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39 years old, DancingShoes was born and raised in the rural part of Wuhan. Finishing her education in Beijing, she has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. She has been working professionally and living in Xiamen for many years, but now calls Wuhan home. A single mother for 8 years so far, DancingShoes has been growing up along side her child, maturing more and more. Independent emotionally and financially and working as project manager in a large international engineering company, DancingShoes is well traveled around China and parts of Europe.
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Travel to Germany 2 我的德国之旅(二)    

By DancingShoes'
5297 Views | 14 Comments | 3/7/2014 4:35:44 PM

cruising barges on Rhine, at the dock in Koln, with the DOM in the back.

I always think that, a person who is able to sit down and write the articles, should be the one who has a peace of mind . When I am quiet alone, I like to collect my thoughts, listen to my heart and be honest to my feelings. I think the text and pictures are some kind of the record of my life.  Try to be grateful to our life, and share the happiness with others. Here I would continue sharing my travel experience to Germany.

Jet lag & Weather :

The time difference is 7 hours between China and Germany.  But the Germans use daylight saving time, so the time difference is 6 hours in summer. I usually turn the clock of my watch back to German time on the plane to Frankfurt, and the clock displaying on my phone and laptop was still in China time.  While I am on the business trip for short time, my son lives at home alone and he manages himself - go to school in the morning and have dinner by himself. I will call him at times to check if everything is fine.  Sometimes when I was busy with work and forgot to make the call, so I missed the time when I thought of it because of the time difference. Normally when I finished my work here, it was midnight time in China there.  China time and German time …I had to keep both in my mind , and it often made ​​me confused.

Long-distance flying is an exhausting experience. The air in the aircraft is too dry, and the space of economy- class seat is so small that we can’t move freely in a cozy range. I can’t get a good nap without a space to put my legs straight.. One time on the plane flying back to Beijing,  I felt so uncomfortable in this long flight for sitting there with my constrictive jeans on and I took off my jeans at my seat, with a blanket covering me. Then I felt more comfortable and got a good sleep. I really did this ridiculous thing. And I have learnt the lesson from it that, I ‘ll never wear the constrictive jeans for any long distance flight. I will take on the loose pants only.  There are some new movies that you can pick out on the menu and enjoy at your seat, but I prefer to go to the larger space at the rear of the cabin to relax my legs instead of being stuck to the seat for hours.

I usually take the flight at around 14:00 at Beijing Airport for the departure to Frankfurt.  We will arrive at Frankfurt at 5pm or 6pm of local time on the same day. Getting out of the airport, I will see the driver holding a sign waiting for me there.  It is very dark at this time in winter.  But in the summer, it is still bright and the sun is still shining in the sky if it is a sunny day. I feel it is similar as the daytime at about 15:00 in my city in China.

The winter starts early in Germany. It may get very cold in October. Walking by the River , or go out of the city to the park when there is no sun , we will feel very cold.  A down jacket will be absolutely needed. You would rarely see the sun in winter here, most days are cloudy. When I looked up at the dark clouds in the sky, the cold weather here made me really miss the warm bright sun in Xiamen there in winter.

I really love the summer in Germany . Everywhere is the green trees and colorful flowers, the birds sing in the trees.  The weather is comfortable to have the sun shining on, with the blue sky and fresh air in the sunny days.  I visited mostly Dusseldorf, where there is annually the exhibitions in this city. During the show time, hotel prices will be a little bit more expensive than the other time.  This small town is quiet, beautiful and clean.  In summer the sunshine lasts for long time in the day. The sun still shines till 9pm, and when I went to bed at about 11pm, it was still very bright outside, and the lightbeam coming through the window curtain made me feel really weird. The night is very quiet here , occasionally I can hear the church bells.

Maybe the life surroundings in Wuhan was too depressing by contrast with here, I felt so easy and light-hearted here and my mood was full of joy now. I hated to live in the noises and crowds in the large city like Wuhan, and I was harassed by my headaches for several days before I came to Germany.  Just in 2 days while I was here, the headaches completely went away.  I had very good sleep and I even did not have any problem with jet lag. But every time when I got back to China , I always need almost one week to get rid of the jet lag.

It is still cold in the rainy days in summer here , so we need to bring a warm coat with us all the time.  One time I was there when it was rainy , I turned up the heat in the hotel room when I took off my coat. It is so different from the summer in Wuhan where it is always above 37 C degree that is too hot to bear.

The Beautiful Country Scenery:

On the highway to Frankfurt airport, you will see some very beautiful country scenery along the way, such as the vast area of green grasslands, as well as the forests, villages, churches, and castles…. In some late afternoon in summer, it just rained, on the way I saw a giant rainbow in the sky!  I have never seen a rainbow as huge as that.  The air was so clean, everything was nice in your visual field.

