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Lily, originally from Sichuan province (home of spicy food), has lived in Zhejiang province since 2007. She has over 10 years of work experience in international companies in Shenzhen, using English daily; thus having a relatively good command of English. An honest, caring, communicative, appreciative and positive person, Lily enjoys reading, thinking, learning, listening music, nature & dogs. Continuous learning and self-improvement is her life-time goal. She will blog about: keeping a positive outlook on people, things and life; the importance of maintaining good-balance in all aspects of life; Know yourself and what you want before searching for and finding the one most suitable for you. Lily hopes to share her knowledge with others while also learning from them.
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Total 16 Types Loving Personality, Which One Do You Belong To?    

By Lily
6146 Views | 12 Comments | 9/28/2014 3:43:14 PM

Today I have accidentally read some very interesting and valuable information on the internet and I am sure it will be helpful and valuable for every one of us here who is on the way to search for the right person for us.  I found this information on a Chinese blog called 心阈 my life.

During my previous reading, I got to know we have been generally defined to be total 9 types of overall personalities. However, the total 16-type definition is particular for loving personality.

The followings only list what the total 16 types loving personality are and what type will be their ideal/perfect match accordingly. For any related information like definition and main traits on each type loving personality, you could self freely check through the internet in the later time. I am sure it is absolutely worthy for each one of us to spend some time on figuring out which type we belongs to and which types are our best or perfect match for love.




#1 Philosopher type (INFP)

Male-- Philosopher type (INFP) or Writer type(INFJ);

Female: Philosopher type(INFP) or Writer type(INFJ) or Reporter type(ENFP) or Educator type(ENFJ);




#2 Writer type (INFJ)

Male-- Philosopher type (INFP) or Writer type(INFJ);

Female: Philosopher type(INFP) or Writer type(INFJ) or Scholar type (INTP) or Challenger type (ESTP);




#3 Reporter (ENFP)

Male-- Reporter (ENFP) or Philosopher type(INFP);

Female-- Reporter (ENFP) or Educator type(ENFJ)(only he is not very strong on making decisive decision);




#4 Educator (ENFJ)

Male-- Reporter (ENFP) or Philosopher type or Educator(ENFJ) or Adventurer(ISTP);

Female--Educator(ENFJ) or Adventurer type(ISTP);




#5 Intelligent type(INTP)

Male-- Writer type(INFJ);

Female—Expert type(INTJ) or Field marshal type(ENTJ) or Inventor type(ENTP);




#6 Expert type(INTJ)

Male—Scholar type(INTP) or Expert type(INTJ);

Female—Expert type(INTJ) or Masculinist type(ESTJ) (only he is not very strong on feeling);




#7 Inventor type(ENTP)

Male-- Scholar type(INTP) or Challenger type(ESTP);

Female—Field marshal type(ENTJ);




#8 Field marshal type(ENTJ)

Male—Scholar type(INTP) or Inventor type(ENTP) or Field marshal type(ENTJ) or Masculinist type(ESTJ);

Female—Field marshal type(ENTJ) or Masculinist type(ESTJ) (only he is not very strong on making decisive decision);




#9 Caregiver type(ISFJ)

Male— Caregiver type(ISFJ) or Philosopher type(INFP);

Female— Caregiver type(ISFJ) or Host type(ESFJ) or Public servant type(ISTJ);




#10 Public servant type(ISTJ)

Male—Public servant type(ISTJ) or Caregiver type(ISFJ);

Female—Public servant type(ISTJ) or Caregiver type(ISFJ) or Masculinist type(ESTJ);




#11 Host type(ESFJ)

Male— Caregiver type(ISFJ) or Host type(ESFJ);

Female—Host type(ESFJ) or Masculinist type(ESTJ)




#12 Masculinist type(ESTJ)

Male-- Masculinist type(ESTJ) or Host type(ESFJ) or Public servant type(ISTJ) or Field marshal type(ENTJ) or Expert type(INTJ) (Only the field marshal or expert is not very strong on her intuition );

Female-- Masculinist type(ESTJ) or Field marshal type(ENTJ) (only he is not very strong on his intuition);




