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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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They Only Want Your Freedom And Money    

By Imi
2816 Views | 86 Comments | 4/1/2021 12:34:13 AM

I don't know how to express myself. Really, it isn't easy to talk about something that has been growing inside me for so long and now wants to get out like a tidal wave. How to control a tsunami when I want to be the tsunami? How to tame a lion when I want to posses the ferociousness of a lion? I guess I just need to try hard, surf the waves of my anger, and gently whisper my devastating roar.


If you could wipe clean your head from all the knowledge, life experiences, and prejudice you have accumulated throughout your life and looked at the world with a newborn's eyes, what would you see? What would you say? Is it the world you have dreamed of living in?


If you could look at rats in a laboratory trying to escape when they see a human approaching with a needle filled with experimental drugs and, at the same time, imagine people doing the opposite. I'm sure most of us would conclude, humans like to poison themselves for pleasure, against sickness, and, lately, against a manufactured virus.


We are the only species in the realm of animals who have been granted intelligence and placed above ordinary creatures like rats. Unfortunately, we don't use our precious gift,  our brains, anymore. We let people behind the digital world's curtain control our brains and decide what to do with our lives. I can see many human running around in 2021, queueing up for the magic shot that will "save" them from a "dangerous" virus. They've lost all their intelligence and turned into bleating sheep.


If the virus were as dangerous as the so-called "experts" say, people would drop like flies, and the MSM wouldn't use fearmongering 24/7. 


Animals are driven by instinct. They survive purely because of their keen senses. In 2021, humans rely primarily on information for survival, which will eventually lead them, if nothing will change quickly, to falsely glorified slavery where they will own nothing and be happy. 


When did we start being so lazy and submissive that, now, our elected public servants own every inch of our bodies? When did we become laboratory rats in their eyes? Do you like to be prey?         


I grew up in a socialist/communist country. I was surprised when I moved to Canada in 1995 and heard a Hungarian man declare Canada had the perfect communist system. I wasn't interested in asking him why he would say so. I was escaping from communism and chaos, and I was too young to care about what a half-drunk man was saying. I probably even told myself this man was stupid. Nonetheless, what he said stuck in my head for decades. After twenty-six years, I'm getting close to his feeble state of mind and understanding what he meant. 


I can see returning Canadian citizens locked up in hotels against their will at airports for three days and paying $2,000 for their stay. I can see returning foreign workers having exemptions of the same rule at the same airport. I can see a Polish woman protesting against lockdowns in Toronto and getting arrested because she holds a sign: The Real Virus is Communism. I can see the same police who arrested this woman kneeling to BLM rioters on the streets. I can see a Canadian father in jail because he tells her thirteen-year-old daughter she can't get a sexchange. I can see transvestites reading sexually explicit stories to children at kindergartens. I can see educated people becoming sheep and losing their common sense, let alone survival instinct. All these events are not figments of my imagination. They are real news the MSM won't report. I could tell news like this from every country in the world. The Hungarian man was wrong. This world is worse than communism and fascism put together. It's a nightmare in which you are nothing but an experiment.  


When are we sane people going to fight back? Did we all lose our nerves? Where are the heroes? Where are the leaders? When law enforcement, the entire political and judicial system are corrupted and serve only their puppet masters, we, the people, have to rise up. This is our obligation to not feeling worthless. We have to be courageous. Our forefathers shed their blood to lay down the foundation for a free society. Are we going to give up our freedom without a fight?


Many of us are waiting for a leader to emerge. Hopefully, it will be a high-ranking military person who can lead us in actions. We won't be waking up from this nightmare unscathed. As we witnessed in the last election in the US, the political and legal pathways are dameged and easily bribable. This is our time to shed blood and continue building the foundation of our freedom and fight against tyranny. 


For decades, an information war has been going on, one-sided, I might add, and even highly educated people have bought into believing blatant lies. I can only hope that Trump can build a platform where people could freely share and discuss surging matters. Where we, if it leads to it, can organize. Professionals can share their knowledge and science without being afraid of getting canceled, and it will open many people's eyes. Our power lies in numbers. That is our only weapon. We can't let unelected, evil people devastate our numbers, rights, and beliefs.


We must stand together!    

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2021-04-01 00:33:47 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

This is an amazing blog Imi. You have summed up what many of us are feeling as we sit trapped in this connived fake pandemic, designed to lock us down until we forget what it was like to be free. What we are feeling is a combination of complete helplessness and almost uncontrollable rage.

And you are right that we can only be saved by a great leader coming forward and giving us, through his or her leadership, the courage to stand up en masse against the tyranny we are facing and fight against it as if we millions, or even billions, are one.

