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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Ugly Men, Beautiful Chinese Ladies - Part 7 of the Teaching in China series    

By Barry Pittman
9801 Views | 30 Comments | 1/14/2016 6:40:26 PM

As a long term unbiased observer of this website, one feature that particularly stands out is the fact that most of the men here on average are of discernibly lower intelligence than the ladies.  As a practising teacher working in China, I can say this definitively, having honed my skills both as a keen student of human nature and mental perspicuity, particularly the differences between the sexes.




This fact doesn't immediately leap out however, as many male writers tend to camouflage their vapid stupidity through superficially glossy statements and observations, often laced with annoying testosterone fueled bravado.  Yet when their words are perused more closely, most of what they’ve said is basically just meaningless double-talk or rancorous rhetoric.


Draconian laws of libel and slander unfortunately prohibit me from identifying individuals, but you all know who you are. If you don’t, then let me spell out my main message here in words that despite your pea-sized brains, even you’d understand. 


Most males are dopey, dim-witted donkeys who wouldn’t know a good thing that hit them in the face from a bad thing. By a good thing, I mean Chinese ladies, 99 per cent of who are SMARTER than men and 100 per cent who are BETTER LOOKING than men!


Why don’t all you male dozy dumb-clucks who say they can’t find a suitable partner take a less blinkered look at what’s around you?  For Pete’s sake, there are overflowing oodles of gorgeous Chinese gals behind every welcoming door here, behind every beckoning profile.  Wake up to yourselves, you vacuous knuckleheads.  Stop acting like such overly selective, loopy lamebrains!


Through the well-meaning auspices of, even a torpid troglodyte like myself  managed to find a wonderful Chinese partner of the highest calibre.  It took me all of five minutes, such is the overwhelming abundance of lovely ladies here. Or actually two minutes, if you disregard the three minute toilet break that I had half-way through the rigorous searching process. 


So to all those male knuckle draggers who’ve been on this website longer than this, I put it to you that you’re all way too selective. Or way too stupid. Either that or your offputting appearance would make the gargoylish Elephant Man look downright appealing.  Most likely it's a mixture of all three!




Gentlemen here thus need to really wake up to themselves. Stop looking in the mirror and pretending to see a Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise staring back at you.  Accept the harsh reality of the situation.  If the sad truth be known, most of you have looks that would frighten young children and make innocent puppies run yelping back to their bitch. 


For the sake of the male half-baked half-wits reading this, the word “bitch” in this context is entirely appropriate, as all it means is a female dog. Do I have to explain everything to you! 


But there's more.  Take a look at both the forums and the blog articles on this website. Check out how many interesting and/or informative pieces have been written by men.  Then do the same for those written by ladies.  After performing this exercise, the statistics I came up with were 504 good quality pieces had been penned by ladies, with three reasonable ones written by men.   I might add that the three decent articles that had been submitted by a man were all written by Gareth, who sadly isn't with us any more.


Lord have mercy on us!


I can now hear all the waspish men on this site saying “These figures are absurd! Rubbish!”  But if you don’t believe me, then do the research yourself.  Check out all the articles on CLM that’ve been published over say, the past twelve months. This will then shut you up! Apologies will be accepted from you via the Comments area below this article.




“What about John Abbot?  As co-owner and moderator of this website, surely the many pieces he’s published over this period must all have been of a high standard?”

This is a fair enough question.  But with all due respect to Mr Abbot, he’s not the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer.  I once owned a smart talking parrot that I swore would’ve beaten Abbot in a game of chess!  I know for a fact that his dear wife is in fact the brains behind this website, not Mr Abbot himself, God bless him!  Appearances can be deceiving and in this case, with photos of Editor Abbot liberally strewn throughout this site, one could easily fall into the erroneous delusion that he’s the driving force behind it. 


But no!  John Abbot is just a clever front.  His beloved wife is far-and-away smarter than John will ever be. So to Mr Abbot let me say - the jig is up! You’ve been found out old son, sorry about that!