#13 Artist type(ISFP)

Male—Artist type(ISFP);

Female—Artist type(ISFP) or Performer type(ESFP) or Challenger type(ESTP) or Adventurer type(ISTP);




#14 Adventurer type(ISTP)

Male—Adventurer type(ISTP) or Artist type(ISFP) or Educator type(ENFJ);

Female—Adventurer type(ISTP) or Challenger type(ESTP) or Educator type(ENFJ);




#15 Performer type(ESFP)

Male—Artist type(ISFP) or Performer type(ESFP);

Female—Performer type(ESFP) or Challenger type(ESTP)




#16 Challenger type(ESTP)

Male—Challenger type(ESTP) or Artist type(ISFP) or Adventurer type(ISTP) or Performer type(ESFP) or Writer type(INFJ)

Female—Challenger type(ESTP) or Inventor type(ENTP)(only he is not very strong on his intuition);

If you for Writer type, Philosopher type, Scholar type or Challenger type, please feel freely to contact me.

Hope all above information are helpful and valuable for every serious searching member here.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-09-28 22:25:24 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hello Lily.
I got a real kick from this blog today.
If you recall, on your second blog post, "Say Goodbye to My Sweden Love",.........
I recommended the elements of this very work !!
It was the third response.
"Also,... I recommend to ALL, the Carl Jung, Isabel Meyers, David Keirsey "test" from the book,..."Please Understand Me".
Glad you "accidentally" came across it. :)
It gave this INTJ "Mastermind" temperament (1% of world population) a little hope for humanity. (rofl)

Seriously, when interacting with a new contact on this site, it is one of the first things I ask of the other person after about three or four messages/chats.
It really is a good way to begin to understand who the person is that one talks to,...if they answer the questions honestly.
The "Types" do not tell all,... but at least it is some starting point.

I have the 72-74 questions for the "self assessment" down loaded on computer and send to them if they agree.
It's a great little "test" because there are no right or wrong answers.
Just gives some indication of how a person feels/thinks at the time.
Remember,....that can change.

I wanted to post the questions for all but was concerned about copyright laws.
Also,...I am not really sure about the loyalty of the translator and,... the scoring is sort of tedious by hand.
Here is a website that may be useful.

Thanks for reading what I had to say.
Peace and Blessings
Ying Ting Yu,
aka.... Gongji

#2014-09-29 01:18:15 by anonymous12057 @anonymous12057

I am all of the above. (giggle)

#2014-09-29 15:11:34 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Lily, I have to confess that I didn't comment on your blog last night because I don't understand the system here. And now I have concluded that it may take me longer to figure it out than 2 of my 7 long term relationships lasted. ;) They were both 3 years BTW.

I get that if I am a type, then I can look below to see what type of woman could match me, but can you please explain how do I determine what type I am. The wheel isn't cutting it for me, and frankly just glancing at the types I suspect I am about 5 of them.

I'd like to know so that I can prove to my wife that I really am not her type so she shouldn't be surprised at how frustrating it is to live with me (wasntme)

#2014-09-29 21:51:11 by zqy2014 @zqy2014

Hi John, it is ok for you to give your comments only when are you ready and do have something to say.When I read your messages, it make me laugh times.You have a quiet little humor which could be felt from your simple words especia "I'd like to know so that I can prove to my wife that I really am not her type so she shouldn't be surprised at how frustrating it is to live with me".You are just a little bit less humorous than Barry here.However, your sentence do remind me if I am too explorative on people or thing so that the simple thing or life seems more complicate through my ways??8)

Yes, those information related with the "total 16 type loving personality" in my article is not easily for everyone here to understand only if they have ever read something related before.You are right, I should list more additional information so that the reader could easily deternmine which type they should belong to.