It seems likely that leader is going to have to be an American, because only an American can turn America around, and only a strong America can turn the world around. Currently America is under the control of a band of corrupted vipers known as the Democrats. Only if those vipers are dislodged and hopefully imprisoned by a a strong leader supported by a strong military will we see America return to its former self.

I happen to believe that there is a strong leader supported by a strong military waiting for the right moment to act. I also believe that right moment is fast approaching. It is weeks, or at most months, away.

I pray that I am right. 

#2021-04-01 12:57:25 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


I'm not that optimistic as you are when it comes to a leader's rise. I'd give it a year. Today's men are not like the men were two generations before. Men from the nineteenth century wouldn't have let things escalate to the extent it is right now. Lockdowns? No money to feed their families? Hell no! 


I agree. The USA should be the leader in a global revolution. With Texas and Florida's lead (I like Gov. DeSantis), I wouldn't mind if a few more states seceded. At least, patriots and anti-waxers would have a place to live and defend. 

#2021-04-02 09:53:13 by paulfox1 @paulfox1



Guys, why are you looking for a 'leader' to emerge in order to 'save us'?

X-tians have been waiting at the proverbial 'bus-stop' for 2000 years, yet the 'bus' hasn't arrived yet.

There IS no 'saviour' coming to the 'rescue'.

The only way we 'win' this nonsense is by non-compliance.

Proof is always laid at the door of the accuser. If Imi accuses me of sleeping with his wife, why is it up to me to prove that I didn't?

It's the same with this lie-rus BS. Show me the evidence that it exists (It's never been isolated, so they can't)

Show me the evidence that a vax is safe (It's experimental, so they can't)

Show me the evidence that this (so-called) vax is NOYT experimental. (They can't, because they openly admit it's an 'operating system', so it can never be called a 'vax')

Are you, Mr Health-care worker, going to sign a disclaimer that if I suffer ANY negative effects from YOU administering this 'vaccine', then YOU will be held PERSONALLY responsible?

People need to Wake the F Up, and understand that this is all about population control. Kill Gates openly spoke about it at a TED Talk in 2012 (Go fact-check me, Melcy)

The elderly are getting the jab first. That way the gubbernment doesn't have to pay-out their pensions, why? Because many of them die very quickly.

How does anyone know what the reactions to this poison will be in months, or years, from now?

You may feel fine, and think you're OK, but then what?

Couple of years later, you catch the flu, and die due to the jab you just took.

Hundreds of thousands of doctors all over the world have been speaking out about this poison.

Remember that President of Burundi (I think that's correct, but a small country in Africa). He submitted PCRswabs from a pawpaw fruit, oil, and some other inanimate things, and they came back positive. He went public about it and is now 'dead'. He was 55. There's also another President who did the same thing, and met the same fate.

This is EVIL beyond words, yet 90% of the population fail to see it.

Look at the initial BS. 182 countries all get locked-down to a 'virus' that came out of China - in what, 24 hours?

In 1830-31 the same thing happened......OOH, that's 190 years ago......nothing to see here, please move along.

It's a physical impossibility on that simple idea alone.

Where are the bodies? Why have ALL hospitals been virtually empty since the beginning of this scam?

According to what the fake-stream (controlled) media tell us, shouldn't there be at least ONE empty chair at EVERY dining table in the world?

Why are undertakers going broke due to having no work?

Why are we waiting for a 'leader' instead of taking back our OWN power, and just say WE DO NOT CONSENT !





#2021-04-02 23:24:19 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


"Why are we waiting for a 'leader' instead of taking back our OWN power, and just say WE DO NOT CONSENT !"


Paul, the "virus" is only a tool. John and I are talking about fighting against the machine. How can you fight against a worldwide criminal organization that has infiltrated every legal system in the world and cut ordinary people off from a peaceful solution?

Do you genuinely think it's enough to say "WE DO NOT CONSENT" at this point? They've been planning this for a century now, and they will not stop carrying out their evil deeds for people's non-compliance. The machine is moving at high speed. 

We don't just need a leader. We need military leaders who can teach, train and organize patriots to stand up and fight back simultaneously on many fronts.    

#2021-04-03 07:15:16 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I totally agree. This has been at LEAST 100 years in the planning.

So WHO is likely to come out and fight for the people. All so-called 'world leaders' are either part of the machine, or 'offed' if they speak out against it.

The machine uses fear. It's its greatest weapon. Why are the sheeple lining up for the vax? Because they are scared shitless that this 'invisible enemy' is going to kill them. Why are people so afraid of 'dying' when they've likely 'died' many times before?

