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Valentine’s Day: Impress Your New Asian or Chinese Love    

By John Abbot
3118 Views | 16 Comments | 2/11/2017 12:46:48 PM

This Valentine's Day find your true Asian or Chinese Love

On our members are at many different stages of relationship with their Chinese or Western partners. Maybe you met your new Chinese woman or Western man a few days ago here on the ALM or CLM dating site, and you’re just starting to get into a serious romance. It is equally possible you met your true love months or even years ago on one of our sites, and you’ve already started living together; perhaps you’re already married. Or you could be anywhere in between those two extremes.

Whichever it is, Valentine’s Day is a day to warm your lover’s heart, and it’s a good day to make a commitment to yourself to do the things from that day forward that will ensure your new true love lasts forever. Here’s some advice on how to do that effectively.

Romantic Rituals Are a Great Foundation for Lifelong Love

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for five days, five months or five years, you probably know that relationships require effort in to be successful. Maintaining regular communication, being willing to compromise and providing emotional support for each other are key elements of a healthy partnership. However, one of the most crucial, but easily neglected, requirements of happy couples is to never take each other for granted. With busy schedules and stressful obligations, it’s common to neglect your partner, leading to feelings of insecurity and resentment. Taking time to connect with each other through small acts is an easy way to show your love and devotion. Consider the following suggestions for creating small romance rituals to incorporate into your daily routine.

A Loving Wakeup Call

Starting off the day with a ritual of love can be one of the most effective actions you can take toward keeping your relationship on track. Beginning any day on a positive note is always a good thing, as it seems to set the tone. We all know that a bad day usually begins that way and continues with a succession of annoyances. If you live together, begin a wakeup ritual that can be as simple as giving each other a kiss before allowing the other to leave the bed.

Those who are still dating online, or have met but still live apart can get creative with texts, sending short notes, a loving or funny meme or a cute GIF that your new love discovers as he or she is beginning each day. It doesn’t matter if it is your morning, so long as she awakens to find your thoughts of her to give her comfort throughout the day.

Your Daily Get Together

Setting an intentional ritual for coming together upon returning home or completing your work day can truly help to make you feel more connected to your mate. This kind of connection is often lost in the hustle and bustle of fixing dinner, checking kids’ homework or any of a hundred other daily obligations. Whether you live together or on opposite sides of the planet, your check-in ritual can be as quick as stopping to ask about each other’s day or a leisurely hour sipping a glass of wine together to catch up.

Of course, if you’re in dramatically different time zones, one of you might be sipping that evening glass of wine, while the other is enjoying a morning coffee or tea. The key is to find a time that works for both of you, and then do something that makes the time enjoyable for both of you.

Bedtime Affection

At the very end of your Asian or Chinese love’s day (or that of your Western man), when her time is settled and quiet, is a perfect time to reassure your love of her importance. A simple statement such as, “I know how busy you are, so it means the world to me that you took time out of your day send me a note”, or “your message this morning made me smile all day” lets your true love know she or he is in your thoughts and in your heart. Reaching out in some small way in your other half’s evening can become a cherished ritual that goes miles toward cementing your bond.

These are suggestions to inspire you in the creation of your own romance rituals, but use your imagination on Valentine’s Day, and then on everyday going forward, to create the rituals and then to keep them always comforting, loving and sometimes intimate, but also sometimes fresh and new. The more imagination you apply to these small rituals each day, the more appreciation you will spark in your Asian or Chinese Valentine’s thoughts of you. And the more you will be loved.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2017-02-12 07:27:41 by melcyan @melcyan

Good advice John.  Do something special for your loved one every day, no matter how small the gesture, and on special days like Valentine's Day or birthdays do more.

In the blog  "Online Dating – How it Changes with Distance by Melcyan"

if you look at the 1000k distance there is an example of how I made a special effort for Valentine's  Day. Unfortunately, I was restricted to a phone call rather a videochat but it still worked very well.

#2017-02-13 08:43:26 by anonymous15837 @anonymous15837

I will be returning to China to be with my love for a month. Unfortunately, we'll miss the actual Valentine's Day. She was hoping that I'd be there prior to that holiday. So we'll try to celebrate a few days later at a nice restaurant. I have several gifts to give her. Diamond earrings, candy with teddy bear, chocolates (which she asked for) and a soft "I love you" heart. Also a card I bought in Thailand expressing my love for her.I know some Chinese girls like those big hugable bears.

#2017-02-13 13:27:46 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan - I do remember that blog you mentioned and it is a valuable read, so I've added the link to it in your comment above. I hope some of our readers will go and study it carefully.

@anonymous15837 - I am curious. Does your lady ever question what your activities entail when you're off in Thailand? Many Chinese women would assume the worst.

#2017-02-13 14:27:59 by anonymous15840 @anonymous15840

She trusts me as I'm at a Christian conference and avoid any temptation with help from other brothers. She knows I'm attending my organization's meetings and I check in with her via e-mail as to what I'm learning and doing sometimes with pictures.

#2017-02-14 13:59:14 by anonymous15844 @anonymous15844

A Christian men's conference in Thailand - OMG!

#2017-02-16 15:13:35 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Well I hope you are staying away from all those Buddhist monks who are ready to lead you down the path of non-righteousness, lol

#2017-02-17 22:32:45 by anonymous15850 @anonymous15850

It's a conference for families. Brothers is the term used for men who are also Christians. Come on get your minds out of the gutter

#2017-02-17 23:45:25 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Yes. One of those Roman Catholic Satanist Pedophile conventions. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?, haha

#2017-02-19 10:54:54 by anonymous15852 @anonymous15852

Not RC, Satantic nor Pedophile like Hillary and Podesta's Spirit Cooking gatherings. It's a non-denominational, Evangelical group, which I think you used to be a part of at one time, Mr. Fox. It seems that the Buddhist monk that you reference was unable to overcome the sexual desires, which is part of their belief system. Their religion has no power to overcome desires and exercise self-control.That's why priests and monks should be allowed to married, rather than burn with lust. I know several monks who are very worldly and even one who was hiding as disguised female Aussie friend of mine in his monestary, They were both also sexually involved  before the Dalhi Lama helped them escape to India.

#2017-02-20 06:49:18 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You said: "It's a non-denominational, Evangelical group, which I think you used to be a part of at one time, Mr. Fox."


With respect, may I ask where you got that 'information' from?

I have been involved in certain groups during my life, but I have NEVER been involved in Evangelical, or any other, religious groups.

I respect everyone's religious freedom and religious beliefs, but people who know me personally, (even several people who only know me from CLM), will tell you that I absolutely abhor 'the church' for various reasons - reasons of which I should not need to repeat here and now.


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