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Western Feminism    

By John Abbot
3396 Views | 1 Comments | 7/15/2015 1:43:25 PM

This is a place Chinese women are unlikely to go!

The photos say it all, don't they?  This goes along way to explaining why western men are choosing Chinese women as partners.

And my response to this young lady is simple enough:

"Okay, we will not tell you how to dress, and you don't tell us who to date, love and marry!" 

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#2015-07-15 23:51:32 by anonymous13606 @anonymous13606

As a single western guy I see this type of behaviour from western women all the time., usually they are feminist lesbians shouting off at the mouth as though they have a royal entitlement to do so! I have noticed an upward trend in the amount of "neo" feminists in my city. There is a group of "women" if you can call them that who have a Harley Davidson bike gang, there is around 20 of them, dressed in black leathers etc, no male bikers allowed to join them only women and they are very, very hostile.

On a serious note who wants to see a 350lb "woman" dressed in black leather riding a HD? Not a pretty site. To each their own I guess.

Love these daily articles John.

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