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39 years old, DancingShoes was born and raised in the rural part of Wuhan. Finishing her education in Beijing, she has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. She has been working professionally and living in Xiamen for many years, but now calls Wuhan home. A single mother for 8 years so far, DancingShoes has been growing up along side her child, maturing more and more. Independent emotionally and financially and working as project manager in a large international engineering company, DancingShoes is well traveled around China and parts of Europe.
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Travel China: Coming Home to Wuhan 我行走我记录:家乡武汉    

By DancingShoes'
6381 Views | 16 Comments | 1/26/2014 1:57:22 PM

3 Gorges is a great trip by boat, but it can also be seen as a day trip or an overnighter from Wuhan.

As a native of Hubei Province, I love my city Wuhan and the places nearby.  There are many amazing places in the Northwest of Hubei.  I like to explore these places on my vacation. The more places I explore, the more I love my hometown and the culture here. Every day I watch TV in the train on my way to work and there is always the advertising word “大江大湖大武汉” – “large River, large Lake, large Wuhan”.   It really puts a smile on my face when I hear it.  Even though we can’t see the clean blue sky every day, or the clean streets as shown on TV, but we believe our city will get better with all of our efforts. 

I visited Germany many times, and I walked along Rhine River in my spare time.  The water in Rhine River is clean and the air is fresh. One time I met an old man at the riverside and we had a short conversation…he told me that, 50 years ago Rhine River was same dirty as our Yangtze River, and the air was not clean either that they could not see clearly the opposite side of the River.  We are now suffering the same situation in Wuhan.  This is the price we have to pay for the industrial development and the city expanding nowadays.  BTW, there is a very interesting place where is called “Germany Corner”, it is an islet on Rhine River formed by the water flow over the years.  In Wuhan, we have exactly the same islet on Yangtze River which is called “China Corner”!!

Another important reason that I love Wuhan is that, the housing price here is rather reasonable and the people can afford their home and live a much easier life, compared with the people in some other cities.  Our company has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuhan in China, while I was interviewed for the new job by the company President in 2008, he asked me in which city I would like to work, I chose – Wuhan.  So I came to Wuhan to work in this large company but I travel frequently to Beijing and Shanghai for business.  Each time I returned to Wuhan from my business trip, while walking out of Wuhan Airport, I would say “I get home safely finally”…yes, it is my feeling of “ get home”.  Beijing and Shanghai are larger, modern, and fantastic , but they are not where my home is.

   作为一个湖北人,我还是很热爱自己出生的这个地方的。每天在地铁上,听到地铁里那个电子屏广告词里总会有一句豪迈的“大江大湖大武汉”,我听了还是觉得有点想笑。在这里呆了几年,我对亲爱的“大武汉”也有感情了。虽然现实里很少看到广告里那些蓝天白云的清爽,和洁净的街道,看到更多的是雾蒙蒙的天空,污水横流的嘈杂拥挤街道,还有耳边不时听到的汉骂,但我还是喜欢这里。 我爱这里的最大理由之一是这里的房价没有变态疯狂,大家在这里生活都还算从容。我相信,通过大家的努力,整个环境还是会好起来的。因为工作关系我经常去德国。工作之余在莱茵河边散步,同样作为母亲河,莱茵河水很清澈。有一次遇到一个老人,他是特地赶来看乐队演出的,在等待乐队开始的时候,我们在河边简短交谈了几句。我不明白为什么每次在街上遇到的德国人总喜欢问我是不是从日本来的,难道我长的像日本人?老人说,50年前的莱茵河也是很脏的,并且大家也看不清对面的河岸。那时候的欧洲也是重工业发展阶段,污染一样严重。今天我们也正在经历同样的遭遇。站在长江边,我在汉口江滩也看不清对面的武昌江滩。江水浑浊的可怕。这是工业发展和城市扩张的代价。另外一个有趣的地方是,在莱茵河中间有一个河水常年冲刷成的沙洲,被命名为“德国角”,而在我们长江上,在武汉,也有同样的一个长江江水冲刷成的沙洲,叫做“中国角”。据说这是一个曾经在德国留学工作过的武汉女人取的名字,这名字够霸气吧!


