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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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By Xin73
8971 Views | 18 Comments | 4/21/2013 5:00:44 PM
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#2013-04-30 11:10:24 by anonymous6086 @anonymous6086


#2013-04-30 22:51:52 by Grace172 @Grace172

dear xin. 痛苦的历练能使你这样才华横溢的人更光彩照人. 我能理解你心里的痛. 我钦佩你勇敢地抒发出来. 而软弱的我会选择永远埋藏在心里. 谢谢你那天耐心听我曾经的故事, 所以你会理解我为什么不敢读你伤感的诗. 因为我怕痛. 无论如何, 生活还是要继续. 黑夜过后就是新的一天. 祝你每天有个好心情.

#2013-05-02 11:48:37 by xin73 @xin73

Hi Grace ,Thank you very much for your understanding.I will control the bad emotions just within five minutes. Bad mood is beyond 5 minutes will be bad for my health. I always try to make myself happy, I'll think of some way to make them balance.Some things don't need a meaningless persistent, give up can not only help others, is also help themselves.
Love is a kind of from self-malaria sex indulge, an emotion beyond the rational first of unrequited love, it is closely combined with the pain, no one can escape from the pain. But I believe that love hate intersection met, it deep in my heart more than the pale myth.
I should thank you for sharing your wonderful stories to me.I believe that you after experienced the baptism of love, one day you will get out from the shell, grow more beautiful than people expect.
Wish you well!

#2013-05-04 14:28:38 by anonymous6107 @anonymous6107


#2013-05-04 14:33:21 by destiny1 @destiny1


#2013-05-04 21:57:55 by xin73 @xin73

destiny1,Thank you for your kindness.You are right, there is no a kind of love makes people do not shed tears,once thought that deep love can be forever, depend on each other can not separated.
Love is like fireworks, only brilliant moment, beautiful just momentary stay, leave more to ashes.I don't know, whether I will be sturdily to wait for the next season of spring blossoms?
I wish you love smooth sailing.

#2013-05-08 16:12:52 by ripe @ripe

@xin73 你越来越优雅,美丽,别伤心,你值得更好的人。过去了就不要回忆,失去了就不要后悔。祝你好运。

#2013-05-11 17:53:40 by xin73 @xin73

@ripe Hehe,Thank you for your comments and comfort,you are a beautiful and elegant lady.
He and I didn't who abandoned who,so out of the question of sad.For me every section of feelings, there is a beautiful memories. I complaint or regret.
Love comes I'll magnificent and victorious love once; Love is gone, I'll natural and unrestrained let it go.
Best wishes to you!

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