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Welcome To California!    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2581 Views | 4 Comments | 1/7/2012 7:12:15 PM
Tag: Dating Fun  

I was back in the United States recently, to attend my friend Steve Jobs funeral. “Steve”, I whispered over the headstone (which had iPhone4s and a camera function); “Now (in this twilight moment with the iWind whispering through the iPine trees and the last light of iDay fading, etc., etc. ) “It seems trivial that you stole all my ideas, and because of that the world doesn’t recognize I, Ken Silver, as the most creative genius of all time!”

And really, Steve, it’s O.K. Its O.K. it’s called the iPhone and not the Kenphone. Except, Steve, I got nothing left but this six pack of beer.

(Note to Readers…brilliant Steve Jobs misses the No-Brainer of All Time… “Lucky Guy! We can cut the cancer out of you! How about tomorrow?” and so dies. So, kindly cut your self some slack on your own stupidities.)

Well, let bygones by bygones, I was 20 billion dollars poorer, but I had my beer.

Even, Stephen!

The iGhost and I drank a last toast; I stumbled away.

When I got back to the commuter train station I needed, in my deep sorrow, to urinate. Shockingly, the rest rooms were closed. Fear of terrorism, the sign read.

I did the math. The restrooms – which would have been used by roughly a quarter million commuters a day - have been closed now for roughly ten years for fear an Evil Doer might leave a thermo nuclear device in the Men’s toilet. Makes sense, doesn’t it.

To be specific, since every male in California either abuses himself or smokes a joint while in the toilet stall, the terrorist would - to keep cover – have to perform one –or both!- of those two functions before detonating his thermonuclear device. He may or may not flush, or wash his hands, but I suppose bringing the Sun to the Men’s Room makes up for that.

Same on the buses. Gangsters, perverts, (the wrong kind of perverts); junkies, alcoholics, Authorized Representatives of Every Criminal Gang in the World, get on and off the bus and all the bus loudspeaker can say is “Report suspicious looking packages left unattended to the bus driver.“

What’s America without an Enemy?

What’s America without Winners and Losers, as faithfully and breathlessly reported on by the omnipresent media?

What’s America without Homeless beggars in the streets, serving as a warning to the rest of us? Watch your step!

What’s America without America?

Stay tuned!

Oh, never mind. There is no country like California. Mountains, ocean, coastlines, deserts, forests, great food, great people, great surfing, great highways, great neighboring states, the beautiful unique city of San Francisco. Beautiful beach blondes. You can party down in the metropolis of Los Angeles, or you can lose yourself in northern forests that have more mountain lions than people.

Usually you can get a hotel room for $60 USD or less, a night, and car rentals are relatively cheap. Eat out of supermarkets. Bring travel medical insurance.

California is a great country.

See it soon.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2012-01-08 01:54:59 by danruble @danruble

Ken.. beaches blondes and booze have been the staples of life in California even before Murray Wilson's boys made it popular.. But that you were in Santa Cruz and never called? Next time, Crow's Nest... the first Peron is on me...

#2012-01-08 13:12:10 by Estherniuchun @Estherniuchun

Hi, Ken,

How are you?

Would you mind if I asked you some quesions? Thank you very much.

Why do Westerners just do not want to like or love a woman?

Why do almost all Westerners men like to show their naked body? Wow, something confuses me now, almost most Western men here I met asked me to talk via webcam. But when I did it, I found a naked body out there, so I have to close... Disgusting! Why naked? And a handsome guy told me that he could not be naked so he felt very sorry, haha. I dont understand because I like a guy if he has never been naked. Thank you very much.


#2012-01-08 21:25:53 by 09neko23 @09neko23

@ esther

Regarding individualism, stereotyping and diversification

Just got done reading your post and i must say i was wondering why you said that.. You are free to voice out what you think so i might reply to that in return. However do not get mislead with what televisions, movies shows you.. Since those medias are somewhat overused misleading and stereotyping other culture.. Which is what i also teach people older than me not to stereotype people from China or any part of the world whether any parts of asia, north korea south or what not.

I do believe that in order to understand another culture, one must focus on a scale of not more than a person's individuality before judging the masses. It is not like you tested 1million american people who wants to show naked bodies and each one showed them successfully or 1 million irish men and women all drink alcohol.

I must say we need not to justify culture and the way of society as a whole, stereotyping will not give you true wisdom of the subject matter but will just mislead you and give false answers, not just to you but also to people all around the world.

My favorite quote and the reason why i have high respect to diversification.. " everyone is an individual. "

Also i just read something in your profile like " love at first sight." if you ask my point of view about it..

If someone says he loves you at first sight, give him a hardslap in the face.. He just wants to be with you in bed.

Real love is knowing the good and bad qualities of a person and accepting that person as a whole.

#2012-01-09 04:24:24 by joffa @joffa

Wow Esther, I dont know what kind of western men you are attracting online, but I couldnt think of anything worse for a woman, than going onto a webcam and finding a complete stranger naked on the other end, I dont think this is to normal. I will check your profile and see if there is a comment "only naked men should reply" haha (just joking). Anyway, keep looking, Im sure there are more men that dont want to be naked online than there are ones that do :)

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