But please don’t worry, Sir.  You’re simply on the same block-headed level as the vast majority of male birdbrains here. Most of whom should reverently kneel at the sacred altar of Chinese womanhood, giving thanks to great God almighty that beautiful Chinese ladies possess the profound depth of character and immense inner fortitude to be able to look at the vast majority of weird looking Western men without either bursting out in reflexive, gaggling laughter  -  or else violently throwing up their last meal.  Take your pick!  Now do you see why many Chinese ladies discreetly have a small bucket beside the bed each night?




This article is complementary to an important study already performed in this area.  This controversial work was published in a carefully researched treatise on this website long ago and had shockingly resulted in death threats being received by its courageous yet self-effacing author, such was the indignation and offence it had caused to some of the criminal male lowbrows who read it.  For those few guys who aren't totally nutty numskulls and who possess initiative enough to check out the original document - all one or two of you - it can be sighted here.


It's interesting the above article is heading towards twenty odd thousand page views. This indicates if nothing else, there are about twenty thousand ugly men who now know the grotesque truth about themselves!


Look, enough of this mollycoddling. I’m sick and tired of beating around the bush.  Let’s call a spade a spade. 


The unassailable truth is that most Western men are ugly as sin - and most Chinese ladies are far more attractive.  Why on God's green Earth would a beautiful Chinese butterfly ever wish to wake up in bed each morning beside a hideous gargoyle leering back at her?  This repugnant vision almost makes me puke  -  please hand me a bucket!


I can only surmise that many Chinese ladies are desperate to get to a Western country?  Or maybe through their innate kindness, they're able to offer either consciously or subconsciously an almost immeasurable amount of pity and compassion on their misshapen men.  Or else they’re all half blind! 




Is there a single man out there reading this who considers himself good looking?  Show me a conceited, dandied fop who claims this and I’ll show you a rootin’ tootin’, cigar chewin’ delusionist!


Whilst I’m being brutally honest with everyone, it's reasonable to assume I should also exhibit this same honesty upon myself. Lead by example. Okay, here goes.


The only reason my dear fiancée Tina is with me is because she's badly myopic with vision best described not at 20/20 but 02/02. Have you noticed the glasses she wears in every photo? If she could clearly discern what I really look like under the sheets each night, she’d be mortified.  I love her dearly but I thank the good Lord every night that she's half blind!


So I admit it.  Yes - I’m just as downright ugly and repulsive as all the rest of you very homely hombres, damn it!  Are you happy now that I feel just as humbled and humiliated as you?  Well, if so, then good. Small things amuse small minds. And as I’ve proven, all the male minds reading this are about as microscopic and feeble as you can get!  Yes, this is correct.  The men here are not only hideous but they're lame-brained as well.




Given this appalling situation - the Earth being inhabited by huge numbers of uglified numskulled nitwits who are very short on looks but very big on boneheadedness, what hope has humanity got?  We're all doomed, I reckon!


Despite what some may think, please be aware that I'm no more than a reluctant messenger conveying some unpalatable facts.  I'm not really a bad or malicious dude.  Just a lonely purveyor of awful truths that no one really likes to think about, particularly those bumbling unfortunates who were born at the shallow end of the gene pool.  I feel like an exiled John the Baptist, hungry and thirsty, bleeding and scratched from the razor-like thorns, crying out forlornly as I wander around the desolate wilderness to where I've been so cruelly banished by the angry male laggers and unrepentent knuckle draggers. 


But no one is listening, so the aching loneliness and cancerous torment within me grows larger by the day.  Plaintively and pleadingly I look up to the overcast, brooding  sky above me, exclaiming

"Oh my most merciful God, why hast thou forsaken me!"


But still nothing is heard, except the sound of my own gasping breaths, the shallow beating of my arrhythmic heart, growing more feeble as each agonising day passes.  Acutely cognisant of my looming mortality, I know and accept my disspiriting fate, whatever it may be. Hopefully no more anonymous death threats will be received but should an ugly and violent man (as so many of them are) happen to find me alone in a dark alley on a moonless night, I know only one of us will be walking out. 

