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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Three Pieces Of Mosaic    

By Imi
1275 Views | 10 Comments | 12/5/2017 12:42:59 PM

This is half a chapter from a story that a brilliant Chinese woman and I wrote. It's a love story between a white man and a Chinese woman. However, it's just too long to post it on CLM. Something 80,000 words. The Chinese version is going to be available to read on a Chinese website when the translation is done.

To understand this part, you need to know that the white guy (Logan) and the Chinese woman (Wu Tong) are in a hotel room after they've had dinner. They both agreed not to have sex, but Logan is excited anyway, and while Wu Tong's taking a shower, he recalls an episode from his childhood...

My first English teacher was only ten years older than me. She was fresh out of college, and since it was her first ever job, she always looked and acted highly professional. She maintained strict discipline throughout her classes and had always worn her long brown hair in a bun like a librarian and her long, immaculate white lab coat over her street clothes, buttoned up all the way. And let's not forget about her glasses; if they hadn't been sitting on her nose, would have hung from a string around her neck. So, it's no wonder that under no circumstances would I have ever thought that one day—or one night, to be exact—she would be responsible for my first wet pajama bottoms.

But I'm getting ahead of the events here, so let's not go there just yet.

I was twelve years old, and it was an early spring that year when I realized that I was more interested in looking at girls during recess than playing soccer with my friends. This sheer curiosity about girls, however, didn't involve anything like going over and talking to them. Honestly, it was the girls' chests that I discovered my newfound admiration for, since they seemed to be getting bigger by the day. The preceding years, to the best my knowledge, the girls had had nothing. Or had they? See, now, I don't think I would be the right person to call for that because before that spring, I hadn't paid attention to them. Until that spring, to me, girls in my school had always been useless and awkward at all sports and catching frogs and belching the loudest after lunch in the cafeteria. In any case, after turning it over in my head a couple of times, I figured those tiny swellings of theirs must have popped out during the long winter, under the warmth of their winter coats, like plants and flowers in glasshouses. Still, it was hard for me to comprehend why they had become wonders to my eyes from one day to the next.

In my school, during recess, teachers took turns supervising the activities in the schoolyard. On a remarkably hot spring day, it was my English teacher's turn to supervise. The unusually hot weather for this time of the year streamed up from the Adriatic Sea. Just from the heel of Italy. Definitely unusual, but not like it had never happened before. “So, folks, today is summertime! All you can do is enjoy,” the radio had said in the morning that day as I left for school. I don't know how many other people enjoyed that heat wave. All I remember is that my friend and I liked it very much.

He—my school friend (let's not reveal his name)—and I were determined to draw a direct connection between this lively phenomena that grew on the girls' chest and the force that kept our eyes fixed on them. We didn't know a lot about girls, the world, or, in fact, anything else at all. Computers weren't a household item back then. To look for answers, we had to go to libraries, search for information, and read books, which we hadn't done that much. It wasn’t that we were too lazy to go or hated books. It was more that we accepted the big wide world as it was. We didn't question why my friend's father had only one leg, or what the thought process had been that triggered Ronald Reagan's mutation from a gunslinger in movies to the President of the United States, or the reason why dogs liked to bark at the moon, according to Ozzy Osbourne. As far as we were concerned, the world, perfect or not, had already been made. My friend and I had just grown into it like two wild mushrooms in an ancient forest. Who were we to judge the world? To us, girls were girls—annoying. And teachers were teachers—authority in uniform.

However, when this invariable picture that we had gotten used to since birth suddenly changed, we wanted to know the reason behind it. So, my friend and I came up with a plan to take turns following the development of the girls’ puffiness and playing soccer. We couldn't just stop and give up everything for the girls. We had a life too, you know? Soccer is a beautiful game, and we couldn't just stop playing it from one day to the next, no matter how strongly we felt this force inside us to look at girls almost all day.

Anyhow, the plan was to watch the girls from a distance and come up with an explanation for the changes that befell their chests. Every other day, I watched the girls in the schoolyard during recess while my friend played soccer. And on the other days, I played soccer while my friend watched the girls. At the end of each day, we shared what we had experienced just to make sure the other wasn't left out of anything significant.