We're in a 'war' right now, and that 'war' is for your soul.

Biden, and others, are either CGI, body-doubles, or some other dude wearing a rubber mask - so 'who' is this emerging leader going to take down?

These scum are actors. How can you arrest an actor for playing a part in a script?

I grew up in the UK. I can 100% assure you that the 'Prince Charles' you see on TV right now is NOT Prince Charles. Q is a psy-op (and always has been), Trump was just part of the script. The word 'believe' is no longer part of my vocabulary.

People struggle with the truth. Many do not want to look at it, let alone accept it. All we DO know is that this hoax is a massive worldwide scam, and the more people who wake up and realise that, the more chance we the people have of exposing the liars for who they are.

Sorry, bro, but there is, and never will be, a 'saviour'.

#2021-04-03 10:58:35 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot



Really Paul, I don't think we'll get this resolved in time for us all to survive by standing around telling the minions of the Powers That Be that we "Don't Consent". Do you think the people that are planning this attack on humanity will just call it all off because some of us don't consent? That's pretty damned naive. It's up there with @melcyan's constant statements that "all scientists are good".

I can just see Bill Gates now, when his minions tell him that many people are not consenting to take the jab, backing down. 

"Oh", he will say, "some people don't want to take my vaccine I intended for everyone on the planet to take? I am surprised to hear that! Well, now I am sorry I started the whole thing. I was so sure that everyone would happily join in. Let's just call the whole thing off and go home."

I'm pretty sure that Bill and his Big Pharma cohorts have a Plan B, C and D to make sure that eventually we will all take the vaccine. For example, his statement that "If you think this pandemic is bad, wait til you see the next one!"

What Imi and I are saying is that we regular joes need the people who are able to put up serious opposition to all this bullshit to start doing so and bringing everyone together who will back them up, because people around the world are not going to rally around a few guys exchanging comments on a dating site blog. 

#2021-04-03 11:10:27 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


The issue I have is this simple;

Believing and trusting in 'authority figures' is what has got us to this point.

So, if someone comes forward, how do we know to trust them?

Even Trump is part of the system, and he gained the trust and Love of millions of Americans, yet he was the one to invoke 'warp speed' when it came to the poison.

So, 'who ya gonna call', bro?

#2021-04-03 11:30:47 by melcyan @melcyan


I think you are trying to take advantage of my bad memory. Where exactly did I say "all scientists are good"? While I have worked with many scientists they comprise a minuscule fraction of all the front line scientists in the world. Of the more than 50 young Australian scientists that I have worked with during my teaching career, one was an arsehole (but at least he was still scientifically honest). Are you happy that you dragged that bit of information out of me?


Your comments also lead me to ask a question. How are your efforts to produce a separate dedicated conspiracy site going? It would be great to get CLM back to a dating site where men and women discussed dating and relationships. What a nice thought.:)(party) (h) (dance) (beer) (y)

#2021-04-04 05:42:53 by melcyan @melcyan


The emoji gremlins are back at CLM. The last 4 emojis used in my previous comment did not work.

#2021-04-04 05:45:16 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@paulfox1 - no one is going anywhere without a leader. You might be able to get a small group of 20 people or so together who could all act independently and still maintain a cohesive group, but thousands of people, let alone millions or billions? Not a chance!

Sometimes we choose great leaders, sometimes we get suckered in by very bad leaders. That has been true throughout history. But recently, we seem more and more to have had our leaders imposed on us by a Global Corporate Elite that weilds more power than do Nations. The current "elected" Government of the US is completely made up of minions owned and operated by the Global Corporate Elite and those minions are clearly doing everything they can to destroy America.

Donald Trump was not part of the system. He just quite simply way underestimated the challenge that he was facing and way overestimated how easliy he would defeat it. He had too many of the enemy in his camp bending his ear and he too easily succumbed to the demands of his political opponents. He sacked General Flynn, the best security and intelligence advisor he could have possibly hoped for, a man who knew where all the Obama bodies were buried, because Obama and the MSM were pushing for it. That is when he should have been telling Obama and the MSM to go fuck themselves.

I like Trump, I like what he stood for, but in the end he just didn't get the job done. A greater leader would have, or would have died trying. AKA JFK! However, I think he learned a lot in the process and would not make the same mistakes again.

Having said that Trump did more for America in his 4 years than all 4 Presidents before him combined. There is much talk that behind the scenes the US Military are aware that the election was rigged and are gearing up to disqualify it and declare Trump the winner. Supposedly that will happen no later than July 4th and possibly much sooner. It would be a great thing for America and the World if that comes true.

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