There is not any bare earth land here… everywhere is covered by the grass and woods.  The farm grassland is like a smooth endless green carpet,  stretching from the slopes of one hillside to another, and from time to time you will see a few horses on the grass.  While going by a small village, you will see the steeple buildings with white walls and black tiles, nestled in the green trees.  There is the church nearby the villages, with a cross atop. You will also see some ancient castles on your way. These beautiful landscapes under the blue sky give you the impression that it seems you were to the fairy tales.

I had ever stayed in a small town nearby Siegen for a few days because our company has an large office there . It was a very quiet small town.  I saw very few people but only some cars speeding by at times on the street. Everywhere was clean, tidy and well-organized. The local residents decorated their own house with the flowers at the door side and on the window sill, and the lawn around the house was trim and neat . Everywhere was well orderly in this small town. In the developed capitalist countries in Europe, the environmental protection is well concerned and done. There was a creek flowing through the town, I could hear the sound of creeks in a distance far away in this quiet place. The creek water was very clean.  Everything looked so traditional and classical, as if the time stood still here.

I went out sometimes by bus. There were very few people on the bus and those blond blue-eyed locals liked to look at me. Ha-ha, yes they were curious to see a foreigner with the black hair and black eyes as me. The buses here are all made by Mercedes - Benz.  Actually I have seen that all the taxies and buses here are all made by Mercedes-Benz, I guess it is just because these vehicles require perfect function and safety performance as they are more frequently used for longer time on the road than any other vehicles.

After work I liked to walk around the town for some time before I got back to the hotel. There was very few pedestrians on the road,  I saw more cars than people on the road.  Some drivers even headed out of the window and said Hello to me. It was so funny…and I know that it was not usual to see an Asian woman here. The hotel proprietress was a very nice lady. While I arrived at the hotel in the evening, she came out to meet me at the gate and took me to the room, asked me if I liked the hot water to make tea or not. It sounded she knew very well about the Chinese people, who were not used to drinking the cold water directly from the tap. In the evening when I was having dinner in the restaurant in the hotel 's ground floor, a little girl at the table next to me turned to look at me from time to time, in her curious eyes. While I felt that she was staring at me and I looked at her, she then smiled at me friendly.

One time I saw an Asian man at lunch room in the company cantine.  When we got to talk, I knew that he was also from Wuhan. He has been living in Germany for more than 10 years since he started his college in Berlin. May be nurtured by the German culture for long time, he looked very quiet with a gentle temperament, like most of the native Germans. He was responsible for the electrical commissioning job for the local projects in China, and most time he was on business in China , and his wife was also working in Beijing. He could get together with his wife in China most time.  I can imagine that, living alone in Germany was so boring and lonely, just as my feeling now when I was in the hotel room writing the above article.

To be continued.


时差&气候 :







美丽的德国乡村风光 :

从机场出来行驶在高速公路上,沿途全是让人心旷神怡的美丽乡村风光。大片的青草地,还有森林,村庄,教堂,古堡式建筑。尤其是夏季,晚上7点了太阳还高高挂在半空中。 刚下过雨,常常会看到半空中挂着一道巨大的彩虹。能见度非常高,空气非常透明。视野所到之处,让人心旷神怡。



在Siegen附近的一个小镇停留过几天,公司在那里有个很大的办公室。这里非常安静,街上几乎看不到什么人,只有汽车不时疾驶路过。到处干净,整洁,井井有条。每家每户都把自己的房子装扮的很漂亮,窗台上门边上都是鲜花,房子周围的草坪也打理的很整齐。到处都是井然有序。成熟的资本主义欧洲国家,环境保护做的很好。 小镇很安静,一条小溪穿流过镇上,很远就能听到小溪的声音,溪水很干净。到处是那种传统的古典的味道, 仿佛时光在这里停止流动。




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#2014-03-07 16:40:11 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I'm not complaining, but is anyone else starting to feel like CLM has become a Chinese/German dating site. It's unbelievable how popular Germany and German men are becoming. What's going on with you Chinese women?

That observation aside, DancingShoes, your are doing a wonderful job of painting a great picture for us all as to how beautiful Germany can be. Thanks for another educational and enjoyable read.