As I mentioned, on that day, it was unusually hot for a spring day. My friend and I agreed neither of us should play soccer that day but instead watch the girls from the shade of a tree. I don't know about my friend, but sitting under that tree, I felt like a farmer examining the growth of his cornfield from the previous day. The girls, as usual, walked up and down in groups around the schoolyard, talking—they were unbeatable in that—and showing off their early blossoms under their shirts. Occasionally, they fanned themselves with their hands because of the heat. But regardless of the hot weather, they sort of seemed to enjoy that walking-up-and-down thing in the schoolyard under the scorching sun. I brought up this observation of mine to my well-respected partner in research, who sat beside me and chewed on a stem of grass. After a few minutes of debate, we came to a joint agreement: we had no idea what could have actually made the girls want to stroll under the sun. Baffling us even more, the girls seemed to be annoyed and made faces when they caught us looking at them. And yet, there they were in front of us again a matter of minutes later, strolling and making faces. It made no sense to us.

I decided not to look at them any longer. The girls could do anything, as far as I was concerned: walk, make faces, be annoyed. I knew, even then, that I would never understand them. And so, I looked over at my English teacher, who was supervising the activities from the middle of the schoolyard. The basketball court, where she stood, was paved with asphalt and soaked up the sun's rays in abundance. The air actually seemed to shimmer around her. Literally, it was a naturally occurring stove she stood in. And it wasn't even noon. The sunlight hit her from an angle—a ten-o'clock-in-the-morning kind of angle. Figuratively speaking, she was roasting herself in the middle of the basketball court. Occasionally, she tried to fan herself with her open hand, just as the girls did, but without any results. She was sweating all the same in that long, white lab coat, which kind of seemed to me to have the same purpose as hard hats at construction sites: protection. Always keep them on. This puzzled me. I gave it a deeper thought.

Protection. What danger was there at our school that required teachers wear lab coats all the time? Protection against what? Against chalk powder? I wondered. As stupid as it sounded, it very well could have been. But why didn't they wear masks as well, then? I challenged my own thinking. Inhaling fine chalk powder could be even more dangerous than messing their street clothes up with chalk residue. No, that wasn’t it. What else was there? Against the dirty hands of unmanageable children during recess? Again, it could be, but it was rather unlikely.

After I had gone through a couple more possibilities like this in my head, I noticed my English teacher unbuttoning her lab coat. I'd never seen her without it before. What she was doing didn't fit into the picture I was accustomed to. Girls were girlsannoying. Teachers were teachers—authority in uniform.

In a short time, this was the second change that I had witnessed at my school. Why had everything suddenly started to change around me? Or could it be me who was changing from within? The growing anticipation building up in me was something that I had never experienced before. My mouth got dry; my heart beat as fast as racehorses' hoofs on turf, and my breathing became rapid, shallow, uncontrolled. Heatstroke?

Watching my teacher and feeling all that excitement inside of me, I slowly realized that it had to be me who had begun to change. I must have started to see the world from a different viewpoint. Girls were girls—delightful to look at. Even if it was hard to admit. Teachers were teachers—without uniforms, people, just like me. The picture that I'd seen from birth didn't change at all: it was only more detailed now. It honestly felt as if the world had slowly opened up for me and begun to make sense. I felt if I were walking in an enormous room toward a picture on the wall. Every single step that got me closer to it also revealed more details to my eyes: sweat-covered skin; a loose lock of hair, out of the bun; fingers, long and delicate, working on the buttons. My English teacher had finally shed her cocoon, folded it, and let it hang from her forehand. To me, at that moment, she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my entire twelve years.

