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39 years old, DancingShoes was born and raised in the rural part of Wuhan. Finishing her education in Beijing, she has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. She has been working professionally and living in Xiamen for many years, but now calls Wuhan home. A single mother for 8 years so far, DancingShoes has been growing up along side her child, maturing more and more. Independent emotionally and financially and working as project manager in a large international engineering company, DancingShoes is well traveled around China and parts of Europe.
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Travel China: Home to Wonders秀丽湖北    

By DancingShoes'
5309 Views | 15 Comments | 1/31/2014 4:45:44 PM

cruising boat on Qingjiang River (taken by my cell phone)

Further to my first Blog, I would like to introduce the other two wonderful places nearby Wuhan which are worth to visit as well. First is Enshi Grand Canyon: It is located in the Southwest of Hubei Province. I went there on some weekend. Hiking in the mountains there is really a challenge to our physical strength. I still remember that my legs were so sore that I could not bend and I could only walk in a stiff and funny way in the next week after I got back from the Canyon.  I knew it was due to that I hadn’t taken any exercise for too long time before I went hiking in the Canyon.

In the afternoon on a Friday, I took the flight from Wuhan to Enshi. Both China Southern Airlines and Eastern Airlines have direct flights every day between Wuhan and Enshi, and it takes less than an hour. Checking in the hotel in Enshi city and I started to hunt the local special cafe.  I always believe that the most unadorned food is the most delicious, as advertised in a popular Chinese TV program“ tasting China” (舌尖上的中国,I am not quite sure the English should be “tasting China” or “China on your tongue”? welcome to correct me.)The next day I started the hiking in the Canyon.  It is said this Canyon is even more spectacular than the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the United States. I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon in Arizona but this Canyon in Enshi is really amazing.

The most impressive is the “cliff corridor”. It is a plank road along the cliff in the deep valleys. I think it will be more of fun if there are less visitors – just imagine that, there is only one person (you) walking on the “corridor” in the valley between the towering cliffs, and the bottomless valley is just under your feet, with the birds flying over your side… what an exciting experience!  Next to this corridor, there is another spot called “a joss stick”(一柱香)that, a slim long rock pillar pierces into the sky, with the cliffs around echoing to each other.   We are really amazed by the super fine crafts made by the Nature!  In the Canyon I encountered several tour groups from South Korea, and I just noticed that all the guiding signs were in English and Korean, not only in Chinese.

Qingjiang River galleries : Qingjiang River is running across Enshi City.  It is also available to visit just on another weekend.  We just need to sleep over for one night in Yichang city. On some weekend in last September I made this trip. Took the fast train from Wuhan to Yichang, and checked in the hotel in Yichang city, and as usual I started to look for the local famous food in this new place.  Yichang is a rather clean city, small and quiet.  In the next morning I took the bus from Yichang city to Changyang county to start the cruising trip on Qingjiang River.  We say “ eight hundred miles of Qingjiang, is eight hundred miles of paint Galleries; in the long and soft melody of Dragon-boat, we feel the romantic love on Qingjiang River” (Melody of Dragon-boat is a love duet song between the girl and boy who are in dating in this area.)

Qingjiang River is said the cleanest river in the world. It originates from Qiyue Mountain in Engshi, and runs across 7 counties in Hubei Province, in the end it joins in Yangtze River.  As the mother river of Tujia (one of the national minorities in China), Qingjiang breeds the diligent, kind and strong Tujia people, and it is also the source of Tuba culture.  The main resorts here are as Reflection Gorges, Fairy village, Wuluozhongli Mountain. While cruising on the Qingjiang River on the boat, listening to the Tujia folk songs and their love duet songs, sightseeing the landscape at both sides of Qingjiang River, is really enjoyable.  There is a small island in the center of Qingjiang River. It is called “ latitude 30 º” because it is located exactly on the northern latitude 30 degree.  There is a five-star hotel and a variety of recreation facilities on the island. So it is a good place for vacation.  This small island is privately owned. The owner is a guy from Shenzhen who made this investment here.



    周五下午从武汉飞去恩施,南航有直达的航班,不到一个小时。 晚上住宿在恩施城区。第二天去恩施大峡谷。听人讲,这个峡谷比美国的那个科罗拉多大峡谷还要壮观,我没有看过美国那个,但是我爬过的这个峡谷真的很美。让人印象深刻的是那个“绝壁长廊”,在悬崖深壑间的那个栈道,很有意思,如果游人再少一点,我想会更好玩——你想,在幽谷中,万丈悬崖间,只有你一人独行,身旁有鸟飞过,那该是怎样的意境啊~~ 还有那个叫做“一柱香”的那个地方,那么长的一根石柱直插云霄,周围的万丈悬崖峭壁跟它相互衬托,让人惊异大自然的鬼斧神工--- 我想人家说它比科罗拉多大峡谷壮观,应该是指的这个地方了。 一路上也碰到几个韩国旅行团。景区里所有的标牌都是中英韩文的。