I believe and am comforted by the knowledge that in times to come, the world at large will finally and respectfully acknowledge me as a most percipient prophet, a teacher not just of Chinese students but of mankind as a whole.  They'll learn that despite being ignobly shunned and reviled by witless male peers, I courageously yet restively dwelt on this brooding, ill-fated Earth long, long before my time.




But enough of this dark dourness. Let's look at things more positively. On a happier and more optimistic note, let me proffer sincere blessings to the beautiful, kind hearted Chinese females here.  You all richly deserve the best this wondrous life can bring to you and I truly hope you can find it.

As for all the ugly male morons lurking out there with pea sized pebble brains, I advise you to use a full-face mask, wear large dark sunglasses and buy a fluent English speaking parrot that can do all the talking for you when you're chatting to the hapless ladies! 




To be continued

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2016-01-21 00:43:52 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

My Dear Barry, I have no argument to offer that would refute most of what you've said here. and I must begrudgingly admit you are right about the stupidity, the ignorance and the ugliness of the men here, and men generally, including, unfortunately, myself. And, beyond any doubt whatsoever, including you. You, I think, may be our ringleader! :)

By us men being stupid, I think we need to define who "we" are. By "we men who are stupid" I am specifically referring to Western men, and especially white western men. We have basically lost so much of our IQ's that we have decided to abrogate our roles as men and turn that responsibility over to our female counterparts.

And they, being as brilliant as they are, and because we have been so nasty, brutish and domineering of them historically, in their brilliance have recognized that this is a brilliant moment in history in which they can take advantage of of our now obvious weakness, and replace us with something more to their liking.

The brilliance of it all is unquestionable. Our own idiocy in it all is undeniable. But enough of my prattling on about it. Let me refer you to some Western men who are more in tune with the reality of the situation. I suggest that you watch these two videos for a greater understanding of just how pathetically stupid we are and how conversely brilliant our women are.

This, of course, has nothing to do with Chinese or Asian women except to provide a clear and understandable explanation of why we Western men are so keenly attracted to them and anxious to date them and develop relationships with them.

This first video is by Stefan Molyneux, owner and operator of and, I am proud to say, a Canadian. He disguises his stupidity quite well behind a thin veneer of seeming high intelligence. @PaulFox1 - you are going to love this guy, even though he's Canadian.

The second video also clearly demonstrates the stupidity of us Western males, the brilliance of our female betters, and the future of all of us. Europe first, but America coming right behind. This is by Paul Joseph Watson, another guy whose idiocy has a vague appeal to me.

I might add that in spite of their obvious mental superiority to us, I do think I see one minor flaw in Western womens' overall plan to rid themselves of us and replace us with something better. Maybe you'll also pick up on it from watching the videos.

I hope everyone watches these, and then I suggest you meet, date and marry a good Chinese woman ASAP and get your asses to China, which is likely going to be the last bastion of sanity. Barry, you might think twice about leaving that country anytime soon.

#2016-01-21 09:59:45 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Interesting article sir! May I ask you a question? Were your parents SIBLINGS?
Did you get out of the wrong side of the CAGE this morning?
Or did the mental hospital test too many drugs on you today?

Considering you profess to have done so much ‘research’ on this subject I feel it is my DUTY on behalf of the human race to THANK YOU!
You have never fathered any children have you? You have no kids - right? Well THANKS for not adding to the human gene pool!
Your verbosity is exceeded only by your stupidity! You are living PROOF that a human being can survive without a brain!
Before you wrote this, I assume that a thought had crossed your mind - it must have been a long and lonely journey!
Perhaps your whole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.
Were you the first person born in your family without a tail? I really think that somewhere, you are depriving a village of an idiot!

As you rightly admit, you are one ugly ‘mo-fo’ just the same as the rest of us. In fact you are SO UGLY that Tina only accompanies you everywhere so that she doesn’t have to KISS YOU GOODBYE!

