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I spent 20 years punching a time clock... then decided there had to be another way. Right now I'm sitting in a comfortable chair on a beautiful beach. There's a sweet, soft breeze in the air. In front of me, on the clear blue water, a boat drifts by. Maybe I'll go snorkeling this afternoon, or work on my tan. This is my kind of tropical paradise... cheap and unspoiled!
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Want to Visit Bali?    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2801 Views | 4 Comments | 1/20/2012 12:21:07 AM

Bali! Possibly the most perfect island in the world! Should you go? When’s the best time for your visit?
Answers- Yes! Go! And you should go 82 years ago. Can you have your ticket booked and luggage packed by December 1930?

No? Pity, cause nowadays tourism is so rampant even the Balinese monkeys run gift shops.(Rent binoculars here to see our furry butts! Sightings guaranteed, tourist!). Veteran travelers can’t believe how commercial Bali has become.

The highway from the dazzling beach at Kuta (home of the Ronald McDonald Surfer statue) to the beautiful forest town of Ubud is frequently gridlocked; allowing plenty of time to make your Art purchase from the endless roadside shops that line the road.

Talk about island serenity!

Still… lets’ weigh the facts and draw our conclusion…

Visually, Bali has everything. It has glorious beaches, most especially the Endless Beach that centers at Kuta Beach (home of the International Airport) and continues through two more coastal suburb towns.

It has scenic and non-active volcanoes jutting like firm breasts out of a forested landscape.

As the Italians say, “Its’ gotta nicea climate”.

Bali also seems to have a living spiritual culture which consists of pretty women worshiping, flower trays in soft hands, just about everything. Who can argue with that! (Well, it’s a blend of Hindu and animistic religions. And it’s visually scenic and musically harmonious.)

So, you can snorkel, ride bikes, scuba, explore, wind surf, surf, or just laze in the sun. And amazingly, Bali isn’t expensive. It really can be Paradise on the cheap. Ten dollars American will get you a decent hotel, complete with a simple breakfast. Native restaurants aren’t easy to find, but the tourist restaurants will sell you a quality, beach view dinner for under $5.

Art is the Thing on Bali. (Yes, even the monkeys wear smocks and paint.) Every cheap hotel is architecturally a museum. For $40 a night you can stay in the equivalent of the Louvre. For the price of a coffee you can loaf away the afternoon in the statue filled flower gardens of restaurants that size wise bring to mind the gardens of royal Versailles.

Its’ the combination of religious culture and cheapness that make me give Bali the edge over the great islands of Hawaii.

A note on that religion – Balinese feel their island is filled with spirits, and the Balinese are their traffic controllers. Hence the daily worship. I believe it. After visiting a Balinese temple I had a vivid dream in which I totally was hiking once again with my beloved long deceased dog. Thanks, spirits!

Anyhow, every Eden has its serpents, and the main one here is of course the overflow of tourists. Australians mob the island, which is a short flight for them. Australians are Tropical Russians. Friendly, talkative, and completely rigid in their viewpoints in the worst kind of Darwinian way.

Ha, ha, just joking. But the tourist brings the vendors, who can drive you buggers, mate.

Another downside is that the island of Bali is an island of Indonesia. Nothing wrong there, except the legal system consists of scholarly debates over which hand should be chopped off for smoking funny cigarettes. So don’t. And don’t. Play it real legal on Bali.

Yes, you should visit Bali. Air Asia has cheap flights – from major Asian cities - if booked in advance.

Tell the spirits Ken sent you!

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#2012-01-20 08:12:41 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

Sounds good. Always wanted to go.

#2012-01-21 18:36:34 by Indonesian79 @Indonesian79

I'm from Indonesia but I'm Bali virgin. Should be only an hour and half flight from where I live, I'm saving up for the one though ;)

#2012-01-23 02:02:52 by Lexicroft @Lexicroft

Bali is so beautiful , yes this thread is right , Bali is so cheap , and full of Australian Spring Break mob , Balinese people is very polite to tourist from other country , but not for local tourist , especially from Jawa Tengah , they think terrorist who bomb Bali is from there so they don't like it , and local tourist is love to litter , so they don't like it , so if you want to come to Bali , Make sure you said you are from other country hahaha. Most Beach in Bali now is poluted , BUT i heard there is beach only for other country tourist , its called Dream Land i think , THE BEACH IS SO BEAUTIFUL , the water so blue , the sand so white, its for upper class tourist, you gonna charged about $20 for entering there , but i don't know, the beach is like calendar photo, no wonder its called dream land :) . If you want go to another beautiful beach go to Lombok Island , there is good too , but lack of tourism infrastructure , its still native , If you want go to anywhere in Indonesia try my city , Bandung , its just 2 hours drive car from Jakarta , try go to Lembang , you can try delicious indonesian food like Colenak , Rujak , Sate , martabak , Kue Balok , Peuyeum , etc , but people here is lack of understand english, even the police so make sure you contact tourism agent in Bandung. You can see Pedicab / Rickshaw running around in my city (I'm Forget if there is pedicab /Rickshaw in Bali) Ow , and Bali Sculpture and Art is so good and Cheap but be careful when purchasing and shipping , they may give you wrong item and broken item (my parents got tricked). I suggest you Ship the item yourself... And be careful , there is sacred place called Sange , its filled with monkey, give them banana or peanuts they gonna photo with you AND if you don't careful they gonna take the camera too hahaha, there is Bali bird park in there , also mountain with inn , i forget the name, My Conclusion , want tropical vacation which is cheap, good, polite people ? try Bali

#2012-01-25 16:22:44 by aussieghump @aussieghump

True, Bali is the playground of the 'footy trip' mob from Australia - making a 'weeklong pilgrimage' to drink copious amounts of beer near a beach - many are unlikely to have travelled anywhere else in Asia and are there for a 'good time' and a bit of a 'muck up'...there are plenty of places catering for this! They are proud, loud but generally good-natured, but they can be aggravating - even to other Aussies like myself!

As with most 'tourist spots', it is better to get away from the 'tourist areas' and head for the hinterland...You will find the local Bali people are genuinely interested in what you are doing, and are happy for you to 'hang around' in their villages if you behave yourself.

Many of the touts and 'tourist trap' people in Kuta and other places do not appear to be Balinese - instead coming there to make money from other parts of Indonesia - so be aware of this and be careful with your possessions and your money...but the same in any city really! On holidays, we sometimes let our guard down, to our detriment!

Travel safe, travel smart, travel respectfully!

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