Some amazing places around Wuhan – Wudang Mountains, Shennongjia and Three Gorges武汉周边之 武当山-神农架-三峡

While reading the blog from Cao Hui about the environment, job and others that she posted some nice pictures of Wuhan,  I would like to also introduce some other beautiful places nearby Wuhan.

In the last July, when my son started his Summer Holiday, I took the opportunity to release myself from my work load and had a vacation of 8 days with my family in some beautiful resorts nearby Wuhan. There are some amazing places which are really worth to visit and in reality they attract many people from other provinces all the time.  I would like to have a brief introduction to these places:

1st resort: Wudang Mountains.  It has been well known as the original source place of Daoism and Taiji Gongfu for 600+ years. There are many old temples of hundreds of years history in the mountains.  I think the best season to visit is in summer. There are some hotels in the upper mountains (where it is called Nanyan Rock) and I enjoyed very much the quiet and cool summer evenings there, where I felt that the sky was just on my head, the stars in the summer evening were so bright and large,  shining overhead and it seemed I could touch them if I just put up my hands.  I felt that I was so close to the heaven and the God right here.  

Most of the restaurants in the mountains offer the wild vegetables and wild fish in Taiji Lake in the foot of the mountains.  After the hiking in the mountains in the daytime, while I sit down outside the restaurant at nightfall, with the cool breeze blowing over,  it was so cozy and really gave me a very good appetite while seeing so many delicious dishes on the table…yummy!  I have to say it was really an enjoyable experience.

If you are interested in Taiji Gongfu, and like to study the live cultivation & health preservation, and believe in the balance of Yin and Yang, you should stay there for some more days.  Actually we can see anywhere in the mountains that some western guys who are practicing Taiji there. Some of them have been living there for 1 or 2 years.

There are the fast trains from Wuhan to Wudang Mountains which takes less than 4 hours only. For more information you may access here... 

2nd resort: Shennongjia Forest Region.  It has been well known because there were found the footprints and hairs of the mysterious primitive Savages in the forest.  Shennongjia is located in the west border of Hubei Province.  Normally we drive to this place by car through the winding road in the mountains, well it is really an exciting but adventurous journey though.  Since November 2013, Shennongjia Airport has been put into operation.  It gets much easier for the tourists from the other Provinces now.  

As the wild forest region, there are thousands of species of the plants and wild animals (including the golden monkeys) and we can see the different beautiful scenery in all seasons.  In Wuhan we can rarely see the snow in winter, but we can go skiing in Shengnongjia every winter. Normally the tourists check in the hotels in Muyu Town where is the distributing center to all the scenery spots.  Many people in Wuhan like to go there to kill the hot summer time because it is very cool here. 

There are some rural farmhouses on the hillside, we may also check in and live together with the local residents, instead of checking in the hotels.  But we still need to rent a car for the sightseeing, because all the scenery spots are located very far from each other.  The most impressive spots are mainly Shennong Peak & Shennong Valley, Natural Bridge, Dajiu Lake wetland Park, Swiftlet Cave, and so on.

You will have more information about Shennongjia here... 

3rd resort:  The Three Gorges.  It is famous due to the three-gorge Dam project of water engineering and the beautiful landscape views in the Valley along Yangtze River. We can take the boat to cruise along Yangtze River, starting from Yichang, and ending at Chongqing.  This section has the most beautiful Valley scenery on Yangtze River. (See photo above.)

There are many shifts of fast train between Wuhan and Yichang every day and it takes 2 hours only.  At the tourist wharf in Yichang, we get on the cruising boat. I do not think it is a good time to have a tour in summer time in the Three Gorges, especially in a foggy day. This is the typical climate in the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River, muggy and humid in summer.  I have been there a few times, mainly to show my German colleagues and the foreign customers around the three-gorge Dam project. 