My teacher's swellings, unlike the girls' mosquito bites, were fully developed and round. They were ample enough to stretch her white shirt to its limit on her chest, threatening to catapult a few buttons into the air in any moment. In the slanting sunlight, I could see her upper torso under her white shirt like a silhouette of a woman behind bedsheets on the clothesline. The knot in my lower stomach got tighter, as if all my anticipation had been compressed into a tiny but incredibly massive ball within it. The feeling was overwhelming. Even if I'd wanted to, I couldn't have taken my eyes off her. I caught every small detail, and my mind magnified them in a way that made me feel I must go over and touch her. Her slightly opened lips were moistened by her pink tongue. Beads of sweat rolled down from her face, making their way down to the valley between the mountain of soft swells. My teacher's shirt had collected all the sweat on her tummy and stuck to her skin. All I could feel at that moment was the ball about to explode and create a hole in my lower abdomen. I was looking for relief but didn't know where to find it. Finally, the sound of the bell, ending recess, did the favor for me and very slowly weakened the feeling.

That picture of my teacher etched itself into my mind. One detail after another, the image came alive that night and reconstructed itself in my dream. White shirt . . . sweat-covered skin . . . mounds of soft blessings . . . the tip of her tongue . . . the silhouette of a woman . . .

Before dawn, my body had found the proper relief on its own, and for the first time in my life, I awoke with wet pajama bottoms. Looking at the gluey stain as I sat in my bed in the morning, I was utterly convinced that wearing long lab coats was solely for the benefit of teenage boys to not wet themselves in school.

With time, of course, things got straightened out in my head about the world, girls, and wet pajama bottoms. The only thing that remained unchanged, losing no strength at all in my mind, was the symbol of a woman in a white shirt, which, to me, to this day, is sexier than a stark-naked woman—foreplay for my mind.

. . . Wu Tong emerged from the bathroom, wearing only my white shirt. Her clothes were in her hands, neatly folded, on top of each other. She coyly smiled and placed the pile of clothes on one of the cushions that lay on the floor. “Thank you for making my bed,” she said.

I nodded. “You're welcome.”

Wu Tong then noticed that the light in the bathroom was still on. Promptly, she spun around and stepped back into the shaft of light that deluged through the open bathroom door.

The silhouette of a woman.

She looked slim, well proportioned, and fragile under my shirt. From the threshold, she reached in to find the switch. To do so, she turned her body sideways. I couldn't believe it. Not big, not small, just perfect. The outline of two soft, perky breasts pushed against the fabric of the shirt, almost piercing it with the nipples. Unfortunately, to my chagrin, when Wu Tong switched off the light, her silhouette and the paired perfection were gone in an instant. The room settled into semidarkness. I could nearly hear it yawn. The only light source in the room came from my bedside lamp, hardly stronger than a candle. The part of the room where the sofa-bed stood was almost in complete darkness. I heard only the rustle of the covers as Wu Tong climbed under them.

“Good night,” I heard.

“Good night,” I said.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2017-12-05 12:42:43 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi, your early experiences are not the same as mine, but close enough that they bring my own rushing back to the surface from some hidden depths where thay have long been hiding.  I am curious to find out if anyone else was reminded of their first naive introduction to the lure of sex that would then dictate most of their thoughts for the following 40 years or more.

In my case, I had no sisters, so I was not privileged to have grown up seeing the things that several of my buddies got to see, as they snuck peaks at their sisters every chance they got. One day one of my friends was telling me how he would sneak outside at night and then, through her bedroom window, watch his sister get naked before going to have her bath. And then watch again when she came back out and lingered for a while before getting night clothes on and going back out to watch TV with the family.

This girl was a few years older than us, and I already thought of her as some kind of Goddess. I was so jealous of him, and when I told him how lucky he was he generously offered to share his sister's unknowing exhibition of herself with me. That weekend he invited me for a sleepover, and that evening his sister showed me everything I had been dreaming of seeing. That night sleeping down the hall from her I experienced my first wet dream, in which she played the starring role. 

I haven't thought about that girl for many years, but you brought it all back to me. What I wouldn't give to be able to go back and go through that, and everything that followed, again.

Very nice blog for me Imi. It was a treat to experience those good, old memories. Thanks.

#2017-12-05 19:58:33 by melcyan @melcyan

Imi, you are giving female readers an inside look at the dumb male brain. I recognise a young me in the words you write. 


I have a question for you. How different do you think your life would have been if you had developed quality platonic relationships with the opposite sex when you were a teenager?