The following are some main traits of each loving type personality that I have spent about 2 hours to sort out tonight...:D:-

Philosopher type(INFP)
Sensitive, easy-going, idealistic, demanding, sense of duty

Writer type (INFJ)
Quiet, clinging, compassionate, good listener, love reading and writing;

Reporter type (ENFP)
Elastic, energetic, sociable, curious and like to be affirmed;

Educator type (ENFJ)
Elastic, high-efficient, affectionate, communicative and accommodating;

Scholar type (INTP)
Quiet, easy-going, rational, observing, analytical, learning;

Expert type (INTJ)
Calm, goal orientation, strong will, down to earth, pursue of self-development

Inventor type (ENTP)
Energetic, continuous creative, communicative, strong speculation & independence;

Masculinist(leader) type (ESTJ)
Authoritative, controlling, demanding, aggressive, communicative

Caregiver type (ISFJ)
Meticulous, considerate, compassionate, accommodating & strong sense of responsibility;

Public servant type (ISTJ)
Pragmatic, responsible, loyal, calm and regulations emphasis;

Host type (ESFJ)
Elastic, passive, active, energetic, strong attachment to the family and good on taking care of person;

General type (ENTJ)
Responsible, kingly, free & easy, strong on planning and protection;

Artist type (ISFP)
Quiet, easy-going, keen, meticulous, perfection pursuer;

Adventurer type (ESTP)
Brave, easy-going, independent, pay attention personal space; likes trying and challenge;

Performer type (ISTP)
Active, optimistic, humorous, energetic, long for success standard;

Challenger type (ESTP)
Elastic, controlling, communicative, pursuing change, strong action

Hope the above information make my article more complete for those who is in need.

#2014-09-29 22:41:42 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


Thanks for your attention, reading my article and all your sharing.Through your given link, I have finished the test and my loving personality is same as the previous one I got from anotehr dating website system.So I know my potential perfect match could be with 3 types or even 4 types. I will check your mentioned previous comments to my blog in later time. If I have some questions, I will ask for your helps.

Thanks again and have a nice day.


#2014-10-04 15:12:37 by RobertB @RobertB

All very well but I think that this is not just how people are born. It is a perceived need or "threat" that makes them this way or another.
Also opportunity. Although I agree that at the particular moment it can be accurate.
I would consider myself to be a seeker/philosopher type. Simply because I am trying to understand the world and then if I do, or at least to a level that I can accept or I need then I can change my behavior and priorities.

#2014-10-05 16:47:37 by sandy339 @sandy339

En, yes, I think most of time even I know what is my type, but it still needs chance to get to know and get along with this type, we call it "Fate", it really matters in reality...

I like to use a psychology test to check the personality of someone I get to know, it really works, but it is hard to share it here, because it needs a lot of explaination. I tried YinTingYu's recommended test, but it seems so boring to me, my test is a story I enjoy it always, although it might be a nightmare for someone:)

#2014-10-06 16:12:28 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


Thanks for your attention to my blog and open sharing.

@RobertB, yes, the personality is not originally born and have been influencing by later experience.Most of members here are not young enough from age and our personality should be comparatively affirmed right now.So I think knowing which type personality we are and whichi is the best match for us is important for us to start from.This could belong to the subject of "know who we are" through psychological meaning.The link provided by YinTingYu is a very good online testing tool for those who have interest in this topic.Yes, you seems to be a philosopher personality that I could feel it from some of your comments here.

I am glad you like this blog.How about your searchin? You means "nightmare for someone", who is the "someone"? I am a little confused on your words...(whew)

Thanks and good luck for you two..

#2014-10-07 21:29:49 by sandy339 @sandy339

hehe, I almost used the pchology story to everyone I knew, it really could find out some personality and hidden intention, even they don't know those by themselves, haha a lot of fun for me to do that:)

#2014-10-22 22:03:34 by kalzorch @kalzorch

There are many personality classification systems. The one presented here is MBTI, and it is the best-known. There are many explanations available on the internet; a good starting point is wikipedia. Once you know your type, there are also many opinions as to your optimal companion type.

For a more convincing analysis of type compatability, check out Socionics. It is similar to MBTI, but developed independently, and includes exact descriptions of all possible type pairings. The optimal pairing is called Dual, and if there is such a thing as a Soulmate, then s/he would most probably be your Dual. For me, as an INTP (Socionics INTj), that would be an ESFj.

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