  武当山上的夜晚很安静凉爽,感觉那里离天空很近,离神灵也很近。夜空的星星又大又亮。晚上住宿和吃饭在南岩。山上那个饭菜吃得格外香。爬山后,消耗了体力也就有胃口了,再加上傍晚的凉风吹过来,那个爽啊~~  对太极功夫有兴趣,讲究养生保健,阴阳平衡之说的可以在那里好好切磋领会几天。山上也遇到些金发老外在那里练太极的。



I will introduce Enshi Canyon and Qingjing River Gallery in Hubei Province in my next Blog.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-01-26 14:11:31 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

We are very pleased to introduce DancingShoes to the blogs. Many of you will recognize her as a frequent contributor to the Forum. DancingShoes is blogging in both Chinese and English, which is always appreciated by the western men. You'll quickly realize from this first blog that DancingShoes has a lot to tell us about travel in China. However, we're confident that she'll also have much to offer on various other topics that are also relevant to Chinese dating.

Personally, this first article has me planning to travel to Hubei sometime soon. Enjoy...

#2014-01-26 15:00:19 by Barry1 @Barry1

Thank you for this interesting article on the Wuhan region, DancingShoes.

It has really whetted my appetite to visit this area now. There are so many lovely places to see in China, it's such an amazing and vibrant country.

By the way, you said "the stars in the summer evening were so bright and large, shining overhead and it seemed I could touch them if I just put up my hands. I felt that I was so close to the heaven and the God right here." Beautifully expressed.

My view is akin to yours, that heaven is all around us, if we choose to but see it. God also is all around us, if we are perceptive enough to discern this.

So within each of us, we can create our own heaven out of hell... or our own hell out of heaven. Different folks thus can look around them and say, "Why am I in this heaven?" or "Why am I in this hell?"

So Wuhan for you is a heaven. Well done, I agree.

As for God, I like to think that I'm a deeply religious nonbeliever. That is, I feel God is everywhere around me, within me, without me. I believe God is not a discrete being as such or some sort of divine entity who mysteriously dwells somewhere - but is much more than this.

I see God everywhere I look. Everywhere I go. Everything I touch, sense or see.

So indeed, God is in Wuhan and all the people who live there, of this there is no doubt.

And you know what? God dwells also deeply within you, DancingShoes.

I wish you well and trust and believe that peace and happiness for you are but an imperceptible whisper away, a gentle caress under the moonlight, so please be patient for just a little while longer, dear friend.

#2014-01-26 20:20:53 by panda2009 @panda2009

DancingShoes had really contribute some voices on Forum, especially on my blogs. I'd like to express my gratitude on her first such wonderful blog.

I can't drive a car. Since my driving licence had expired, I had lost confidence of driving. I even made a fool of myself in public last year when I walked with a western guy in a street of Shang Hai. I looked wrong the male sign as female from a far distance, went into male toilet directly. A man was humour to another guy,"congratulations!" I was so embarrassed, the female toilet was on left. To make matters worse, everything that HE saw in eye. Such a slow-witted woman who would stand on her side?|-)

So I prefer to follow DancingShoes' blog to enjoy the beauty of nature. Look forward to next adventure here!(f)

#2014-01-26 20:45:26 by loveF @loveF


#2014-01-26 22:13:37 by hellenwei @hellenwei


#2014-01-27 09:28:40 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


Thanks for advertising me here! I will be more deligent to share more topics with you all.

#2014-01-27 09:29:19 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


#2014-01-27 09:30:18 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


#2014-01-27 13:55:30 by springflower06 @springflower06


Let us congratulate you on starting your blog.
I have never ever been to Hubei province where when my father was at his young age, he worked and lived for a few year. From the photos which were taken by your traveling , it is so beautiful . I would like to travel there.

#2014-01-27 22:15:21 by sandy339 @sandy339

I also want to congratulate you for your blog.
I think it is very good start by introducing your hometown, it is always safe to talk travel and weather? Haha, it is really a beautiful place, and I can also feel your heart is there.Maybe you could also introduce your travel to Germany? It might be more exotic to Chinese readers.Congratulation again.

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