As for having kids in the future, fortunately there is little chance now since you are so old, you rode a chariot to school ! (and I can see you acquitting yourself here in a way that no jury ever would!)

You’ll never be unemployed - you could easily get a job in a HAUNTED HOUSE!

I also put it to you that Tina’s eyesight is not as bad as you make out. You have often said that she has a good heart and the fact she is engaged to you is testament to that. She just feels SORRY for you. She knows that no-one else on the planet would give you so much as a second-look. When she looks into your eyes she must see the back of your head!

I once wrote a blog about dating sites being for ‘Sad Bastards’ like us, and my views haven’t changed

You seem to be missing a couple of very IMPORTANT points in your article.

There ARE some very handsome men out there, but most of them are GAY
Those that are NOT gay do NOT need a dating site to find a woman

You worked as a DJ for a while - what was the Robbie Williams song that had the line something like ‘All the pretty girls are married, all the handsome men are gay’?

Men don’t choose with whom to have sex - women do!
Women naturally choose handsome men above us ugly ones. Therefore handsome men get a disproportionate number of women from which to choose.
It is also a fact that women rarely trust a man who is handsome because it is too easy for him to be lured into bed by another. Handsome men make lousy husbands!

Ugly men, on the other hand, make far better husbands simply because it’s too difficult for them to find another woman. They often try to hold-on to their partner and treat her with love and respect - thus giving her a feeling of security (compared to the lack of security she would feel if married to ‘Mr Handsome’)

Handsome, straight guys can walk down the street and bed a dozen women at will - we can’t!
So is it any wonder that sites such as CLM are full of ugly knuckle-draggers like us?

But of course, there are two sides to every coin. Handsome men rarely go after an ugly woman so it’s very difficult for ugly women to end up with a handsome man.

Some of the women on this site look like they fell from the top of the ‘ugly tree’ and hit every branch on the way down and many probably bark louder than their mother, so it’s not the men who have the biggest share here - it’s fairly 50-50 I’d say.

Ugly men go to a dating site to find a reasonably attractive woman. A reasonably attractive woman can have her choice of the ugly men and choose one that is ‘passable’ or perhaps the ‘least-ugly’ of her ‘suitors’.

Handsome men and beautiful women DON’T NEED DATING SITES!

Each and every one of us here are here for one reason only - WE’RE ALL UGLY!

You and I are complete opposites mate. You are obnoxious and arrogant whereas I am arrogant and obnoxious!

By the way , there will never be a battle of wits between you and me mate, I would NEVER pick on an unarmed man !(rofl)

#2016-01-21 15:28:44 by brisbaneboy @brisbaneboy

Thankyou Paul, you had me laughing so much I forgot for a moment the sadness of knowing how ugly I am.
I have to thank Barry too for the opportunity to follow such a hilarious discussion.

#2016-01-21 18:06:28 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I suggest you meet, date and marry a good Chinese woman ASAP and get your asses to China, which is likely going to be the last bastion of sanity"

I watched then two videos you advised us of John and they were disturbing in the messages being portrayed.

Europe is on the edge of a mass migration of both Middle Eastern and African refugees. Huge societal problems are likely in coming years resultant from this. Yet anyone suggesting this are likely to be labelled as racists or xenophobes by the far Left.

In the meantime, China is controlling its borders much more stringently. Its population is much less cosmopolitan than most of the developed world. Many would suggest this in the long term will help promote peace and internal stability. This is a fascinating area of research yet to be fully performed.

There's no simple answer to all of this. Genuine refugees need genuine help and compassion from those that can afford it. By the same token however, a robust evaluation and assessment process must be undertaken to weed out potential criminals, undesirables or indeed, terrorists from incoming migrants.

Watch this space. There's a lot more to come on this topic in future years.

#2016-01-21 18:30:20 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for the amusing reply, Paul - it was a laugh a minute. You really are the master of witticisms and one-liners!

In fact, you should start your own comedy show, such is your comedic talent.