#2014-03-07 18:38:03 by Enyaluo1977 @Enyaluo1977

“I ‘ll never wear the constrictive jeans for any long distance flight.” very good sharing, I will keep that in mind!(clap)(y)(hug):)

#2014-03-07 18:49:43 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@dancingshoes 今天发狠学了五个多小时的德语,真够累的,学完上来就看到你的美文。德国真美,比哥斯达黎加和我到过的许多国家都多了由深厚文化与历史积淀下来的那种沉静与怡然之韵,一定要努力学好德语踏上这片对我来说的神秘之土看看。这两天我的两个好友刚好去德国旅游,我还开玩笑说让她们多带些在德国“艳遇”的故事回来说给我听听,应该会很有意思,哈哈哈!谢谢你又让我进一步认识了德国。

#2014-03-08 08:38:48 by sandy339 @sandy339

Thanks for sharing, yes I have very good impression about Germany, hope I could have chance to visit Europe, and I want to visit several countries by train.
" The guy you met may be nurtured by the German culture for long time, he looked very quiet with a gentle temperament, like most of the native Germans. " I firmly believe so, the social culture is so important, maybe that is why so many Chinese women prefer them, and they also like Chinese culture.

#2014-03-08 12:41:45 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@ DancingShoes Another well written article, I really enjoy them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you made me miss Germany.

I will share an experience with you and the CLM community. In one of my trips to Germany, I was in Frankfurt and a lady friend of mine, she is a Brazilian Dentist but she lives and works in Germany (her husband was a Captain for Lufthansa) and she asked me to go with her to shop for a daycare for her little boy. We went to a Government operated daycare and when we were about to get into the place, the manager immediately told us to remove our shoes and wear some disposable clothing covers for our feet. I have never seen a cleaner place in my life, a person could literally eat from the floor. It is impressive the discipline of the German people, they are not better than the rest of us, they just try hard to do things right.

I loved to shop o the the Flea's market at the river banks on weekends. Did you go to Wiesbaden? Gross-Gerau? Darmstadt?

I wish you all the best in both, your personal and professional life. God bless you and your loved ones DancingShoes.

#2014-03-08 14:14:37 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


are you in your hometown Yunnan right now? I hope everything is fin ewith you. I was worried about you when I read the news about the Attack at Kunming Railway Station.

#2014-03-08 23:34:04 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour

@ dancingshoes You brought up something that became a concern for most travellers, specially those making long flights. I would go even further, one should wear loose, comfortable clothing in a flight, have a pair of sandals at hand and if possible get some "elastic stockings". You can buy them at TAOBAO, China makes excellent ones. Some of the big companies that produce elastic stockings, have now a "traveller's stockings". If you can not find them, buy open toe elastic stockings, knee high, with a compression of 20 to 25 mm of Hg. That will do. We should walk in the plane aisles for 5 minutes for every hour and allow the blood column in the legs (the return circulation) to have a chance to move. This will minimize the puffiness and the discomfort on our legs and feet on long flights. Even better, will prevent the formation of clots, which is a serious issue. What I do for the mouth dryness, I ask the flight attendant for a bottle of water and once in a while I have a drink. This is to compensate the dehydration that occurs in most people. Use a bit of vaseline on your lips and in the entrance of the nostrils, this will avoid cracking. NEVER drink alcohol, specially on long trips. To drink spirits (distilled alcohol, brews with a high alcohol content) will only dehydrate us further. Avoid salty foods too, eat light meals.Fasten your seat belts and Bon Voyage. Nobody needs that. All the best, God bless.

#2014-03-10 16:21:55 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


Ha-ha, sorry I made you miss Germany. and thanks for your sharing of your experience and your kind tips for the long-distance flying. Yes, Germans are sometimes too rigid. Most of them are very professional and family-oriented... compared with the other western guys, we do not see many Germans here playing around with the different girls.

I was curious and excited in the begining when I made the trips to Germany...after some times i was tired of the same circumstances and the exhausting long flight. My German boss is a very nice man who has a good sense of humor... while I was in Germany in the summer, he wrote to me by email, and he would end his mail with that "have a nice holiday in cold Europe, Wuhan today is 37 degree of celsius!" I guess that was why he sent me there for a cold summer? Ha-ha.

#2014-03-10 18:30:26 by QinQL @QinQL

@dancingshoes, 我特别敬佩那些能享受孤独和寂寞的人。这不,您这就为大家奉献上了您的德国之旅的佳作,语言如此简洁优美(我最喜欢的风格),还不乏幽默机智(您提供了我们一个在不得已的情况下换裤子的绝招, 哈哈!)。 刚刚也留意到了您在这儿的个人介绍,真的很佩服您 (y) 您的那位他一定会很快出现在您的面前,给您一个惊喜的!

#2014-03-11 01:57:21 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@dancingshoes I am in Kunming now and very safe, thanks a lot for your caring, normally I like taking flight and bus to go here and there so that I rarely go to take train and I am lucky to avoid the attack in Kunming train station and hope God bless all the lated one can be in his arms to be peaceful and safe, god bless all of us!

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