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We Have All Lost a Dear Friend and a Guiding Light    

By John Abbot
9451 Views | 36 Comments | 2/24/2015 6:24:22 PM
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#2015-03-01 20:03:34 by Barry1 @Barry1


"we can feel his strong and immense love to China from his blogs and this makes us believe he must have a loving heart for all people around him. Our world needs more of this kind of person to positively influence us and make the world to be more peaceful and in harmony"

Beautifully expressed thoughts, thank you, zqy2014.

Your words describing the importance of both mental and physical health show that you are a very caring person. I hope that many people read what you've said and more importantly, take positive and constructive action to follow your well meaning, smart thinking advice.

You also said,

"Gareth is gone, but his positivity and heartfelt love to China & all people around will always live in our heart. His leaving gives us a lesson about health, love and life. Hope he can have a quiet and peaceful time in the heaven and a better next life cycle."

More beautifully expressed thoughts, zqy2014.

Like you, I also believe in Buddhism. For what it's worth, I believe Gareth's next incarnation - his next life cycle - will indeed be more harmonious than the one he has just lived.

Gareth faced certain physical challenges during his life that he met head on with stoicism, fortitude and many delightful lashings of good humour. I reckon he passed the character tests that were thrown at him with flying colours. The lessons that needed to be learnt in this lifetime were well and truly overcome.

Thus I take comfort in the fact that Gareth's spirit won't need to face such harsh challenges again, as his immortal soul soars upward in the future onto increasingly greater heights, burgeoning happiness and most important of all, approaches ever closer to the final goal of us all, sublime and eternal enlightenment.

God speed to you, Gareth.

#2015-03-01 21:04:15 by Grace172 @Grace172

Oh, no!!!! It’s really a shock and unbelievable sad news!!! I could not believe it for a while.
I love reading Gareth's articles since I registered CLM. I really admire him! I can tell he was a very smart and intelligent man from his insightful articles. My heart is sinking and tear is out.
People come and people go, but we have never expected a nice man would leave CLM in such a way. Life is so short and unpredictable!
I feel sad for his wife and his family. I suddenly remember he used to make the comment on Imi’s blog about doing exercise and keeping fit. Healthy is much more important than wealthy! Hope every man here try hard to take good care of your health for your family.
Rest in peace, Gareth!

#2015-03-01 21:57:22 by Grace172 @Grace172

Hi, Paul, I know you are one of the best friends of Gareth. He must be very happy to have you as his friend. Thank you so much to share his funny "game" with us. But you please take good care of yourself. You are one of my favourite writers here. We have lost a wonderful writer. I do not want to lose you here even though passing in sleep is quite enviable. I believe many women here do not care your physical size, but they will care about your health. I am happy to hear that you made a goal of closer to 95.Maybe sometime you will write us some articles about the process of you achieving your goal. I will be your faithful reader and will support you.
Take care!

#2015-03-05 10:50:27 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


Hi Barry, thanks for all your affirmation given to me. Hope everything going fine and smoothy on your side. Yes, thing often happens at its right time and has two sides meanings.

#2015-06-03 13:11:04 by kellyDA117 @kellyDA117

天呀!我差不多一近两年没来这里,今天再来,却看到了这这个消息,这是真的吗?显然是真的,garreth 也是我的朋友,他去逝世的消息,让我很难过!

#2015-07-07 11:08:34 by williamallman @williamallman

I'm a newcomer to chinalovematch, but after reading a few of Gareth's posts I can see why he was so well-liked in this community, and reading the comments here about him touched me deeply. My heart goes out to his family and all the people who knew him.

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