On a more serious note, one thing you said was:

"Some of the women on this site look like they fell from the top of the ‘ugly tree’ and hit every branch on the way down and many probably bark louder than their mother, so it’s not the men who have the biggest share here - it’s fairly 50-50 I’d say."

I really hate to call a woman ugly. Why? Because appearance is more important to a female. Women are supposed to be physically attractive. Men are supposed to be strong in body and character, with facial appearance being much less important than what it is to a lady.

So to me, I regard every lady on this site as being beautiful in her own way. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

So please repeat after me, Paul:

"Many men are a little ugly, all ladies are lovely however in their own unique way"

#2016-01-21 23:24:04 by anonymous14465 @anonymous14465

Barry, I had to read this article twice! The first attempt at reading was continually interrupted by my ROFLMAO!! This has got to be the funniest article you have penned yet! Love it!


#2016-01-22 20:35:21 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You said....

Genuine refugees need genuine help and compassion from those that can afford it. By the same token however, a robust evaluation and assessment process must be undertaken to weed out potential criminals, undesirables or indeed, terrorists from incoming migrants

You are correct.

On a serious note, the biggest problem faced by many western governments is how to care for the GENUINE refugees

Countries such as Britain and Australia offer some kind of ‘Welfare State’ system for their citizens. China doesn’t. Sometimes I genuinely feel that China would feel much happier if ALL ‘foreigners’ went back to their own country - God knows they make it difficult enough for us to stay here!

Without going too deeply into boring territory, the ‘welfare state’ is fast becoming the master of its own destruction.

It’s a wonderful IDEA that working people pay taxes to help fund the old-age pension and when working people retire, the younger generation will pay taxes to help fund THEIR pensions.....and so-on

Between 1946 and 1964 the biggest generation in living history was born - the ‘Baby-Boomers’
In the USA alone, 77.3 MILLION babies were born and as of 2015 those ‘babies’ are between the age of 51 and 69 - which means WHAT?
They are heading for RETIREMENT and guess what...? There’s not enough new workers paying tax to pay for their pensions

Immigrants from many countries see the welfare system as nothing other than ‘free-money’ so that’s where they head. Enter the ‘boat-people’ in Australia and hoardes of Europeans heading for the UK

Governments need to sort out the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’ and take care of the GENUINE refugees (as opposed to the ones they call ‘asylum seekers’)

Such are their number that it costs the taxpayer in Australia around AUD$70,000 per year for each asylum seeker - and in the UK a whopping 1.5 MILLION pounds per DAY is spent on these people, who are waiting to be processed.

This is SERIOUS money!

Right NOW there are more people in the UK aged 65 than there has EVER been before. It’s little wonder that western governments want to increase the age of retirement!

The whole system is simply IMPLODING on itself - and it will only get worse!

#2016-01-23 01:59:20 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


You wrote: "Genuine refugees need genuine help and compassion from those that can afford it. By the same token however, a robust evaluation and assessment process must be undertaken to weed out potential criminals, undesirables or indeed, terrorists from incoming migrants.

My responses to that are as follows:

72% of the refugees entering countries across Europe are young single males. They should not be classed as refugees at all. Young, single males should be taking part in all attempts to cure their own countries ills by fighting on behalf of the side that they deem the bast one for their country. They should not be running away to create havoc in Europe. Those 72% should have been rejected at the borders and advised to get their cowardly asses back home to fight for their people.

Over half of the so called Syrian refugees are not Syrian but are merely interlopers trying to get into Europe for multiple nefarious reasons ranging from sucking off a free tit to secretly trying to destroy Western society. All of them should have been rejected at the border and told to fuck off home however they might get there and where ever that might be.

Countless of the young males mentioned above are committing unbelievable acts of sexual assault on Western women en masse and being strangely protected from being treated as the criminals they are by the victim's own governments. Those young males should be dropped naked in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and wished the best of luck. They do not deserve to be allowed to stay in the European countries they are in now, and they should not be sent home to prey on innocent women there. So best to give them the opportunity to swim thousands of miles to safety somewhere else.