My three sons have grown up in a very different world to you and me. Two of my three sons had quality female platonic friendships in their teenage years. It greatly helped them grow into healthy young men.The one who didn't married early and divorced early. Fortunately, he learnt his lessons and he has got his life fully together now.

#2017-12-06 19:48:31 by Annhui69 @Annhui69


#2017-12-06 20:44:12 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Annhui69 and everyone else - I did a Google translation of your comment and found it extremely interesting. It is quite profound and I think Imi should take great pride in what you have said of his work.

So I wanted the English only readers to be able to have a look at it. I am adding it below:

"Looked at the article, the first mirror emerge from my head was actually "Dream of Red Mansions" in the description of gem's first spermatorrhea, his object is Qin Keqing. . Ancient and modern at home and abroad, similar age, the development of the first incident was actually so similar. . . Forbearance can not live ah. . . The author wrote is really good, good structure, writing fine. . . Seen in the Chinese and foreign literature, for just adolescent boys, the sexual curiosity of the psychological activities and actions described little, except the Dream of Red Mansions, this should have been the most true and delicate description I have seen. . . Great!"

However, it may be less than accurate so if any of the Chinese members who also speak good English, or you Annhui69, would like to improve on it, please do so in another comment.

#2017-12-07 07:34:10 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Honestly, Melcyan, I don't know how my life would've played out if I'd had a platonic relationship as a teenager. Is that even possible? I mean all that testosterone and estrogen in us? If two of your sons could do it, then they must have great willpower.


What I do know, however, is that I was timid as a child, and growing up in a dysfunctional family hadn't helped me at all with girls. When I was a teenager, I'd always been attracted to older women, at least ten years of my senior. Even today, I think that mothers, especially single mothers, have a quality that young women don't have. Young, beautiful girls had always reminded me of fancy restaurants where the courses almost look like paintings. A carrot, a small piece of meat and some drops of sauce arranged on your plate in a way that you didn't want to touch. Even when you finished your plate, you would still feel hungry. However, when you ate a healthy, mature woman, you felt satisfied. ;) By mature I mean thirty-five and up with regrets and sadness in their eyes. They are coming with a special spice that is still missing from the younger ones. But I digress. Sorry, I can't give a straight answer to your question.



Thank you, Annhui69. Your feedback is much appreciated. I will forward your message to the other author as well. She's been quiet for some time now, but I'm sure she'll be delighted to read your words.


Thank you, John, for the translation.


#2017-12-07 16:06:53 by melcyan @melcyan

Your answer may not be straight Imi but it is definitely honest. We both grew up in a world so very different to the world my sons grew up in. I am very envious of my sons.


Imagine a world where both your male and female friends want to protect you. I don’t think you can. My sons grew up in such a world. They also had both platonic and non-platonic female friends. That is so different from the world we experienced. In their teenage years, they were more than twenty years ahead of where we were with relationships at the same age.

#2017-12-24 22:56:14 by QinQL @QinQL

@Annhui69 - 你这分明是专业评论员呢!这评论---- 使得读者John都要热情地为你做翻译员,生怕他们外国人不能很好地理解我们的中文。Imi的故事描述得细腻美好,你的评论里虽然只能找到一个好字,但分明是把他捧上天了呢(giggle) 你以后不能藏着掖着,多出来说说话,好吗?


#2017-12-24 23:34:24 by QinQL @QinQL

Imi, Why I feel the one you metioned to Annhui69 is me though I am totally not an author?:) It is most possible that I could be called commentator or just someone who likes to balabala.  Okay, let’s talk about this blog article. This part looks like one of  movie clips. You always good at managing process of your story and describing inner thoughts vivid. I thought you might have reached some levels of writing skills before you started learning English. And you have become one of excellent writers here now. So great! What should I learn from you!(y)

#2017-12-26 02:28:18 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


You are too humble. Just as you can see my progress in the English language, I can say your English is much more advanced now than when you commented on Lily's story. You and I, and everybody else whose first language is not English, are never going to be bored by improving ourselves on a daily basis. Though lately, I have been way too busy and neglected my studies. You on the other hand, after seeing some of your English comments on other blogs, I must say your improvement is exceptional. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

#2017-12-29 16:51:00 by sharonshi @sharonshi



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