清江画廊也可以在某个周末去游玩。“八百里清江,八百里画廊. 悠悠龙船调,浓浓清江情,相思一条河,相亲一画屏。” 据说清江是人间最清澈的江水,作为土家族的母亲河,清江也孕育了勤劳善良坚强朴实的土家族儿女,也是土巴文化的源泉。主要景点有倒影峡、仙人寨、武落钟离山。坐游船沿着清江悠悠航行,一路上听着土家风情的民歌和情歌对唱,看着两旁的清江山水,非常享受。在清江中心有个小岛,因为地处纬度,名字叫“北纬30º岛”,岛上有星级酒店和各种休闲娱乐设施,是度假的好去处。小岛是私人物业,一个来自深圳的人买下来并且投资做旅游休闲。

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#2014-01-31 18:05:38 by panda2009 @panda2009

Dancing Shoes,
We say “ eight hundred miles of Qingjiang, is eight hundred miles of paint Galleries; in the long and soft melody of Dragon-boat, we feel the romantic love on Qingjiang River” (Melody of Dragon-boat is a love duet song between the girl and boy who are in dating in this area.)
“八百里清江,八百里画廊. 悠悠龙船调,浓浓清江情,相思一条河,相亲一画屏。”
Poetic charm, idyllic scene! Where is really a good place for dating. Good job!

#2014-01-31 20:07:17 by Barry1 @Barry1

Thanks for yet another very interesting report on the magnificence of the Wuhan region, DancingShoes.

Coincidentally, just a couple of days ago reported some news that probably many Wuhan residents wouldn't be aware of. Here's an excerpt from the story:

"One city with a sizable debt problem is an industrial hub that lies along the Yangtze River in central China's Hubei province. With a population of 10 million, Wuhan has a growth rate of 11 percent and is known for its car factories and many universities.

"According to China's state media, it also owes more than $33 billion, nearly twice Wuhan's GDP. Banks became so concerned that they cut off funding for a 17-mile highway. A local current affairs TV show covered the debacle.

"The River North Highway has been under construction for many years and still isn't finished," read one of the show's hosts, quoting a citizen complaint via the Internet. "It's the pits. How tragic!"

On the show, Zhao Zhenyu, a university professor, bashed the government for launching a project it couldn't afford.

"Even though you knew the project was not ready to proceed, you still insisted on holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony," Zhao scolded. "I don't know if this was lower-level officials deceiving their bosses or bosses just making arbitrary decisions."

"Wuhan government officials did not return emails or phone calls seeking comment on the city's debt problem. The government can't just rack up an unlimited amount of debt, even if the projects are for the public good."

With a large American city (Detroit) declaring itself bankrupt last year, I wonder if such a thing could be possible for Wuhan? A 33 billion dollar debt is a huge amount of money for a town to owe, even in China.

Please make sure you hide your money under your bed and not in the banks in Wuhan, DancingShoes. Just in case the government there suddenly freezes all the assets of the financial institutions there, in some sort of panic debt recovery exercise! (Just kidding, sorry).

#2014-02-02 21:56:16 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes

wish you are having a happy spring festival with your family in beautiful Zhuhai!

thanks for your comments here. It is a pity that i did not attched a photo of the "cliff corridor" here so that you may have a visual impression of it!

#2014-02-02 22:41:34 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes

haha, my father likes to hide his money under his bed.

Actuall i have heard that there would be a lot of small banks going bankrupt in the near future in China (not only in my city). And I still owe a small money to the bank that I was going to pay off in the next year, so it seems I should hold and wait till the day when the bank goes bankrupt? Haha.
Wuhan will never be the next "Detroit", do not worry. The economic situation and the rules of game about the economy are very different between China and America. Chinese government has always the solutions to all kinds of crisis, not to mention the debts.

#2014-02-05 19:48:18 by yeranyi @yeranyi



#2014-02-06 12:24:34 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


#2014-02-06 14:11:57 by yeranyi @yeranyi



楼主也算为中国的旅游做贡献。很好的文化交流。有时看中国电视台介绍中国的文化,永远是京剧,舞龙灯狮子,中国结之类,真希望我们国家推出新的中国元素,如同日本的动漫那样生动的 主动的去吸引西方的新一代。

#2014-02-07 22:07:29 by hellenwei @hellenwei

文笔真好,我也想写一些介绍我的家乡的贴,可是写不出来,:) 而且我也不知道怎么贴相片上去,很喜欢跟着你的微博走,相当于随你游了一回这些地方。

it is really nice article! i want to write something about my hometown here also . but i dont know how to start it , and i am sure i cant write as well as you , beside i dont know how to attach photo on !! i like reading your blog , then i can enjoy the journy with you by your blog, thank you for doing this for us ,

#2014-02-07 23:09:21 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


#2014-02-08 09:16:11 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes

Unexpectly I heard that you said my article writing was good, I was really flattered, thanks Hellen. Actually I majored in Science & Engineering, and I work in the engineering field all the time. I think I am still have long way to go to get a better command of wording and literature. Anyway, thanks for your comments here, later I will have more travel logs and photos to share with you all.

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