they don't exist and move on.

But for millions of us as a group to back down and ignore this bullshit would be a big mistake. If the only side of the story anyone ever hears is that western men who are attracted to or love Asian/Chinese women all have "Yellow Fever", and we don't as a group respond, then pretty soon the whole world will have bought into that complete abortion of reality, and couples like us will be denied the right to live normal lives, instead facing dirty looks, knowing sneers and non-acceptance everywhere we go.

By acquiescence we will have turned a ridiculous slur into a harsh reality.

@Barry1 - a couldn't agree with you more. The article is completely vacuous.
@PaulFox1 - and deliriously stupid.
@woaizhongguo - and idiotic, rambling and incoherent.

Which tells us that if The Telegraph and ChinaDailyAsia are not going to apologize to us for the insults, they should at least apologize to their readership for publishing braindead garbage.

Peter, good to hear you'll be back. Your contributions have been missed by many of us.

#2015-11-21 16:17:57 by anonymous14217 @anonymous14217

What is the best way to deal with the yellow fever tag? Ignore it. Live a lasting quality relationship with your Chinese partner. Nothing speaks louder. Don't waste any of your time putting Western women down. Don't waste time looking for negative looks from others because what you look for is what you find. Put all of your focus and energy into building a positive relationship with you partner. Negativity is simply a waste of your precious time because it just breeds more negativity.

#2015-11-22 09:47:17 by Nekko @Nekko


John, I agree with you 100%. I am suffering from this fever for the last 30 years or maybe even longer. I am very happy to have this condition. Cheers, Nekko

#2015-11-24 18:26:35 by AussieBhoy74 @AussieBhoy74

I think to ignore the stupid comments is the right thing to do, but if someone gets in my face I won't ignore it. I think it was disgraceful for a white Australian woman to tell me that
most Asian women have HIV/AIDS. I told her freedom of speech is great, but her remark was ignorant and offensive. She just said, "I know I'm right". There is no point arguing with a woman like that, she will believe what she wants to believe.

Asian women who hate other Asian women who marry Western men also need to be put in their place if the opportunity arises when they make disparaging remarks about Western men.

#2015-12-04 20:48:07 by aussierider @aussierider

I saw Lum's documentary a few years ago and I had some mixed feelings about it. I thought the documentary was very much biased on her premise of reinforcing her notion of Yellow Fever. Interestingly, she is married to a caucasion man so I wondering does she have white fever or doeshe have yellow fever?

The term peversion, in relation to sex, is very Fruedian in the origin of its use. Unfortunately perversion was neither negative or positive in its originally meaning, it only meant that it was a deviation from what was considered normal in the victorian era ie. a white man and white women. Why? In itself it is a reflection of the times and the social thinking. Unfortunately it was also racist in that the English believed they were superior to all others (but that's another argument).

I'm sitting in an apartment in Hefei with my significant other only a few metres from me. We both cook, we both clean we both express our desires on what we do in our day to day lives as well as our long term goals. Submissive? far from it. We are partners, we are equals and that is what we both want.

Are there some people out there who believe in the stereotype of asian women being submissive and who serve their husbands? Yes there are men who believe this and will pursue a woman who is like that but there are some asian women are like this as well. There are also some western women this way. Race has nothing to do with a persons personality, it is to do with the beliefs that the person has been raised with to believe. Wester society in the 1940s and 50s still preached a women's place was in the home serving the needs of her husband and children.

Times have changed but unfortunately lack of knowledge of other cultures has lead to superficial understandings that have created sterotypes. The only way to beat the "yellow fever" and "jungle fever" (yes it's the same thing) racist tags is to educate people. Tell them the truth and above all educate them. Some people just don't know any better. Teach them and become and ambassador for mixed couples everywhere.

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