Personally I think the world would be much better off if the government leaders who are protecting them were obliged to mingle with them unprotected for a few nights just before they were dropped into the ocean, so they would have a better understanding of who these people really are.

And yes the genuine refugees, being those women and children who were demonstrably not there as spies and assassins, should be allowed to stay until the strife going on in their own country is resolved and it is safe to return home. And then they should be sent home.


You wrote: "Without going too deeply into boring territory, the ‘welfare state’ is fast becoming the master of its own destruction."

How can the apparent demise of Western civilization be "boring territory" to the same guy who loves to rant on about religion? You have lost me with that one.

You also wrote: "Enter the ‘boat-people’ in Australia and hoardes of Europeans heading for the UK".

I think you must have been watching the wrong videos. This situation which so clearly is a threat to our Western beliefs and way of life has nothing to do with "Europeans heading for the UK". It has everything to do with masses of people who will not now or ever accept and behave according to our Western beliefs, coming from a non-European culture that insists that it and only it should be allowed to exist in the world, being invited to enter our society en masse and then allowed to commit criminal offenses at will against our people without repercussion of any kind.

I think of the men who died in World Wars 1 and 2 to protect us from such a threat to our freedom and our way of life, and I imagine them shuddering in their graves.

I suggest again, Angela Merkel and Henriette Reker (the mayor Cologne) who are telling young women to change their behaviour so as to not antagonize these immigrant men should be plopped down unprotected into the midst of these criminals for a few days and nights rest and relaxation. Then let's see how they feel about things.

The stupidity of what these European countries is doing buggers belief. Why don't they just approach IS directly and ask if there's anything that could be done to assist them in their cause by way of special accommodations and privileges being granted to their armies throughout Europe? Because that is, in effect, what is being done.

#2016-01-23 05:46:33 by brisbaneboy @brisbaneboy

I couldn't agree more with you John about the stupidity in Europe. I was shocked and angry when I read about what happened in Cologne on New Years eve. I am even angrier that the stupid mayor, a woman at that, should suggest the women who were sexually assaulted should not act in such a way. If I didn't know any better that sounds exactly what would come out of the mouth of one of those dodgy clerics.
Who is driving the agenda I wonder. How can such stupidity be universal among European leaders and here at home in Australia
Wow how did we go from funny to serious so fast? But it is an issue that needs fixing.

#2016-01-23 07:49:04 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Let me clarify ‘boring territory’

I teach Civics at my school (Civics is the relationship between government and citizens)
I said ‘boring territory’ because I did not want to get carried away and treat the readers here like they are a class of students
So instead, I just highlighted a couple of points of fact to illustrate Barry’s point about genuine refugees.

You are 100% correct in your remarks and I think anyone in the west would be a fool to disagree with what you said but.......if ONLY it were that easy !

In my opinion, the dilemma faced by most western governments is caused by a combination of 2 things.

After WWII a total of 196 countries signed the Geneva Convention, a treaty that essentially means ALL human beings should be treated fairly and without cruelty.
Second, the ‘cancer’ of political correctness that is raping and pillaging the western world in more ways than wars ever did

Of course, PC has it’s ‘place’ but it has got totally out-of-control and is ravaging western society like a huge dragon on steroids
People are afraid to say things and do things in case they are labelled a ‘racist’. Every single person on this PLANET is a ‘racist’ to some degree, and anyone who says they are not is a f*cking LIAR - but the PC Brigade would not allow me to say such words in public.

Science has not advanced enough for us to choose which country we are born in nor who should be our parents
Everyone is born equal, it’s the society we are born into that makes us ‘scum’
As for the likes of Angela Merkel and Co,...... are people foolish enough to believe that she has ‘power’?
Take her out for dinner, get a few glasses of wine down her neck, then ask her what she’d REALLY like to do with these so called ‘refugees’
My money says that she is no different to the rest of us

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